• Ron Ng Confused by Viann Zhang's Breakup Announcement

      Fans were not the only ones shocked by Viann Zhang’s (張馨予) breakup announcement from Ron Ng (吳卓羲). Ron was also surprised by the ending of his own relationship! Viann had decided to unilaterally dump Ron before the public, without discussing with him first! Crowded by reporters regarding his fresh heartbreak, Ron said that he learned of his own breakup when confronted by reporters yesterday!

      It was understood that Viann was unhappy that Ron never officially acknowledged her as his girlfriend before the public. Ron was often criticized by fans that he yielded too much to Viann’s demanding needs. Despite lack of fan support for the relationship, Ron risked career suicide by formally admitting that Viann was his girlfriend on July 13th. Ron thought he had finally settled the lovers’ arguments and made Viann happy.

      Little did Ron know that Viann had already decided to end the relationship, without consulting with him first! Ron said that he was confused by Viann’s breakup announcement and did not know of her disclosure intentions in advance!

      Ron appeared to be helpless in the lack of control he had over his own relationship. Forcing a smile before the press, he continued to say that he remained in contact with Viann. Asked why Viann made the breakup announcement yesterday, Ron finally said, “Regarding the breakup, I only learned of the matter when reporters asked me the questions yesterday! I do not understand why reporters asked about our relations. You know how things are between a dating couple, there is an understanding beforehand.”

      Asked whether Viann gave up the relationship because Ron never publicly acknowledged her as his girlfriend, he said, “We have never stated our relationship publicly. However, many people know that we are a couple.”

      Whether Ron was in denial over the breakup or unable to accept its sudden reality, he added, “I wish her well. As long as she is happy, that is enough!”

      Creds: Oncc
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      1. Chloee's Avatar
        Poor Ron Viann is such a dramatic girl always asking for attention. I hope Ron finds someone better.
      1. melody4201's Avatar
        Even better for Ron. Doesn't have to deal with the dramatic girl...Good tactic Ron!
      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        lol, wow.....a sudden breakup....that's the worst.......
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