• Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung Fire Back at "Three Kingdoms RPG" Criticisms

      Despite averaging 30 ratings points in its premiere broadcast, Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國> has been criticized by viewers as being a low-budget production. The props and rudimentary computer graphics were ridiculed. The fiercest criticism was directed at Kenneth Ma (馬國明) for his exaggerated acting in portraying a time traveler to the Three Kingdoms era. Viewers also complained that Raymond Lam’s (林峯) slow reactions in the drama made Zhuge Liang appear dumb!

      Raymond Lam Defends “Three Kingdoms RPG”

      Yesterday, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Kaki Leung (梁嘉琪) appeared at a promotional event. Portraying brilliant military strategist, Zhuge Liang, in Three Kingdoms RPG, Raymond’s gentle manner was a stark contrast to Kenneth’s outlandish and street smart ways. Appearing with a full beard throughout the drama, Raymond was careful not to laugh too loudly during filming, ”I laughed like Santa Claus in the series because I was afraid that my beard would fall off!”

      Regarding complaints that Kenneth was too old to portray a video gamer, Raymond replied, “A television drama is an entertainment medium; it is more important that everyone enjoys watching it. Kenneth Ma’s personality tends to be quiet, so his performance this time is a major breakthrough! I portray a historical figure, while Kenneth plays a modern character. Of course, the manner in which we speak will be different!”

      Tavia Yeung Supports Kenneth Ma

      Tavia Yeung also did not feel that Kenneth Ma was too old to portray the role of “Sima Shun” in Three Kingdoms RPG. Tavia said, “I do not think that he is too old. His performance is very good. There is not distinguishing as to how old a diamond bachelor is; he can be 50 years old!”

      Tavia denied that the production was shoddy in quality, but the drama did not warrant staging large military battles as it was a comedy foremost. Tavia felt that it was more important to deliver a humorous and refreshing feeling to the audience, by contrasting the differences between ancient and modern perspectives.

      Addressing criticisms against his exaggerated acting, Kenneth said, “Yes, the character is very ‘high’ and cannot be too quiet!”

      Despite the criticism that the low-quality production did not do justice to a drama revolving around the Three Kingdoms era, the drama has captured the attention of viewers and was hotly discussed in online forums. With Raymond Lam focusing more on his music and film career, he is currently filming only one TVB drama per year. As his TVB drama output decreases, fans will likely cherish his television performances more and continue to watch ensuing episodes of Three Kingdoms RPG.

      Creds: Ming Pao
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      1. walter8299's Avatar
        This is obviously a comedy. A light-hearted time-travel comedy using one of the more famous era in Chinese history as its plot.

        A series too serious (like Master of Play or Heaven Burns), people complain.
        A light hearted series, people still complains.


        At least I enjoyed the show every night before bed time to relax myself from a day full of work.
      1. sorjaii's Avatar
        the only problem i have is that kenneth's character is too arrogant thinking he deserves to be zhuge liang's right hand just because he knows what happens
      1. ab289's Avatar
        how does this series compared to "A Step Into Past"?
      1. walter8299's Avatar
        I agree with sorjaii, but I guess they did it on purpose. This way, they give room for Sima Shun's character to evolve and become a tragic hero in the end or something; typical TVB finale. Haha

        ab289: If I had to do a comparison, I say A Step Into Past is still better, as Louis pull off his role better and made it more memorable. However, A Step Into Past was based on a comic or something, wasn't it? So maybe that's why the story is better? What I am saying doesn't imply 3KRPG is bad, just there's room for improvement to make it great. If I had to complain one thing, it would be more on the casting, not the plot nor the CG effect.

        If they wanted to go all comedy, why not just go all-out to grab a funny actor like Dayo. Yes, he is OLD and doesn't look like a game addict, but I am sure he can do something amazing to work his role.
        They need a taller guy for Guan Yu and a fatter guy for Zhang Fei. And Zhao Yun needs to be more handsome.
      1. sorjaii's Avatar
        zhou yu as well

        well i think the biggest problem with this series is that the makeup is horrible
        cao cao is over 50 yet his hair is so black.no wrinkles,no grey hair
        guan yu's face is too red
        sun quan looks too old

        seeing as he only supposedly only has a few months before he can go home,it seems like the series is going to end at around the battle of chibi
      1. 低B仔's Avatar
        few areas been watered down. it has a more fast paced story and doesnt have good scenery compared to step into the past. the visuals effects havent to changed either its like watching a cheap old school series in HD. i would rate a step into the past above this.
      1. Akki's Avatar
        One of my friends who knows the history said the time when Kenneth Ma was attacked right after the jump to the point where the three generals(?) meet with raymond lam to form their group of advisers was in actuality a few years. As opposed to the three or so days it took in the series... so obviously this can't be taken as seriously as some people want it to be.
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