• Tavia Yeung Wants a Simple Marriage Proposal

      Two nights ago, Michael Tse (謝天華), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Sammy Leung (森美), and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) were shooting a proposal scene in Causeway Bay for the upcoming TVB drama Justice Attack <法網狙擊>. Dressed in a white tuxedo and holding a large bouquet of red roses, Michael walked down a red carpet while singing a love song to Tavia. The high profile scene attracted over 500 bystanders!

      Throughout the night, a bespectacled male fan was stalking by Tavia’s side, his eyes glued onto her while he consistently snapped close up shots. Tavia appeared uncomfortable, but remained calm. When asked if Tavia was frightened by the man, Tavia said, “I was not frightened, but I was afraid that he would hinder the shoot. We had to use time wisely.” Tavia added that she did not look at the man and was protected by the cast and crew around her.

      After the scene was completed, Michael admitted, “My face was so red! My heart was racing, and my youthful sentiments were all coming back to me! When Tavia rejected me, the entire Causeway Bay went silent!” Michael also said that because the director wanted everything to be done in one take, the scene had to be done conspicuously to attract more bystanders. Michael laughed that the company just won a few hundred extras to film for them for free. “It’s hard to film such real life reactions!” He exclaimed.

      When asked if Tavia wanted her rumored boyfriend, Him Law (羅仲謙) to propose to her on the streets, Tavia replied, “Well, first off, I have to find a suitable marriage partner! If I do end up finding one in the future, I will tell my husband to just do it simply. Celebrities are already eye-catching enough. A simple proposal would be best!”

      Him Law Got the Message

      Yesterday, Him Law attended an Olympics event in Tai Po. When mentioning that Tavia preferred simple marriage proposals, Him said he strongly agreed with her. Him said, “If there is a chance of success, I will definitely let everyone know.”

      Creds: Apple Daily
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      1. Akki's Avatar
        No way....... she really is dating him law?
      1. tvbfansi's Avatar
        I think she needs some nose job done...kind of too big for her face (esp in Ep07 of Three Kingdoms RPG, shots of eating Pao with Kenneth 00:23:58).


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