Ramblings of Phoenix

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by on 11-11-2011 at 09:17 AM (1664 Views)
So its the final year of uni, just 2months in and its killing me already~ my mind is like stuck on having to think about what topic i want to do my final year project on..oh fml..something related to my course...yet something i'm interested enough to write 5-6,000 words on...*mind exploding* must brainstorm brainstorm..!
Literally at the top of the hill now and, either go smoothly over or come crashing back down....blehhhh

Stressful, i don't know how you uni graduates do it but


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Idle Thoughts =)


  1. Jeff's Avatar
    add oil !
  2. mr_evolution's Avatar
    "I know that you'll pull through like a phoenix from the flames"
    - Justine Suissa
  3. person's Avatar
    Good luck! You can do it!
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