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  1. "Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate" Cast Revealed
  2. Kathy Chow May Join Eddie Cheung and Micheal Tse in TVB Drama "Sniper Attack 2013"
  3. Oscar Leung Films Bed Scenes in "Young and Dangerous: Reloaded"
  4. TVB Anniversary Award Predictions: Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui Highest Chance to Win
  5. Cecilia Cheung's Secret Nude Scenes from "Dangerous Liaisons" Leaked?
  6. "The Hippocratic Crush 2" Film Promotion Clip Starring Kenneth Ma and Lawrence Ng
  7. Natalie Tong Portrays a Traitor in "Rosy Business 3"
  8. "The Last Tycoon" Starring Chow Yun Fat Releasing in December
  9. Oscar Leung Injured Fiming "Young and Dangerous: Reloaded"
  10. Wilson Chin Stars in "Gangnam Style" Parody Video "Hong Kong Style"!
  11. "Mystery" Highly Acclaimed Thriller Releasing on October 19
  12. Him Law and Mandy Wong Tired of Working Together?
  13. Raymond Lam Changing His Career Path to Focus More on Movies
  14. Hunan TV's 2013 Drama List
  15. "The Last Steep Ascent" Spoilers!
  16. TVB Drama "The Love Firm" Starring Wayne Lai and Moses Chan as Lawyers
  17. New TVB Drama "Sniper Attack 2013" Begin Filming Trailer
  18. Movie "Cold War" Receive Positive Feedback from International Media
  19. Ella Koon and Ron Ng Together for Promotions
  20. Ben Wong: "I Am a PK!"
  21. New TVB Drama "Eat for the Slaves" Sales Presentation Trailer Filmed
  22. Karena Ng: Raymond Lam is Too Old For Me
  23. Korean Stars Attend South Korea VIP Premiere for "Dangerous Liaisons"
  24. Oscar Leung Opens New Dim Sum Restaurant
  25. Nicky Wu Alters Ending to "The Bride With White Hair"
  26. Kevin Cheng, Nicky Wu, and Cecilia Liu Return to Star in "Bu Bu Jing Xin 2"
  27. "Ghetto Justice 2" Celebratory Dinner
  28. Mr. Asia 2012 Applicants Ridiculed by Netizens
  29. Pandas at Angela Tong and Chin ka Lok's Wedding?
  30. Kate Tsui Gains Momentum in TV Queen Race
  31. Hollywood Plans to Make Lesbian Heiress' Love Story
  32. Donnie Yen Takes a Break From Action Films With Romantic Comedy "Together"
  33. Patrick Ma Delighted, Visits Gigi Lai at the Hospital
  34. Kevin Cheng Earns $45 Million, the Highest TVB Artist Income
  35. Nicky Wu, Alec Su, Julian Chen Reunite the "Little Tigers Team"
  36. Crystal Liu Denies Ruining Leon Lai and Gaile Lok's Marriage
  37. Aimee Chan and Moses Chan Marrying Next Year?
  38. Raymond Wong Enjoys Being an...Eunuch?
  39. Linda Chung Suffered Social Anxiety For Years
  40. Kate Tsui or Tavia Yeung, Who Will Be the Next TV Queen?
  41. Hu Ge and Cecilia Liu Endorse Online Game "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils"
  42. Nnadia Chan Recording New Album
  43. Mr. Asia 2012 Held Mainland Audition Rounds
  44. Blackie Chen Caught on Camera, Fans Question His Faithfulness to Christine Fan
  45. “Young and Dangerous: Reloaded” Poster a Little Homoerotic?
