• Hawick Lau Spoils Yang Mi With a New Mansion

      Hawick Lau(劉愷威) recently shelled out big bucks on a Hong Kong mansion for Yang Mi (楊冪). This came as a surprise as there were speculations that their relationship was on the rocks. Netizens found out that Yang Mi had deleted all contents relating to Hawick on her Weibo blog. This was a stark contrast to the couple’s frequent love messages earlier on Weibo.

      Earlier, it was reported that Hawick’s obsession in soccer playing had infuriated his girlfriend. Yang Mi felt neglected and retaliated by removing all of Hawick’s messages from her Weibo blog.

      Ever since the couple admitted dating, many break-up rumors surfaced continuously. There were even rumors of Yang Mi ditching Hawick Lau for Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) previously.

      Yang Mi Praises Hawick as a Good Boyfriend

      The couple appeared together in Beijing to promote their new movie Hold Onto Love <Hold住愛>. The duo appeared loving and displayed their affections publicly. Yang Mi also refuted speculations about their break-up. She stressed that this was a pure misunderstanding, stating that she always had the habit of deleting her Weibo contents regularly. She did not expect such a huge reaction from the public.

      Yang Mi also praised Hawick for being a doting and attentive boyfriend. She insisted that their relationship was stable and said, “We have never quarreled before since we started dating. However, we will need to bicker a lot in this movie. I hope we will not experience this in real life!” She also commended Hawick for being a sweet and filial boyfriend.

      A Love Nest Together

      When asked if Hawick’s new Hong Kong mansion was a love nest for the couple, he admitted that it was indeed a gift for her. He said, “Yang Mi will have many opportunities to travel to Hong Kong for filming. I hope to give her a more comfortable environment to stay. She does not need to always stay in a hotel.”

      Lau Dan (刘丹), Hawick’s father also gave his thumbs up when discussing his son’s girlfriend. He praised Yang Mi a good and sensible girl and he was very pleased with his son’s choice.

      It appeared that Hawick was madly in love with Yang Mi, wanting to assure her status with a mansion. However, there were no wedding plans yet. Hawick was quick to shoot down wedding speculations, “Marriage is not on the cards at the moment! We are too busy now.”

      Creds: Ming Pao
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      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        what a couple.
      1. wal's Avatar
        sure man.. if i had the money, i'm sure i would've bought my gf a lot more as well and "love" her a lot more according to some people's reasoning.

        the more you give him = the more you love her? xD
      1. Espresso's Avatar
        i've never seen that guy since kindred spirit. not sure what the fuss is about.. dont feel like that marriage carries true love.
      1. wal's Avatar
        he plays in dramas from mainland china.. apparently he's very popular in china. personally i think he's not special at all... he has ok looks but nothing impressive to be a main lead or something. i always found him a KLF.
      1. shinobi's Avatar
        Hawick is/was leading male for ATV
      1. evil_mui's Avatar
        That doesn't look like him o_O

        Swear he was a proper ker ler fair xD
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