• Jackie Chan's Bad Experiences With Women Prevented Him From Trusting Even His Own Wife

      International superstar, Jackie Chan (成龍), was a workaholic during his acting career. Known throughout the world, Jackie established his extraordinary success at the cost of his family. For countless years, Jackie only saw his wife, Joan Lin (林鳳嬌), and son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), once per year. There was a certain time where Jackie did not even trust his own wife, making claims that he has been betrayed by a great number of women in the past!

      Born in an extremely poor family, Joan quit school at 12 years old to take care of her family. As a child laborer, she had worked on a farm under physically demanding work conditions. In her teenage life, she worked as a dancer at a nightclub. Because of her beauty, Joan appeared in her first Taiwanese movie at the age of 19 years old. Joan’s acting profession lasted a decade through which she starred in 70 movies.

      In the early 80's, Joan was pregnant with Jackie’s son. Retiring from acting, Joan moved to the United States. Jackie never did dedicate time with the pregnant Joan until a few days before their son, Jaycee Chan, was born. During the time, Joan and Jackie haven't married yet.

      Joan asked Jackie, “My son is close to being born. On the birth certificate, I don't know what to write as the father’s name.” Jackie replied, “Then add Chan Kong Sung [Jackie's real name].” At that moment Jackie finally decided to marry Joan, much to her joy.

      In his childhood, Jaycee rarely got to see Jackie thanks to his hectic work schedule. Jaycee said that at some point, he only saw Jackie 6 occasions in 6 years! Moreover, Jackie was frequently romantically associated with numerous actresses, because of his warm demeanor.

      Ironically, it was actually Jackie’s affair with actress, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉), in 1999 that caused him to be closer to his wife and son. Following the scandal, Jackie flew to the United States ready to sign divorce documents with Joan Lin, who has been extremely broken-hearted.

      In the end, Joan and Jackie resolved their marital differences, through which their own marriage improved greatly. Joan successfully gained Jackie’s trust after his scandal with Elaine Ng. Joan said, “He (Jackie Chan) said I was too good. He said that he never treated me well. He was constantly cautious and never did trust me. Often deceived by women in the past, he explained that he lacked trust in women. He believed I was exactly the same and could not be trusted. It wasn't until the scandal that he realized who treated him the best.”

      Not too long ago, Jackie celebrated Joan’s birthday in a high-profile party with Jaycee. It was evident that the family’s relationship has improved enormously. Jaycee distanced himself from Jackie’s regular rumors, stating, “It is best that adult complications not be left for us to manage! I learned from my father not to ever make myself to get too worn out, making sure to savor what life has to offer. In the past, I only saw him 6 times in 6 years. He worked too much!”

      Hong Kong tabloids reported that Jaycee often visited nightclubs and was involved with many hot girlfriends, including Fiona Sit (薛凱琪)) and a Japanese model recently. Nonetheless, Jaycee denied the rumors, retaining that he has long been single since 2006.

      Creds: Ming Pao/21CN
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      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        wow, she used to be pretty.....and i thought the women were the victims....odd
      1. EvilTofu's Avatar
        Jackie may had been played by some women, he is rich and famous. He shouldn't be shocked that some women used him for their own gains. He's a player too. His wife was the real victim, had to put up with his BS, seen 6 times in 6 years. GTFO. I know he's a busy man but that's not an excuse. Shitty father and husband during that time.
      1. kevin's Avatar
        Surprised his son, Jaycee doesn't hate him and that he recognises his father, Jackie. If I was Jay I would probably be like, "mum, is this a friend of yours?"
      1. Hartia's Avatar
        Wasnt Jackie in a a sex tape scandal?

        and his son isnt really a good looking kid....
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