• Ron Ng Cheated on Viann Zhang? Exposed Sex Addict?

      It has been a rollercoaster week for all the siu sangs of TVB! On Saturday, July 21st, 32-year-old Raymond Lam (林峯) was caught on a dinner date with 18-year-old newcomer Karena Ng (吳千語). On Tuesday, July 24th, TVB “Golden Couple” Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) announced their heartbreaking split after 8 years of being together. Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) old dating rumors with Margie Tsang (曾華倩) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) have also been brought back to the light!

      On Thursday, July 26th, Hong Kong tabloid magazine Sudden Weekly leaked the “real reason” behind Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Viann Zhang’s (張馨予) split! According to Sudden Weekly, Ron was dating a wealthy “Miss X” at the same time he was dating Viann. Allegedly, Ron and the 25-year-old Miss X met in late 2010 at a karaoke party through mutual friends, and exchanged phone numbers. In February 2011, it was alleged that Ron texted and called Miss X out on a date, and the two have been together ever since.

      Sent Urgent Sex Requests

      According to Miss X, Ron allegedly suggested exchanging topless photos of himself with her in June 2012. Ron allegedly sent urgent messages requesting to have sex with her. The following text message exchanges occurred via WhatsApp:

      April 11, 2011
      Miss X: What is there to do? I’m bored to death!
      Ron Ng: Make love.

      May 10, 2012
      Miss X: When should we go swimming together?
      Ron Ng: Why don’t you try to see how to swim naked now?

      May 16, 2012
      Miss X: Since you earned so many Yuan dollars, will you treat me to 10 dinners?
      Ron Ng: First, you take off your clothes, then your pants. You know what comes afterward?

      May 27, 2012
      Miss X: I want you to say “I Love You” 100 times.
      Ron Ng: I can make love to you 100 times.

      Steamy Audio Clip Exposed

      An explicit audio clip between a male voice resembling Ron Ng and a female voice circulated on July 26th. In the audio clip, the man and the woman flirted with each other outrageously:

      Woman: I am thinking of you.

      Man: Are you drunk?

      Woman: In my dreams yesterday, we were together.

      Man: Dreaming and reality are not the same.

      Woman: I feel very painful right now.

      Man: Where are you now?

      Woman: You don’t like me? Let me take a sexy photo for you!

      Man: You said that you will give me a sexy photo?

      Woman: Hmm….

      Man: But you didn’t! Fine….

      Woman: Okay, let me do it…. You don’t like me?

      Man: Don’t you feel tiresome?

      Woman: I need warmth!

      Man: What warmth?

      Woman: I have a brand new pair of pink panties; they’re very sexy!

      Man: Take a photo in your pink panties! Quickly!

      Woman: How about I wear the panties for you to see?

      Man: I didn’t ask you to give me a naked photo! I asked for the old photo in which you appear in pink panties! Show me that one! I did not ask you to be naked!

      Woman (Sends a photo of toenails): How about this?

      Man: Why is the color of your toenail polish fluorescent green?

      Ron Ng Cheated On Viann Zhang?

      Sudden Weekly reported that Miss X did not know Ron was dating Viann at the time, and she only knew about their relationship after the paparazzi caught Ron picking up Viann at the airport. Sudden Weekly reported Miss X as stating, “I got angry and we had an argument! He told me I was crazy, and that it was a promotional tactic by his company. He said the paparazzi couldn’t even snap a picture of them holding hands, so they could not be together. I trusted him at the time, but after that incident I was beginning to lose my sense of security. He also felt it, so he bought me a Chanel ring as a token of our love, and told me that I was his only girlfriend!”

      The tabloid magazine also reported Miss X explaining that Ron had always been a careful person. Not wanting their romance to be discovered, Miss X and Ron would rarely go out, nor did they take pictures together. Miss X allegedly said, “We’ve been together for so long! We don’t even have a picture together! Ron kept telling me that the rumors of him and Viann are not true, but when I saw her post a picture of a Chanel J12 watch on Weibo, I knew it was Ron who gave it to her. We argued again, and Ron would always come up with an excuse. I loved him too much, so I believed him!”

      Ron is a Sex Addict?

