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  1. If this is it with my boyfriend?
  2. Worth continuing this relationship?
  3. He is overthinking
  4. Engagement ring?
  5. Jealous because girlfriend obsessing over celebrities
  6. Relationship with Marriage in mind yet hep B
  7. The Chinese Wedding...
  8. Video for my Valentine <3
  9. Why is There a Valentines Day?
  10. If a chinese girl has tattoo and smokes
  11. Can a boy and a girl be close but just be friends?
  12. Was There Ever Any Doubt?
  13. Men! We Gotta Learn To Sleep With One Eye Open!
  14. Speaking Of Ex-Girlfriends From Hell, Anyone Followed The Jodi Arias Case?
  15. Ex-girlfriend ruins teacher's career
  16. Friend backstabbing?
  17. Regret losing a friend
  18. Split due to a fake picture
  19. To chase or not to chase?
  20. Friend
  21. What is she thinking? VOL: REAL LIFE
  22. Chivalry vs Chauvinism
  23. Balance of relationship likeness
  24. What does it means ??
  25. Am I sending the wrong signals?
  26. My Sister's Secret Relationship....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Begging for forgiveness??
  28. Brother and Bestfriend
  29. How to be an EXCITING BF... ?
  30. Opinions please.
  31. Girlfriend Going to See Another Guy in Another Country for 2 Weeks
  32. Suggestions for 1 year anniversary
  33. Remember The Crotch Hitting Girlfriend From Singapore?
  34. Speaking Of Which
  35. Close friend moved away
  36. First Love Called
  37. Do you have a (physical) "type" you go for with the opposite sex?
  38. How can you tell whether you are falling in love????
  39. Problem with female friend. Advice needed.
  40. I feel hurt and betrayed.
  41. What to do?
  42. Brutal Breakup
  43. Transgendered Beauty Queen Allowed to Compete in Miss Universe Canada
  44. Giving up
  45. "I'd Love to, but I am just so busy to go out"
  46. Relationships and Money
  47. I feel so sh*t.. (Very long post)
  48. Girl's attraction
  49. Cheat and to be cheated
  50. Need help, possible rebound guy
  51. Should I go speak to her?
  52. Call the girl?
  53. Date the girl?
  54. Cheating
  55. She just broke up with he bf
  56. Playing hard to get or simply not interested? Guys and girls please help me out!!!
  57. My Fiance Cheated on Me
  58. So I went to meet my new landlandy today
  59. What should I do?
  60. Problems>Answers
  61. Love Songs for Wedding
  62. The Difference Between Men and Women
  63. Love Triangle
  64. Question??!
  65. I think i might like one of my close friends
  66. Choice
  67. Is she really going to explode?
  68. Deaf, blind or Mute
  69. Broken Relationships will it work? (broken engagement)
  70. Hey, will u live w/ your parents?
  71. Tips On Getting GirlFriend
  72. I really want more Asian friends
  73. Advice from outsiders
  74. Too controlling????
  75. I'm a cheater, help!
  76. What is the most romantic thing you ever did for your significant other?
  77. To part of not to part...? That is that question
  78. I need bedtime erotic stories?
  79. Need a little Help & opinions~
  80. What do you do?
  81. HELP! Lost what used to be a good friendship
  82. Ladies. Would You?
  83. Spending the night at a guy's place
  84. Wong Fu Productions: Strangers, Again.
  85. Am I right to be mad?
  86. More Attracted to Looks or Personality?
  87. Are dating sites worth it?
  88. Lost Opportunities.
  89. Trying to Get Laid Vs. Not Trying to Get Laid
  90. How would you feel if you saw a Ex again?
  91. How To Recover From The End of A Long Term Relationship?
  92. How do I know when the time is right
  93. I like a boy in my class
  94. Wrap it Up
  95. Flirting in cantonese?
  96. Why can't i find some friends who share the same interest?
  97. Is it s problem not to have a boyfriend after your teens?
  98. How to make a girl cry
  99. Crazy Ass Cheater!
  100. Advice?
  101. Interracial relationships
  102. Dating Tips For Guys
  103. "What if?" My past and my present. 2 Loves.
  104. Where would you wana go on your honeymoon?
  105. A guy trying to ask me out.
  106. Question in regards to sex
  107. Can any girl answer this question? PLEASE!!
  108. Advice please
  109. Why do I suck so bad with girls?
  110. Do girls get nervous around guys who are more attractive than they are?
  111. Would you still wear jewellery from an ex?
  112. You feel like you are being checked out
  113. You feel like you are being watched
  114. When she lied
  115. 100 people 100 hearts...
