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  1. *~Moon watching and star gazing~*

    by on 1 Week Ago at 06:27 AM
    It's going to be a short one today, unless the day gets a bit more interesting lol

    I'm not sure if you guys heard the news about the Perseid Meteor Shower for this year,
    but um basically it happens once a year around about this time, and the moon is bigger and brighter than usual and if you're lucky you can catch some 'falling' stars and make a wish.

    The full moon last night was so beautiful, no pictures though crappy iphone lol
    I didn't catch any falling ...
    Idle Thoughts =)
  2. ~Dodgy tan lines and horoscopes~

    by on 1 Week Ago at 05:19 AM
    Hey it's me (again)

    PART 1

    Mood: (big sigh) I dunno, just feeling kinda restless today, probably due to lack of sleep, and the stupid minor but apparently 'major' problem which ended up as an argument which to be honest was a waste of my time and left me feeling so pissed off and annoyed. I was like in silent rage mode, so yeah last night not a good night, feeling blah but forever the optimist right:

    In the mindset of UNIKITTY *lego movie (she's just awesome) ...
    Idle Thoughts =)
  3. Baking Goodies + Peace of mind

    by on 2 Weeks Ago at 05:08 AM
    Good morning guys, or good evening depending on what side of the world you guys are on.

    What's new? well I think after writing the blog last night, it really did help to calm my heart and express myself, and I definitely do feel a lot calmer as as soon as I logged into FB, bombarded with pics of the happy couple and for once it didn't irritate me so that's a good sign. So that's one issue resolved for now.

    On a happier note, those that know me, or still remember is that ...
    Idle Thoughts =)
  4. And~ she's back again? #rant 1: Little sisters and their bfs

    by on 2 Weeks Ago at 04:33 AM
    Hey guys, I've finally been able to catch a breather with all this work that's gone on. Now's the time to start blogging again and you know just generally to update things while I got the chance.
    Phoenix's life has been one hectic and just so busy busy. Where should I start from? I'll most probably do several posts focused on particular topics that has been plaguing my mind, stressing out my heart and happy topics that have been keeping me sane from the last post till now.

    So..lets ...
    Idle Thoughts =)
  5. Airplane Entertainment

    by on 03-30-2014 at 08:05 PM
    So like obviously just been back from holiday and its been like ages I mean like years since I was last on a holiday that required a plane.

    I was actually pleasantly surprised at the range of entertainment there was for the long 12/13hr flight to and fro HK ~ meaning its been way too long and I've missed out lol

    Plane food is always meh but like getting ice cream half way through the flight = awesomeness plus when you get a cute air hostess right?
    Idle Thoughts =)
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