• Bosco's Fans Scolded Kenneth Ma for Kissing Myolie Wu

      Watchdog “Boscolie” fans have reacted strongly towards the romantic pairing of Myolie Wu (杏兒坦) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in new TVB drama, Season of Love <戀愛季節>. In the second episode of Season of Love, Myolie Wu will give CPR to Kenneth Ma. With their mouth-to-mouth contact, Kenneth revealed that he has been scolded by some Bosco fans!

      Kenneth said, “Netizens knew about Myolie’s upcoming CPR scene with me. They do not wish for me to get close to Myolie! I also hope to complete the CPR scene with some camera tricks [instead of mouth-to-mouth contact]. Fortunately, the script involves Myolie giving me resuscitation, instead of the other way around. Otherwise, the fan reaction would be even stronger!”

      Myolie Wu Denies Forcing Bosco Wong Towards Marriage

      Since Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) publicly admitted their dating relationship at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards, the couple faced increasing pressure as to when they would get married. Recently, tabloids claimed that Myolie was coercing Bosco to marry her. Admitting that women were typically more eager than men to get married in a relationship, Myolie however denied forcing Bosco to wed her.

      It was speculated earlier that Bosco Wong had splurged $930,000 HKD and bought Myolie Wu a red hot Mercedes Benz car. While filming Season of Love yesterday, Myolie clarified that Bosco only paid for the down payment of the car. Myolie paid for the Mercedes Benz with her own money.

      Myolie said, “The car is Bosco’s biggest gift to-date! I have to thank him!” Asked why she did not ask Bosco to pay for the entire car purchase, Myolie said, “It is a greater joy to pay for it myself!” Asked whether she will give herself in return for Bosco’s generous offer, Myolie said, “Wah, I will have to think about it first!”

      Creds: Oriental Daily
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      1. SNOW WHITE's Avatar
        I wish this drama will come up next year!
      1. negiqboyz's Avatar
        These fans are stupid. I never like Myolie and frankly, I always fast forward or shut off the volume when she talks .. her voice is annoying and her acting sucks big time .. almost always overact in all her drama ... It's shocking that she got this far. I surely do not know what TVB sees in her .. there are tons of beauties in TVB that's so much better than Myolie. Seriously, TVB should really ax exec like Virginia Lok who constantly play favoritism over real talent and get some new blood into the management where other starlets can have equal opportunity.
      1. turbobenx's Avatar
      1. moonlightshadow's Avatar
        ^ agreed
      1. cyrushanz's Avatar
        I am actually on the other side. If Myolie's acting skill sucks big time, then Charmaine's worse? Not being biased, but I can really see she fought through a long way to become what she is today. Way to go Myolie, can't wait for this new drama
      1. HayashiJin's Avatar
        I watch TVB sometimes with the family, and we all thought that her acting before was annoying. But in her recent dramas, we have started looking at her differently, her acting has changed to be more smooth, and we thought that she deserved it when she won at the award ceremony.
      1. moonstar123river's Avatar
        I like her because she dated Bosco. Bosco rules!!!!
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