• Jackie Chan Versus Hong Kong Triads

      Promoting his new movie, CZ12 <十二生肖>, Jackie Chan (成龍) has spoken extensively about his marriage, his controversial family views, and even about his illegitimate daughter, Etta. As the undisputed “Big Brother” of Hong Kong films, Jackie proudly revealed how he combated triads forces in order to protect artists in the entertainment industry. He also formed the Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild to prevent artists from suffering any unfair treatment.

      Jackie does not recall exactly when people started calling him “Big Brother”. It started because he likes to become involved into everyone’s business. Jackie was unhappy with the unfair treatment of Hong Kong artists, who were bullied by triads in the 1980s and 1990s. ” There will be no more bullying from the triads. I was the first one to speak up. I am the only one who has the guts to single-handedly fight against the triads!”

      Triads: An Oppressive Force in Hong Kong Cinema

      In the past, triads had forced artists to film projects at gunpoint, in which Andy Lau (劉德華) was also one of the victims. The situation became very grave as triads used scare tactics to severely underpay artists. For example, artists may be promised $100,000 HKD for a movie, but their paycheck would end up with only $2,000 HKD instead.

      On one occasion, Jackie was hunted down by triads, forcing him to hide in the United States. ” The moment after I got off the plane, bullets were fired at me. I had to carry guns with me everyday. Back in Hong Kong, when I went to a restaurant for dinner, I was surrounded by two dozen triad members armed with large knives. I showed them my gun and had two more hidden inside my jacket. I told them that I wasn’t going to take it anymore.”

      From then on, Jackie started carrying guns around and sometimes even armed himself with grenades for protection.

      Big Brother Fights the Triads

      When the triads went after his contracted artists such as Maggie Cheung (張曼玉), Joey Wong (王祖賢), and Jacky Cheung (張學友), Jackie decided to fight the triads with money. He spent half a million dollars to hire some “guys” from the mainland to fight fire with fire. His guys would be there to assist him and left when they were done with their “assigned duties”. If one of his guys was hurt, Jackie would support their families when needed.

      Some people may wonder if Jackie was in the same league as the triads, but he clarified, “I wasn’t like them as I used money to take care of business. If I were a triad member, I wouldn’t get an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from the British.”

      After the disputes were settled with the triads, Jackie initiated and formed the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild to protect the artists in the industry. He is very proud of his accomplishment and believes that strong leadership is needed in handling any problems.

      Jackie is an idealist as he has three dreams: world peace, a universal brotherhood, and no poor people suffering in China. He said,” I want a perfect world, and I get upset for not being able to achieve one.”

      Creds: Sina
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      1. rockman3's Avatar
        i think he meant Chinese need to be united for his previous controversy where he said Chinese need to be control..
        if united, no foreign power can take advantage..
      1. ab289's Avatar
        Is this all for real? This all sounds very movie-like. Him carrying guns and grenades?
      1. kevin's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by ab289 View Post
        Is this all for real? This all sounds very movie-like. Him carrying guns and grenades?
        That's what I am saying, I got confused when reading that, I thought I was missing out something like "PLOT FOR CZ12" lol. Is it not illegal to carry guns in HK?
      1. EvilTofu's Avatar
        I'm not that surprised about guns but grenades is another story. Everyone knows the triads were huge during those times in the HK entertainment industry but reading this just make it seem more like a movie, guess why some of the best triad/gangster movies were made are from that time period...
      1. ANBU's Avatar
        Jackie Chan has Chan Ho-nam support.
      1. Akki's Avatar
        Is this a movie plot? holy shit... that is crazy....
      1. shinobi's Avatar
        the Andy Lau thing is true they also kidnapped Carina Lau tried to make her do porn? lol

        Jacky Chan vs Triads showing in theaters soon
      1. callam's Avatar
        why doesnt he turn it into a movie??
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