• Ghost Marriage with Barbara Yung and Paul Chung Sparks Outrage

      Barbara Yung’s (翁美玲) fans are outraged after iCable’s paranormal program, The Unbelievable <怪談>, announced that it will set up a ghost wedding for the deceased 1980s star. The station wished to revamp its program content to increase ratings. It will also restructure its channels while awaiting government approval for a free broadcasting license.

      The station scrapped the 24-hour Entertainment News Channel and replaced it with HD Supernatural Channel and HD Paranormal Channel. One of the programs shown on the Supernatural Channel will be the long-running popular horror-themed reality show, The Unbelievable, hosted by Spencer and Shum Po Yee (岑寶兒), also known as Ah Mong. Since its debut in 1996, The Unbelievable ventured into haunted houses and cemeteries, while covering witchcraft and paranormal topics.

      Weddings for Barbara Yung and Paul Chung

      At an iCable promotional event yesterday, The Unbelievable host, Spencer Leung (梁思浩) revealed that a new segment will be introduced in the program in August. “It is management’s idea to dwell into the topic of ghost weddings. We had looked into arranging a wedding for Paul Chung (鍾保羅) and Ah Mong or Barbara Yung and I. After drawing lots, Ah Mong lost so we shall plan Paul’s wedding at the end of August. We also plan to book a funeral parlor.”

      Spencer added that they have also found the location of the two deceased celebrities’ ashes. Though they also played with the idea of arranging weddings for the late singers, Leslie Cheung (張國榮) and Anita Mui (梅艷芳), the idea was eventually put on hold for fear of incurring the wrath of fans.

      Spencer further revealed that they will seek the approval of the family members and will not insist on carrying out the weddings if the family members are against the idea. Spencer said, “We have talked to Anita’s mother and she was fine with the idea. However, she listed a few conditions which we could not agree with.”

      Sacrifice for Entertainment

      In the spirit of helping Paul get married and fulfill his last wish, the single Ah Mong did not mind if she could not find a life partner because of this. She said, “Spencer said that if no one wants me, he will marry me. Actually, it’s worth the sacrifice if I can share the experience with the viewers.” If the response for Paul’s wedding is good, they will go ahead and arrange for Spencer and Barbara’s wedding.

      Kent Tong Fumed

      When news of the ghost weddings spread, iCable received complaints for lack of respect for the late celebrities. Kent Tong (湯鎮業) who had dated Barbara before her suicide, lashed out, “Not only me, but most people will feel uncomfortable with that idea! [Ghost weddings] are not real and are just superstitious gimmick! What is their [Spencer and Barbara] relationship? They don’t even know each other. What for? Money? In any case, she has passed on so we need to respect her family. They also have many fans. Have you spared a thought for them? This will bring shame to the entertainment industry!”

      When asked if he has ever thought of having a ghost wedding with Barbara, the twice-divorced Kent said that he has never thought of the idea.

      Michael Miu: “It’s Disrespectful”

      Barbara’s former costar, Michael Miu (苗僑偉), appeared at a promotion for A Change of Heart <好心作怪> and commented on Spencer’s ghost wedding plans. Michael said, “Of course it shouldn’t be done! It’s disrespectful to cover a deceased person for the program.”

      There is a Bottom Line

      In response, The Unbelievable’s producer, George said, “We only want to make the program more diversified by presenting the concept of ghost weddings. We are helping people, like doing charity. Actually Paul has many unfulfilled wishes and we are just helping him fulfill them. We will ask the approval of their family members before we proceed. The station’s senior executive, Tsang Chin Chiong (曾展章) added, “Our programming colleagues have used psychic powers to communicate with the spiritual world. If it really cannot be done, we will not force it.”
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      1. 95prelude's Avatar
        WTF. This is retarded. Michael is right. This is coming from a forever Barbara Yung fan. Just scrap the idea.
      1. gd6noob's Avatar
        WOW... burn this sick F@#$.... Dont mess with the deceased, especially with a well like celebrity and person...
      1. turbobenx's Avatar
        really? if this actually take place, imma asssasinate the people involve myself.... No one messes with the pretty actress....
      1. mashimaro9's Avatar
        are they serious!

        that is so wrong!!!!!!
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