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  1. Esther retired from the show???
  2. When the second part will be airing?
  3. THE ENDING (Spoilers for those who haven't seen it)
  4. Mother & Son reunion?
  5. Is the ending approaching? it doesn't seem like it.
  6. TUNG TUNG is leaving now too?
  7. The Upcoming Ending on 08/07/08
  8. Did. DOG JUN leave for real?
  9. Stop w/ the AIMEE "ugly" CHAN
  10. The Playboy: Luk Jit (vin choi)
  11. Who should Queenie be with??
  12. Useless Mo's Departure
  13. The pairing of Diana and Kau chun
  14. What do you think of Wong Hei?
  15. Extension from 328 to 368
  16. Which of the following couple(s) are your favorite in BSS?
  17. Favourite charcter in BSS
  18. EPISODE 282 - Question...
  19. New Characters; Wong Hei and Aimee Chan
  20. Where did Diana go?
  21. GoodBye Wong Ka Nam(Esther)...
  22. Sunny Chan/ Louisa So's Guest Apperance and Suki Chui added...
  23. Funnyest Person in BSS ?
  24. gary and lulu
  25. Lau Wah and Ming Chu (Kau Jun's cousin Chu Chu)
  26. Most Annoying Character in BSS
  27. Intro Song
  28. New Intro.
  29. Ka Nam & Vincent
  30. Is it me or it getting boring?
  31. Diana and Kao Jun
  32. Current Drama Discussion (160-180)
  33. Luk Jik and Kawayi
  34. Doris and May May's bro/ Diana's sister and "Useless Mo"
  35. James Jim and Siu Ping (Wong Kai Lam's friends)
  36. General Discussion