• Bosco Wong's Flirtatious Behaviour was the Real Cause of Breakup with Myolie Wu?

      Different versions of the “real reason” behind “Boscolie’s” breakup continue to surface each day! The latest tabloid report claimed that Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) flirtatious habit, instead of outright cheating, resulted in his breakup with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). Misled by Bosco’s flirtatious manner, a past female costar, dubbed as the “third party,” reportedly confronted Myolie in May. This infuriated Myolie to finally call things off with Bosco!

      “Third Party” Misunderstanding?

      An insider revealed that Bosco had been overly playful with a mainland Chinese actress during filming. The woman, self-proclaiming herself to be the “third party,” arrived at Bosco’s home. Bosco claimed that he was not involved with the woman, but his flirtatious attitude with her may have given her the wrong impression. Myolie had allegedly tolerated his past flirtatious attitude for many years, which gave her a sense of insecurity. When the “third party” confronted her, it was the last straw.

      At the same time, it was understood that Myolie also had other male pursuers interested in her. While filming mainland drama, Jin Yu Man Tang <金玉滿堂> in Suzhou, China, Myolie was reportedly aggressively pursued by Taiwanese actor, Eric Huang (黃少褀). Reflecting upon her many years of insecurity while dating Bosco due to his flirtatious habits, the confrontation with Bosco’s “third party,” and the appearance of Eric Huang, Myolie allegedly decided to end her relationship with Bosco.

      When Myolie asked to break up, Bosco treated it as a period for the pair to cool off and reflect on the situation. He thought that time will prove his innocence, in which he was not involved with the “third party.” Myolie filmed in mainland China for the first half of the year and did not return to Hong Kong until June, while Bosco headed to China to film The Woman Above the Bread Tree <麵包樹上的女人> in May. This year, ”Boscolie” had spent little time together, maintaining their relationship through long distance phone calls only.

      Bosco Was Flirtatious, But Did Not Cheat?

      Due to the circumstances, Bosco stated that there was no “third party” leading to the breakup. However, Myolie may not have trusted Bosco’s explanation, which explained why in Myolie’s post-breakup interview, she said, “Since he and I have already broken up, I cannot respond on his behalf. I can only represent myself: I was not involved with a third party on my end.”

      Due to Myolie’s ambiguous reply and Bosco’s guilt-ridden promise to continue to protect Myolie after their breakup, he became the target of infidelity reports. The pair had a mutual agreement to not publicly reveal the reason for the breakup, which fueled the spread of increasingly wild speculations.

      It was understood that the “third party” was one of Bosco’s past mainland Chinese costars. The woman often text messaged Bosco and asked him out. Due to his playful personality, Bosco did respond to one of her invitations to go out, while accompanied by other production staff members.

      An insider stated, “I only know that they (Bosco and Myolie) argued over a mainland actress. The woman self-proclaimed herself to be Bosco’s girlfriend and wanted to have a showdown with Myolie. Of course, Myolie was shaking in anger! We asked Bosco, but he said that he does not know the woman well. He explained to Myolie, but at that moment, she did not listen to what he said.”

      Bosco and Myolie did not reveal the identity of the mainland actress to their friends. Bosco’s past mainland costars include Growing Through Life’s <摘星之旅>Vionn Song (宋汶霏), Great Love Expert’s <大愛之達人> Zhao Ke (趙柯), and The Woman Above the Bread Tree’s Liu Yan (柳岩) and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣). Although Bosco was rumored with his mainland assistant, Chan Siu Lam (陳小琳), he continued to use her when he filmed in mainland.

      The insider revealed that Bosco possessed a playful attitude, but was able to rein in the situation when necessary. When he went to nightclubs, he often preferred to drink. If women were to cluster around him, Bosco would not outright reject them, but he would not carry things further once leaving the nightclub.

      Bosco Reluctant to Break Up

      Myolie asked to break up in May, while Bosco continued to insist that there was no “third party.” While filming The Woman Above the Bread Tree, he was depressed and abandoned his normal habit of socializing, often hiding away in his hotel room instead.

      It was understood that when Bosco returned to Hong Kong last week, he intended to clear the air with Myolie once again. However, news of their breakup had leaked to the public, in which Myolie wished to formally announce that their relationship had ended. He went along with Myolie’s wishes, but Bosco stated that he wished to reconcile with Myolie and prove himself over time.

      With both Myolie and Bosco still crying before the press while responding to questions about their breakup, it was apparent that both continued to shed tears of fresh hurt over the end of their 8-year relationship.

      Creds: ihktv
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      1. Chloee's Avatar
        I do hope that their love is strong enough and will eventually get back together because 8 years is something.
      1. Pookey's Avatar
        I am so sad by their breakup. I really hate to see people who look like they are so in love (just look at their pictures together) end their relationships. I hope that there is some way that they can reconcile and get back together. They are one of my favorite celebrity couples because they just seem so perfect and happy together.
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