  116. Is it right to take someones girlfriend
  117. In need of some advice
  118. 世界上哪个地方的女人是最美
  119. Love of a lifetime
  120. Let me love you
  121. Can men and women be close friends?
  122. What should i do?
  123. Girl pregnant
  124. What to do?
  125. Whats your acceptable maximum age difference?
  126. Are you a sleep creep?
  127. No sex until married
  128. Why I Love My Mom
  129. What would you do?
  130. How to man up?
  131. Chinese Compatibility Calendar?
  132. How to get fob girls?
  133. Bf dumped me need help
  134. Am wondering
  135. What do you do if you like a girl in your class?
  136. My boyfriend's going to a lap dance club
  137. How can we know that he/she is the type of us?
  138. Girl A or Girl B?
  139. Girl likes me, but don't want a relationship yet
  140. Crazy feeling triggered
  141. Should I move to across the coast to be with him?
  142. Eye contact
  143. Compassion and Love
  144. Should I ask her out?
  145. Marriage or Breakup
  146. Heartbroken
  147. Harmless Flirting? Or Cheating?
  148. Date AA button
  149. Childhood Friend Suggestion
  150. Turn down a girl
  151. First year together
  152. Need your opinions
  153. Messed up, BIG TIME!
  154. Read a book together
  155. Is a girl considered a whore if
  156. Following your heart
  157. How to convince your girlfriend to play Super Street Fighter IV
  158. How to convince your girlfriend to go into the porn business?
  159. How to avoid your ex gf in public
  160. What is the right gift for a first date
  161. Long distance relationships: advice please
  162. Is she embarrass to be around me?
  163. Tomboys dating girls?
  164. Is this harassment or sexual harassment
  165. Ways to bring the "spark" back?
  166. Difference between chinese and-the japanese and korean and also mom disliking japanese gf
  167. Asians who will not date other asians
  168. Can a married man and a married woman be friends?
  169. Comp Sci and Engineering thread
  170. How to Flirt
  171. I want to ask her out but for some several reasons I dont want to.
  172. Girl who has bf but keeps relying on me
  173. Is this my problem or hers?
  174. What Does Love Mean to You
  175. I hate long distance
  176. Guys how would you feel
  177. What to do?
  178. Interracial couple disapproved by the parents
  179. What do u think abt 中女?
  180. How to get your 1st impression right
  181. First break up
  182. What is the best way to find out if someone is not taken
  183. Do you ever regret for letting go the one you love?
  184. Meeting and knowing the one
  185. What is Love?
  186. Who cheats more male or female?
  187. Girls that don't want sex?
  188. Would you?
  189. Pickup Lines
  190. Mathematician's love letter
  191. Trust
  192. Prince/ss Disease
  193. Ughh i fucked up
  194. Read now!!!!
  195. If you met a girl who had a child would you still consider geting into a serious relationship with her?
  196. What should I do in this situation?
  197. Trying to do the friend thing
  198. My girlfriend is weak, scared, powerless, pussy, coward
  199. Friend wants to get married at 18?
  200. leykis 101
  201. should i ask her out?
  202. Is it too early?
  203. She ain't satisfying you anymore?
  204. Uncaring boyfriend?
  205. A girl!
  206. Sensible Girls
  207. Confused
  208. How do you know she is the one? need help
  209. Any moms out there?
  210. Would you tell your friend if the person she likes seems to be interested in you??
  211. Does he like me?
  212. Married but living separately
  213. How do you feel about polygamy?
  214. Choosing between your pet and bf/gf
  215. Wanting him so bad
  216. Your girlfriend flirting with others
  217. Couple's first kiss
  218. Trust your gf/bf with your
  219. If you have a bf/gf/married, do you go out alone with single friend?
  220. Having a relationship with someone in your office
  221. He's not into you?
  222. Time to move on
  223. My story. i am the 3rd person [i need help]
  224. Wrong Hole
  225. Getting over someone
  226. I'm Too Tired For Sex
  227. "I'm on my period"
  228. Birth Control Update =]
  229. Stay and support or Say goodbye
  230. Too Fast?
  231. Whats your opinion
  232. Assaulted by 'girlfriend'
  233. My drama part 2
  234. A expresso maker for my boyfriend on our 3 years anniversary
  235. Ex's marriage invitation
  236. Love Quotes that makes you say "awwww!"
  237. Is it too much to spend?
  238. What does it mean when a guy
  239. Two guys having the same girl at the same time
  240. Arranged marriages
  241. Relationship or only a date?
  242. Will guitar "sexify" the guys?
  243. Asking out girl 101
  244. PIC Vid & dinner
  245. If she brings up her boyfriend
  246. Miss my ex. do u?
  247. How do you guys answer this
  248. Long-distance relationship...does it work?? is it worth it?
  249. Do you have expectations between friends and etc?
  250. Would you guys let your wives have