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by on 11-11-2011 at 09:41 AM (4232 Views)
On a happier note, guess what..??!! I saw SHINee...!! *Scream* lol total fangirl moment there..!
SHINee came down to London to promote the London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) last week, seriously 3rd November 2011 will be a day to remember lol..

I was *this* close to SHINee and omg boy do they look good in real life, the mini concert was wild and <33 really good...Still can't believe I got to see them live...'fighting' for the tickets was crazy, seriously waiting to book online for like over an hour because the servers crashed, was so lucky in getting them tickets hehe..!

I love how all these KPOP artists are coming down to the UK, Big Bang coming to the Ireland, SHINee and in 2 weeks time, say hello to CUBE entertainment, yup so like B2st...RAWRRR...4Minute...and G.NA..coming down for a KPOP concert down my ends, literally 20mins away from excited

man their tickets cost a bomb..! 65 for regular standing/seat tickets plus service really? ended up paying like 70ish altogether just for ONE ticket....heck even SHINee tickets weren't that expensive ~ 20-30 but hey once in lifetime chance to see them so like why not i suppose, well at least in the UK anyways.

So yeah, can't wait to see the B2st boys and i'm pretty sure the guys can't wait to see Hyuna and her *bubblepop* dance *rolls eyes * but i'm sure it will be fun..will post an update and let you know how it goes lol..

Phoenix out

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Idle Thoughts =)


  1. mr_evolution's Avatar
    There was a Kpop Festival in Sydney too
  2. hadouken's Avatar
    do u feel like ring ding dong?
  3. KT's Avatar
    how hawt is Jonghyun~
  4. phoenixgirl16's Avatar
    trust me they were all so HWAT~*drools* <3
    jonghyun was in a sleeveless top~
  5. [N]'s Avatar
    I was about to say kdot it ain't a secret sister. but oh its may so hai!
  6. phoenixgirl16's Avatar
    lol, silly Nas
    but i will record and take pics of hyuna's bubble pop an the rest of 4minute for u lot haha xD
  7. kevin's Avatar
    Oh what day are they coming to UK (4minute/Hyuna)? I read on the newspaper that it was on 26th (around that date, read it on the metro I think)?
  8. KT's Avatar
    Jonghyuns arms are delish
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