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by on 04-20-2011 at 06:57 PM (1558 Views)
Took my car in for a service today... $100 dollars for an oil change and a new engine air filter (Don't drive a Lexus if you want cheap service appointments... christ)

Ended up with an RX350 with all options as a loaner. I have to say its one of the most comfortable cars I've ever driven. The HUD is an incredibly smart feature, and the satellite radio is great. Almost makes me want to trade up... ><

After getting my IS back I decided it was time to do some hard core spring cleaning on it and detailed it from inside out... I've noticed a bunch of new stone chips on the paint though. Driving in Canada is really hard on a cars' paint. If I ever buy a new car again I'm definitely going to get an invisibra.

Gotta take it back in next week as well. I have a TSB due for a cracking noise in the front console and a new non-vibrating rear view mirror mount. A hassle, but it's best to get it all done while under warranty.

so fresh, so clean.

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  1. Dan's Avatar
    Yea, stone chips are a pain.. A warning on the invisibra, if you do decide to peel it off for whatever reason, you will see a clear discoloration.. The sun light gets refracted on the invisibra, so the paint discolors less than without the invisibra.
  2. reno's Avatar
    least the initial price is like half of what i'd have to pay if i were to get one

    alternatively, couldn't u just do the servicing yourself?
    buy the better oils too!
  3. fearless_fx's Avatar
    I'd rather have all my services done from lexus... this way I can keep all the maintenance bills, it should keep my resale value up a little
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