• Ron Ng Accused of Dating 3 Women at the Same Time

      After Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) phone sex messages with a mysterious woman known as “Miss X” were exposed, he was plagued by accusations that he had cheated in his former relationship with Viann Zhang (張馨予). Malaysian actress, Cathryn Lee (李元玲), has now stepped forth to claim that she and Ron have been dating since March 2012. Faced with allegations that he had dated 3 women at the same time, Ron vehemently denied that he had ever dated Cathryn.

      “Piano Goddess” Cathryn Lee

      Twenty-six-year-old Cathryn Lee came from a wealthy family background. Cathryn’s mother is a former Miss Malaysia beauty pageant winner. Cathryn received a Masters of Piano Studies from Great Britain and is the beloved student of Malaysian pianist, Li Yundi (李雲迪). Cathryn was also known to wear sexy attire in her piano performances. Photos of her in a dress with a plunging backside earned her many fans, who branded Cathryn as “Piano Goddess.”

      At one of Cathryn’s piano performances, Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) assistant was mesmerized by Cathryn’s beauty and invited her to join the entertainment industry two years ago. Cathryn has appeared in several movies and television productions in Malaysia and Singapore.

      Love at First Sight?

      According to 3 Weekly, Ron Ng met Cathryn when he travelled to Malaysia at the end of last year. The pair reportedly met at a bar, in which Ron immediately introduced himself to the beautiful Cathryn. After exchanging phone numbers, it was understood that the pair had dated for 6 months.

      An insider revealed, “When Cathryn went to Hong Kong in March, Ron claimed that he was not dating anyone. Ron always asked Cathryn to visit him in Hong Kong. To save money from hotel costs, Ron even urged Cathryn to stay at his apartment.” The insider was a man who was friends with both Ron and Cathryn.

      Ron’s Text Messages to Cathryn Revealed

      WeChat text message exchanges between Ron and Cathryn were revealed, in which Ron sent a photo on May 20th of himself laying topless on his bed. On June 17th, Ron sent the message, “Dear, when will you be in Hong Kong because I am thinking of you too.” Cathryn replied, “Will you be free in July?” Ron replied, “I am free right now.”

      Ron also sent Cathryn a long motivational text message during one of Cathryn’s unhappy moments. Ron wrote, “There is no need to worry. Everyone has high and low points. When you are successful, there will be many people from afar to use you to their advantage. When you hit a low point, they will come and stomp on your some more. Thus, you have to evaluate the person carefully and make sure you do not trust anyone easily.”

      Ron added, “I believe that you will be successful and have many achievements. You are beautiful and play the piano so well. You know how to write songs and have a kind heart. Kind people will have good repayments. Hope rests in tomorrow.”

      Cathryn Blasted by Ron’s “Wife” to Stay Away

      On July 26th, Cathryn allegedly received an odd message from a woman who claimed to be Ron’s wife. The mysterious woman sent the message via Ron’s WeChat account user name. In the audio clip, the accent of the female speaker made it difficult to decipher the words. The mysterious woman then texted, “I am his (Ron’s) wife. Who are you?” Cathryn was shocked by the message and only wrote, “You’re crazy!”

      After the exchange, Cathryn’s suspicions towards Ron were raised. Although she asked him whether he was dating anyone at the moment, he continued to said no.

      Cathryn’s manager, Mr. Chan, confirmed that Cathryn had dated Ron in the past. Mr. Chan said, “Cathryn has mentioned that she dated Ron Ng. However, after the message from his ‘wife,’ Cathryn felt shocked and was very disappointed.”

      Ron Denies Knowing Cathryn

      On August 8th, 3 Weekly showed a photo of Cathryn Lee to Ron Ng and asked if he knew who she was. He replied, “I don’t know who she is!” When prompted that Cathryn was a Malaysian pianist, Ron’s lips started quivering. He said, “…I know her!”

      Asked whether he had dated Cathryn, Ron replied, “No” and said that she was not his girlfriend. Prompted that a woman claiming to be Ron’s “wife” had text messaged Cathryn, Ron said, “I will not respond on that matter!” Asked to verify whether his WeChat account matched what the reporter had in possession, Ron said, “Yes, but I will not respond.”

      Speaking with Oriental Daily, Ron said, “Just because we saw each other several times does not mean she (Cathryn) is my girlfriend. That’s a big joke!”

      Cathryn expressed her disappointment that Ron did not acknowledge her as his girlfriend. She said, “I am very disappointed by his response. It turns out that we are only players in the entertainment field!”

      Creds: 3 Weekly
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      1. Flames's Avatar
        Anyone else dated Ron and want to admit it here?
      1. shinobi's Avatar
        .......at the same damn time?

      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        dam....the media is trying to F him up.....
      1. negiqboyz's Avatar
        First it was Raymond and now Ron .. wow .. you really can't judge a book by its cover alright. Dating in secret is one thing but juggling all these .. damn ..
      1. onni's Avatar
        Ron Ng's rumours are still flying around. when will it stop? the media people are not tired....probably some readers do.
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