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by on 11-29-2011 at 04:21 PM (1942 Views)
i'm slightly frustrated so i need to rant

so i gave my external hd to the bf to get a copy of a friend's bday photos and some new films, why he didnt give me his hd instead to get a copy in the first place, i dont know but anyways...

turns out my hd is more or less full, okay fine~ i'll give him my other hd then ok but nooooo he has to go and delete some 'crap'
i said leave it, cos i dunno what stuff he's guna delete..heck i'll delete the stuff i dont want/need anymore myself init...

but nooo deleted some dramas, they weren't like 'major' dramas but like it was the time and effort to dl it etc
the whole point of the hd was to have a copy of dramas etc so that my fam can re-watch it again etc
u know how 'rare' some dramas are..?
who's he to decide which dramas are 'crap' or not...GRRRRRRRRRRRR

i know this is kinda like a 'minor' thing but it was frustrating - i said no and he still went an did it..stupid

Anyways my rant is over, thanks for 'listening' lol

Phoenix Out

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Idle Thoughts =)


  1. zin's Avatar
    i no wot u mean, that y i make sure i delet what i dnt want before givin anything awat =D
  2. reno's Avatar
    u can always make him re dl it all ^^
  3. kevin's Avatar
    Yup like Reno stated, make him redownload them. What would have been a great idea was to Cut the "crap" files and Paste it onto his Computer so that the next time you can retrieve those "crap" files back.
    Downloading a whole series is a nightmare when you have slow internet connection but the worst is when these oldschool (so called "rare") drama is no longer available since the links are down and no one is willing to upload them again.
  4. fearless_fx's Avatar
    "Why didn't he just give me his hard drive?"

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