  46. Gigi Lai Gave Birth to 8 Pound Baby Girl, Pegella!
  47. Chilam Cheung's Angry Blog Post Criticized by Netizens
  48. Nancy Wu's New Boyfriend is Patt Shum
  49. Esther Kwan and Bobby Au Yeung Golden Partners Reunite in "Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate"
  50. Gordon Liu Recovering Well, Regaining 40% Mobility
  51. Felix Wong: Hardworking But Not So Smart
  52. Chilam Cheung Similar to Francis Ng, Angered by TVB's Management Crew; TVB Becoming More Sloppy?
  53. Myolie Wu and Wayne Lai Portray Spies in "Rosy Business 3"
  54. Bobby Au Yeung's Next Target is Eliza Sam
  55. Roger Kwok Portrays Scumbag Lawyer in TVB Drama "Arrogant Man of Justice"
  56. Jessica Hsuan Struggles to Remember Name in Mandarin
  57. Raymond Lam High Chance of Winning TV King by Votes
  58. Justin Lee's Scandal Helped Boost Maggie Wu's Career
  59. Pauline Chan's Son Mystery Solved?
  60. Kara Hui Explains His Brother Austin Wai's Death
  61. Crystal Li One of TVB's Rising Stars
  62. Christine Kuo: Inner Beauty if More Important
  63. Aimee Chan Shows Off Her Bikini Body in TV Commercial
  64. TVB's 45th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony
  65. "Tai Chi Zero" Directed by Stephen Fung Receives Positive Reviews
  66. Aaron Yan Releasing New Album "The Moment" October 19
  67. Dayo Wong's Standup Comedy Receives 90 Points
  68. Hong Kong Stars Attend 17th Annual Busa Film Festival
  69. Austin Wai, Brother of Kara Hui, Passed Away at 55
  70. Mandy Wong, the Next Tavia Yeung?
  71. Kristal Tin's Greatest Wealth is Unity in Love
  72. Otto Chan and Tisha Law Married!
  73. Linda Chung Meets Her Long Lost Brother...Wu Chun
  74. Koni Lui Two Months Pregnant?
  75. Him Law Preparing to Film "The Young and Dangerous" Movie
  76. Myolie Wu Feeling the Pressure With Upcoming TVB Drama "Rosy Business 3"
  77. TVB Drama "The Confidant" Synopsis
  78. TVB Drama "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" Synopsis
  79. Leon Lai and Gaile Lok Announce Separation
  80. Florinda Ho Marrying Joel Chan in 2013 Along With a $400 Million Dowry
  81. Movies "Gf*Bf" and "Mystery" Lead 49th Golden Horse Awards With 7 Nominations
  82. Gaile Lok Laughs at Exposed Underwear Photo
  83. Gaile Lok's Underwear Photo on Another Man's Bed Emerges
  84. Viann Zhang Has No Regrets Leaving Ron Ng
  85. Toby Leung Regrets Improper Behavior With Ron Ng
  86. Movie "American Dreams in China" Recently Completed Their Final Scenes in New York
  87. Kristal Tin Revealed She Thought of Divorcing Chapman To
  88. Wayne Lai Offered 7-Figure Salary to Star in Malaysian Movie "Beggars' Heros"
  89. Kathy Chow and Julien Lepeu Are Married!
  90. Raymond Lam and Karena Ng Distant at "Love is...Pyjamas" Press Conference
  91. Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok to be Married on November 11
  92. Sheldon Lo Winner of 2012 TVB New Talent Singing Championship
  93. Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng, and Moses Chan in the Race for TV King
  94. Myolie Wu Will Win TV Queen Again?
  95. "Highs and Lows" Raymond Lam Rescues Kate Tsui by Stripping Her Clothes?
  96. Linda Chung Boosts Album Promotion With Lingerie Commercial
  97. Chiling Lin Issues Doctor Statement Proving She Did Not Undergo Plastic Surgery
  98. TVB Drama "Highs and Lows" Cast Share Their Experience Filming
  99. "Twelve Deadly Coins" First 3D Chinese Drama, Starring Sammul Chan
  100. Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye Collaborate Again in China Drama "Legend of the Purple Hairpin"
  101. Koo Ming Wah Overnight Sensation Going Back to Dubbing Cartoons?
  102. "The Bride With White Hair" Wuxia or Tragic Love Story?
  103. Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung Not On Good Terms?
