• "Tiger Cubs" Roar with Extreme Hotness

      Vincent Wong and Him Law were assembled to portray Special Duties Unit (SDU) members in hit drama, Tiger Cubs<飛虎>. In the drama, different types of hunks fulfill any woman’s dream! Focusing on the training and operations of the SDU, the drama stars Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱). With only three episodes broadcast, Tiger Cubs has already garnered a strong following for its big budget action sequence and male-dominated cast. It is no wonder that this series holds the top weekly ratings despite being broadcast only on the weekends!

      Different Types of Hunks

      Leading the team, Joe Ma is a long standing member of SDU and known as the “Devil Trainer.” His character has high expectations for his subordinates during their training sessions and operations but on a personal level, maintains a close friendship with them. Pledging his loyalty to teammates, he is a true hero in their eyes. Joe seems to be the perfect choice for this role with his real life experience as a police officer in the VIP Protection Unit (G4).

      To prepare for his character, it was reported that Joe went through vigorous training. Being in top shape, Joe is able to showcase his hotness in uniform and crop haircut causing netizens to declare him as “360 degrees of hotness!”

      Tiger Cubs also featured heavily-promoted Him Law (羅仲謙), known for his muscular build. Coming from a wealthy background, Him plays a new member of SDU. With his character having an arrogant personality, Him’s character is the one the audience loves to hate!

      Another new SDU member, Vincent Wong (王浩信) exposed his upper pectoral region in one scene causing women to be in awe with his physique!

      Even the main villain of Tiger Cubs has been deemed as hot! One of the most well received character so far is special guest star, Kenneth Ma (馬國明). Although he plays a cold-blooded murderer, his new image with his shaven head, tattoo, and intense stare has captured attention from female audience. His minimal dialogue only adds to the appeal of his mysterious character, while his dedication to his wife, played by JJ Jia (賈曉晨) will make any woman swoon!

      Jessica Hsuan Does Not Lose to the Men

      This series is dominated by men; however, the only female lead, Jessica Hsuan, is still able to stand on her own. Sacrificing her long hair for this series, she successfully plays a cop often caught in dangerous predicaments. When she holds a gun, her coolness cannot be disregarded. During a recent interview, Jessica made a comment regarding the predicability of TVB series but with the explosive action scenes and appealing artists in Tiger Cubs, it is sure to guarantee ratings!

      Creds: QQ
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      1. kevin's Avatar
        Looking forward to this weeks double episode, saturday and sunday (or is it next week, hm regardless, looking forward to it)
      1. shinobi's Avatar
        was waiting for the shower scenes
      1. lisalovlee33's Avatar
        anyone know what episode the shower scene is?
      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        oh god.....here comes the PA females now.....
      1. Bulla's Avatar
        They make it too camp
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