• Aaron Kwok Denies Lynn Hung's Abortion Rumours

      Marriage rumors have constantly surrounded Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and his girlfriend of 5 years, Lynn Hung (熊黛林). It was previously reported that Lynn was pressuring Aaron to get married however, Aaron took a stance and confirmed to the public that he will not marry until he is 50 years old. Now further rumors spread that Lynn became pregnant to force Aaron into marriage, with Aaron allegedly telling her to abort the baby!

      Aaron Finally Responds to Abortion Rumors

      Both Aaron and Lynn publicly denied the abortion rumors, stating that the claims were absurd. Earlier when the abortion allegations started, Lynn had clarified that the news was fabricated. Nonetheless, the reports did not cease.

      Attending an event, Aaron replied to the rumors seriously, “The abortion rumors began online. I’ve remained silent throughout this time as the online world is very large. People say things without repercussions. Previously, Lynn had already clarified that the story was fabricated. That says it all!”

      Feeling helpless, 46-year-old Aaron firmly confirmed that the abortion story was false. Asked if Lynn was pregnant, will he take responsibility? Aaron promised that if Lynn were indeed pregnant, he will take full responsibility. He continued, “If there is a baby, it’s a gift from God and it would be my blessing! I would not consider abortion. Hopefully, this is the end of the rumors.”

      Lynn Responds again

      While attending an event for new movie, Men Are Like Clothes <男人如衣服>, with Raymond Lam (林峯), Lynn was asked again about the abortion rumors. Lynn became exasperated, “Whoever wrote the gossip is an idiot! I’m not mad, but I feel wronged!” Will Aaron comfort you? “No. Don’t bother him, he’s too busy! He has to work first. Many rumors get reported every year. How can I be mad that many times?”

      When asked if Lynn is pregnant, will she consider abortion? She said sternly, “I will not kill a life! Pregnancy is precious so would not condone such a heinous action. It’s not simply wanting or not wanting when it comes to life! People that know me would know that the rumors are not true!”

      Still Hopes for Marriage

      When 31-year-old Lynn was given three vouchers redeemable for golden pigs at the promotional event, Raymond hinted, “Hopefully, this will happen in reality! When it does happen (referring to marriage), you can redeem them!) Lynn happily respond, “Hope your wish comes true!”

      Reporters asked if the golden pigs vouchers will be used this year? Lynn coyly said “This year is not possible.” Asked if it will occur next year, Lynn said, “It’s been mentioned so many times. What if I can’t get married? I shouldn’t keep talking about it.”

      Aaron and Lynn’s responses to the rumors seem to reflect the same beliefs, expressing that life is precious and abortion is not an option. With the constant rumors circulating, will Aaron succumb to the pressure and marry Lynn?

      Creds: Oriental Daily
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