• Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Getting Back Together in the Near Future?

      After Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) signed the divorce papers last August, numerous rumors came about that the two were thinking about getting back together again. In the course of last year’s divorce situation, Nicholas expressed that he still deeply loved Cecilia, but wasn't sure how to keep their marriage working. The feelings were mutual as Cecilia also expressed publicly on a different occassion that she still loved Nicholas too, even taking a break from acting to have more time with him. Their strong bond was fortified with their two young sons, Lucas and Quintus. In March, Nicholas even slept over at Cecilia’s house for 4 nights!

      Following last year, Nicholas asked for a 6-month vacation from EEG. Taking time off from shooting movies and mainland dramas, Nicholas has been enjoying spending time with his two sons, 4 year old Lucas and 2 year old Quintus. Instead of spending his time on drinking and video games, Nicholas has taken on healthier and more productive hobbies like cooking.

      In February, Nicholas was spotted sleeping over Cecilia’s house for one night, when she relocated to a temporary home one street across from his house in the Admiralty district. It was reported that Nicholas not only spent one night over at Cecilia's house but he actually slept over at least four times. Turning off his cell phone, Nicholas would not let anyone to disturb him while he spent time with his family. On every occasion Nicholas visited his sons, Lucas pleaded with Nicholas to stay and sleep with him.

      Nicholas Tse: "Our future is unpredictable"

      Yesterday, Nicholas, Cecilia and Quintus went to Lucas’ performance at his primary school. It was the first occasion since their divorce, that the family had been spotted publicly together. Hacken Lee (李克勤) and Emily Lo (盧淑儀) also attended the primary school show, rooting for their son, Ryan, who goes to the same school as Lucas.

      Not that long ago, if asked about reconciling with Cecilia was possible, Nicholas would say, “It’s impossible!”

      Even so, Nicholas softened up recently and has been very happy. Now when asked about reconciling with Cecilia, Nicholas said, “No. We certainly possess a similar wish which is wanting the very best for our sons. We stopped our arguements and get along fine with one another. We've acted immaturely until recent months. I hope we can be more mature down the road and learn how to compromise and get along for the sake of our children. Repairing our relationship is not entirely inconceivable.”

      Cecilia Making an Effort to Fix Their Broken Relationship?

      Nicholas and Cecilia were very candid, and at occasions unpleasant, during their divorce last year. Cecilia openly belittled Nicholas for being a careless and irresponsible father with a video game addiction. She even suggested that Nicholas had intentionally provided the media insiders info regarding their marriage problems and inadvertently damaged her public image.

      After the divorce drama subsided, Cecilia became more mature in handling her emotions. Eventhough Nicholas and Cecilia filed their divorce papers a year ago, the court has not yet officially recognised their divorce. Supposedly, Cecilia still loved Nicholas a great deal and wished to overcome their problems together.

      In January, Cecilia revealed that she would be taking time off from acting to spend more family time with her sons. It has been assumed that Cecilia purposely did this to match with Nicholas’ vacation schedule, hoping that they can spend more time as a family in order to save their relationship.

      Relocating to her $128 million HKD luxury home recently, it was reported that Cecilia incorporated feng shui elements to enhance positive energy for nurturing love among Nicholas and herself. The two got along nicely together lately. Cecilia also lowered her expectations she had with Nicholas, giving him less stress and anxiety when they are together.

      Creds: Ming Pao/Oriental Daily
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      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        they should, it's good for their kids..
      1. kevin's Avatar
        Spelling error in thread's title. NicIolas...
      1. onni's Avatar
        hopefully rumours of them getting back together is true for their children's sake.
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        yes... they should b together
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