Hi! My Chinatown is in Houston TX!

  1. 1derfulbonne
    Where are all the Southern U.S. Chinatowners at?? Houston is very great! Best Houston Chinatown Restaurants The Boiling Crab, and Hank's!! Here crawfish in the summer is king!
  2. 1derfulbonne
    Did i mention its 105 degrees here today, and ive got a 10 minute bike ride home from campus!
  3. ralphrepo
    Welcome to the group! If you have pics of your Chinatown in Houston, please post them, and thanks
  4. 1derfulbonne
    Will do! Thx @ralphrepo
  5. EvilTofu
    Didn't know there was a Chinatown in Houston, but I wasn't surprised, so many Chinese people are moving to the these areas...

    Pics would be great, love to see how this Chinatown looks like.
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