• Raymond Lam Juggling Three Women at the Same Time?

      Recently, top TVB siu sangs, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Raymond Lam (林峯) were all tainted by promiscuous scandals. The media even mocked them as TVB’s “Three Amorous Knights”! Leaked stories of their alleged philandering have caused a ruckus in Hong Kong. Raymond was rumored to have juggled 3 hot women at the same time!

      Juggling Act

      It was reported that after Raymond Lam broke off with mainland actress, Mavis Pan (潘霜霜), he allegedly did not learn his lesson and continued to hunt for beautiful busty women. After he had successfully courted mainland actress, Liu Yuqi (劉羽琦), Raymond allegedly started pursuing 18-year-old film actress, Karena Ng (吳千語), who was reportedly to have a stable boyfriend earlier.

      Raymond was allegedly not satisfied and went on hunting for more targets. His latest hunt is a 17-year-old Malaysian student, Vivian Loke!

      Liu Yuqi Slept at Raymond’s House?

      After his romantic scandals surfaced, Raymond denied dating these women, and even proclaimed that he did not know them well. However, Liu Yuqi’s good friend, Zheng Yuncheng (鄭蘊宬) felt injustice for Yuqi, and exposed that Raymond had cheated in love.

      Mainland Chinese actor, Zheng Yuncheng, disclosed that Raymond and Yuqi first met at Li Cheng’s (李晨) birthday party. He said, “Raymond was very cautious. He already expressed that he would not take any photos, but I knew that after he met Yuqi, he pursued her relentlessly! The two even spent Christmas together in Xiamen!”

      Yuncheng further shared that Raymond wanted an underground relationship; their dating was very secretive. The dating place would be at his house, working studio, or his friend’s recording studio.

      Yuncheng said, “Yuqi loved Raymond too much; she could not bear to leave him! Every time, she went to Hong Kong, she paid the expenses herself. Now, he pretends not to know her! He is a hypocrite! I can no longer stand him!”

      “Dating Evidence” Produced

      In order to expose Raymond’s lie, Yuncheng produced a photo of Yuqi hugging a husky dog, in which he claimed it was Raymond’s dog. Yuncheng implied that Yuqi had slept overnight at Raymond’s place. He also produced an affectionate photo of Raymond and Yuqi in a plane cabin; Raymond and Yuqi were beaming lovingly and their heads leaned next to one another in that photo.

      When asked about the photos in which Yuncheng produced, Liu Yuqi said, “He (Raymond) said there was trouble before, so dating had to be careful.”

      Yuqi was later asked to explain about her photo with Raymond’s dog. She vaguely replied, “Yes! I love chatting with friends.”

      Raymond Loves Dating Young Girls?

      It was reported that both Karena Ng and Liu Yuqi celebrated Christmas with Raymond in Xiamen. Raymond Lam’s cousin, Lin Xiawei (林夏薇) allegedly acted as a shield for Raymond to bring the 2 women to his place.

      After dating 18-year-old Karena, Raymond was reportedly became interested in another young girl. This time, it is a 17-year-old Malaysian student, Vivian Loke, whom he met half a year ago at a nightclub. Vivian allegedly bragged to her friends that she slept over at Raymond’s place twice a week!

      When the reporter contacted Vivian, she replied alarmingly, “Where did you hear it from?”

      Creds: Next Magazine
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      1. hermidude's Avatar
        If this is true, Tvb's three siusang sure have a problem.
      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        ^lol seriously......either the reporters are Effing them up or they're really jackasses....
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