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  65. Viet People = Addictive Gamblers?
  66. cam u change the flag
  67. Married and still live with mom and dad?
  68. I have a ? 4 you guys?
  69. Little Saigon
  70. Hope U like it.
  71. Do you like to marry with a vietnamese girl older than you?
  72. best travel spots
  73. movie
  74. [TORONTO] Hoi Cho Tet 2007
  75. Is here still Bombs in vietnam?
  76. What do u really think abt VN?
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  90. Do you know which believable page which can do survey to make money?
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  92. Too much mexican living here
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  94. how do u mak a post ?
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  96. TET!!
  97. how you say i love you in vietamese?
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  99. Who's been to Vietnam? Relate ur experiences!
  100. What's with the Russian?
  101. Social insurance