Idle thoughts for today ~

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by on 04-24-2011 at 04:30 AM (1726 Views)
So, its been a week or so, just been bogged down with revision and coursework...
revision is going okay i suppose considering i've got a week left till the actual exams
coursework on the other hand is killing me, my mind is just stuck..i have a plan and all but like my mind just aint working or rather refusing to make up points related with health and just flashing psychology info in my mind..i'm glad my revision stuff is getting stuck in but i suppose this is what i get for doing a combo degree x_____x

apart from the endless revision, been working throughout the weekend as well...unfortunately have to cover some shifts as well next week but good thing is i can bring my textbooks along so u'know, try make good use of my time.

My sleeping pattern is also proper f'd up, i cant remember when was the last time i actually slept for more than two hours...i think the stress is building up but i'm trying to keep everything calm but i reckon i'm just on autopilot at the moment...what am i doing when i 'should be sleeping'?
i think alot, or rather worry the point where i cant actually sleep, more like dont feel comfortable in sleeping so i'm just like, ah forget it, i'm guna go revise instead which is what i end up doing til the early hours of the next day...nap for an hour or again lol..revise..go to work...go home..shower..try to sleep and the cycle begins again...its quite bad i know...but i have no life...hopefully after my exams it will just go back to normal..

so thats my work/uni/exam stress thing updated, so like apart from those things keeping me up
These days, i been feeling quite frustrated as well in some sort of sense..whether its lack of sleep thats affecting my mood or not...its not a good feeling at all

been put as in charge of the house for this have to look after my bro and sis..sort out dinner etc etc..thats guna be fun eh...

but ~*yawn*~ guess what time is it? 9:09 in the morning..its quite a nice day actually..sunshine, warm, nice blue clear quite alot of things to do for today before i start work at 5 so best start cracking on then...

sorry, i've been chatting crap but feels good to get things off my chest..cant talk to the **, situation was sorted out but then they had to go make it complicated which results in total unnecessary stress and 心煩....

*sigh* just another day in the not-so-interesting-life of Phoenix atm

But i hope everyone's enjoying the lovely weather and doing something nice for the day

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Idle Thoughts =)


  1. mr_evolution's Avatar
    Sleep is the most important May, keep healthy! =)
  2. fearless_fx's Avatar
    sounds like a tough week! keep your chin up, it will all work out for the best in the end.
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