      Sudden Weekly alleged that every time Ron and Miss X would meet, they would have sex. Even when Ron was away at work in the mainland, Ron would force Miss X to send him erotic pictures. Sudden Weekly also said that Miss X originally refused to submit to Ron’s sexual cravings, but she later gave in because she loved him too much. After Ron announced Viann to be his girlfriend on Weibo, the magazine said Miss X had enough of Ron’s infidelity and decided to call it quits with him. It was alleged that Ron felt guilty and tried to salvage their relationship. Miss X gave their relationship a try again, but she decided it was best if she left him. She was reported saying, “It was really difficult! I know I have to really call it quits with him. I don’t want to be soft-hearted again, so I decided to reveal our relationship! That way, he will hate me, not find me again, and I can really leave him for good!”

      Viann Upset With Two-Timing Ron?

      Last week, Ron publicly declared Viann to be his girlfriend through his Weibo blog, but four days later, Viann announced via her manager that she had broken up with him. Various sources claimed that Viann was upset that Ron had never acknowledged her as his official girlfriend, and that she was getting tired with the abusive slandering Ron’s fans have been giving her.

      After Sudden Weekly’s reports were published, Viann wrote on her Weibo, “I found out about the truth today! I want to cry, but there are no tears! Why did you have to treat me like that? Thinking back, I really did let it all go. That girl who ran to the tattoo shop to get a tattoo of your name? She’s dead! As for me, I will rise from the ashes because I met the right one. Thank you, ‘good person.’ After I wash away the tattoo, I will start my life over again.”

      Ron Responds to Viann’s Weibo Post

      Asked if Ron had seen Viann’s recent post on Weibo, Ron said, “I have. She doesn’t know what really happened, so I will not purposely clarify or comment on the issue.” Asked whether he was upset that Viann Zhang immediately thought he had cheated on her, Ron said, “It’s not two-timing! I never dated that girl, so it’s not called two-timing! I didn’t explain it to her (Viann), so she just misunderstood.” Asked if he had remained friends with Viann, he said, “No comment. I had already said what I needed to say.”

      When asked if TVB siu sang favored mainland Chinese girls, Ron said, “No. When I make friends I do not consider where they are from. There are good and bad people everywhere.”

      Ron Denies Dating “Miss X”

      During a filming break for TVB’s new drama Season of Love <戀愛季節>, Ron was asked about the woman who he had dated while with Viann Zhang. The reporter prompted Ron that the woman had intentionally moved to live in the apartment beneath him. The reporter said that Miss X had shared explicit text messages with Ron.

      Ron replied, “Explicit content? That’s impossible!” The reporter retorted, “But it is your cell phone number!” Ron said, “Maybe they were from old dating experiences…”

      The reporter interrupted, “But the messages are dated…” Ron exclaimed, “Oh, I know who you are talking about! But at that time….umm…what kind of explicit text messages are we talking about? How explicit are they?” The female reporter grew embarrassed.

      Ron continued, “I have not seen this girl in a very long time.” The reporter said, “That was after you revealed you were with [Viann Zhang].” Ron said,” We were never together. It’s impossible…. Are there any photos? But there are no photos.”

      The reporter said, “She claimed that you had two-timed her.”

      Ron said, “These things, I will not respond anymore. It’s best for you to focus on my work from now on. You can ask her yourself. I have never dated her. There are no explicit messages.” The reporter said, “But, there are many more…” Ron said, “It’s not the messages that you just showed me?”

      The reporter said that they also had audio clips. Ron said, “What? But those are messages from her only!” The reporter said, “It’s your voice! She saved those audio clips!”

      At this point, Ron quickly excused himself and terminated the interview.

      Creds: Oncc/ihktv/Sina
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      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        lmao @ the conversation....
      1. Ruoyi's Avatar
        Its like a script...
      1. WeakNiZ's Avatar
        Is Miss X a made up person or is her rich daddy too scary to mess with. Also, how can the label Ron a sex addict, conversation seems pretty normal between two couples. I would imagine that Edison Chen will be called a sex addict, Ron just asked for dirty pictures ....
      1. mashimaru's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by WeakNiZ View Post
        Is Miss X a made up person or is her rich daddy too scary to mess with. Also, how can the label Ron a sex addict, conversation seems pretty normal between two couples. I would imagine that Edison Chen will be called a sex addict, Ron just asked for dirty pictures ....

        Haha Agree with you. Edison Chen is the one to be called sex addict not Ron, Bosco, Kenneth or Raymond. I think Tabloid magazine have nothing to write so they just look for something to write so they can turn it into their supervisor by the deadline so they wouldnt get blasted at. Probably some is true and some they made it up.
      1. hongkongboy's Avatar
        pointless, every man is "ham sup" every man is a sex addict...hk no new = big news
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