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by on 04-16-2011 at 02:35 PM (1802 Views)
This is the view from my deck. Today is April 16th.

This pretty much sums up what it's like to live in Saskatchewan.

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  1. [mJ9]'s Avatar
    lol,makes me want to post not my country but my city
  2. Jeff's Avatar
    You're from Saskatchewan? Cool. First person that i know thats from there ~~

    In S. Ontario.. snows are all gone. Sun's out. Perfect weather to chill sometimes though it does get chilly at days.
  3. Flames's Avatar
    Maybe you two should meet up xD
  4. mr_evolution's Avatar
    Not much privacy in the backyards?
  5. Flames's Avatar
    Can't fap in the backyard
  6. phoenixgirl16's Avatar
    does the snow ever go away? *curious O____O? *
  7. fearless_fx's Avatar
    hahaha yeah it does, the weather is just retarded this year. It's supposed to snow again here on Monday.
  8. Akki's Avatar
    well that blows.....
  9. ralphrepo's Avatar
    Just love those Native American names; Saskatchewan? Geez... I can't even pronounce it, LOL...
  10. fearless_fx's Avatar
    Sask - At - Chew - Wan

    Native American naming isn't unique to Canada... half of the States in the US are Native American in origin.


    I'm just thankful I don't live in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
  11. person's Avatar
    Ugh, snow. That sucks. No snow here, but no sun either. Wtf...
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