• Elva Hsiao and Kai Ko Cannot Keep Hands Off Each Other

      Unfazed by their 12-year age gap, Elva Hsiao (萧亚轩) and Kai Ko (柯震东) once again flaunted their love publicly. Behaving like newlyweds n their trip to Huadong, Taiwan, the love birds displayed their affections openly during a dinner with friends. Although Elva and Kai claimed to be only friends, Kai was spotted stroking Elva’s back numerous times during the dinner. They allegedly checked into the same guesthouse, leading to speculations that they might have spent the night together.

      Kai’s Income Increases After Dating Elva

      Kai’s career progressed rapidly after he was rumored to be dating the 32-year-old pop diva. After winning the Best New Performer Award at the Golden Horse Awards last year, Kai also released his debut album shortly after. He later filmed several movies, namely When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep <南方小羊牧場> and Together <Together在一起>, leading to a large jump in his income.

      Elva and Kai Change for Each Other?

      In May, Kai underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. After the surgery, Elva reportedly changed her lifestyle. Previously, Elva loved to frequent night spots, but now she is going to the gym more often. Kai and Elva reportedly started to lead a healthy exercise by working out together regularly.

      In order to prevent any rumors with his female costars, Kai was cautious to maintain distance from them. Earlier, he was filming Together with Angelababy. When Angelababy greeted him, Kai did not respond and instead avoided to have any contact with her. After completing the filming, Kai simply waved goodbye to Angelababy without saying much to her.

      Responses by Elva and Kai’s Managers

      Responding to Elva and Kai’s recent ‘honeymoon’ trip, Elva’s manager replied, “It’s not easy for Elva to take a few days off to go rafting with good friends. It’s a healthy leisure [trip].”

      Kai’s manager also acknowledged the couple’s relationship as friends, “Kai Ko is on a vacation with a group of good friends. That’s all.”

      Creds: Sina
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