  104. Cecil Chao's Offering $500 Million to Anyone Who Can Win the Heart of Lesbian Daughter; 100 Men Have Applied
  105. Elanne Kong Does Not Believe Rain Li Scandal
  106. Rain Li's Scandal Exposes the Dark Side of the Entertainment Business
  107. Gaile Lok Denies Divorce Rumors
  108. Andy Lau Gives Up "Cold War" Lead Role to Take Care of Daughter
  109. CTI Drama "The Open Brain of Watch and Exploration" Synopsis
  110. Him Law, Oscar Leung, Jazz Lam, and Sammy Shun Starring in "The Young and Dangerous" Remake
  111. Elaine Yiu: "Myolie Wu is Not Dating Anyone!"
  112. Moses Chan: No More Questions Regarding Bernice Liu Please!
  113. Myolie Wu Joined With 3 TV Kings in TVB Calendar Shoot
  114. Kathy Chow and Eddie Cheung Return to Film New TVB Drama
  115. Rain Li Forced to Provide Sexual Services?
  116. TVB Drama "Highs and Lows" Hits 33 Points
  117. TVB is Confident There Will Be No Problems with Live Voting System for TV King and Queen
  118. Bernice Liu Denies Plastic Surgery Rumours
  119. Kate Tsui Broke Up With Boyfriend After Six Months?
  120. Dayo Wong and Dodo Cheng May Reunite in a TVB Drama!
  121. Edwin Siu Heavily Promoted by TVB, Will be Starring in 5 TVB Dramas
  122. Him Law's Current and Future Goals
  123. Mandy Wong: Him Law is Not My Type
  124. Oscar Leung Taking a Break from TVB to Focus on Movie Career
  125. Jolin Tsai's New Album "Muse" Tops Taiwan Charts
  126. Bernice Liu Undergone Plastic Surgery to Slim Jaw Line?
  127. Kate Tsui Gang Raped in TVB Drama "Highs and Lows"
  128. Kenneth Ma Surprised by Nancy Wu Finding New Romance
  129. ATV 2012 Mr. Asia Auditions
  130. "Big Wheel" New TVB Drama Spoilers
  131. Ankie Beilke German-HK Model Starring in "Big Wheel"
  132. Linda Chung's Mother Returns to Hong Kong to Meet Philip Ng
  133. Cheung Tat Ming Held a "Sit-down" Comedy
  134. Tony Leung Shares Tough Childhood and Carina Lau’s Love in "The Best Actor"
  135. Andy Lau Reveals His Past Relationships in TVB Talk Show "The Best Actor"
  136. Tang Chi Wai's 2012 Concert Aired at Midnight
  137. Him Law: Why I Love Tavia Yeung
  138. Raymond Lam Being Promoted with "Highs and Lows" to Win TV King?
  139. Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam Are Living Together?
  140. TVB Drama "Ruse of Engagement" Starring Ruco Chan as Lead Role
  141. “Divas in Distress” Ending Revealed, WARNING Spoilers!
  142. Leon Lai and Gaile Lok's Rumored Divorce, Leon Lai Losing Over $100 Million
  143. Lai Lok Yi and Moses Chan's Comments Regarding Tavia Yeung Car Scandal
  144. Wallace Chung Joins Johnnie To's Management Company
  145. Kate Tsui and Christine Ng Show Their Support for Tavia Yeung's Scandal
  146. Aaron Kwok: "Cold War" Will Be One of the Best Hong Kong Cop Films!
  147. Nicholas Tse and Leo Ku Plans to Own 4 Shops on Lyndhurst Terrace
  148. TV Adaptation of "Painted Skin 2" Airing End of the Year
  149. Chinese Thriller "Double Xposure" Releasing on September 29
  150. 48-Year-Old Koo Ming Wah Finally Noticed in "Divas in Distress"..But is it Too Late?
  151. Edwin Siu's Income Passes $5.57 Million
  152. Aimee Chan Pregnant After Rape in "The Last Steep Ascent"
  153. Tavia Yeung and Him Law Caught on Camera
  154. Ron Ng and Toby Leung Photos Emerge
  155. Myolie Wu Thanks the Media for Virtual Boyfriends
  156. Fans Are Heartbroken Watching Wu Chun Get Beat Up in "Kindachi Case Files"
  157. Chilam Cheung and Fala Chen Share a Passionate Scene in "Triumph in the Skies 2"
  158. TVB Drama "Big Wheel" Costume Fitting
  159. Andy Lau Becomes a National Hero Overnight With "Switch", Guess Why?
  160. Adrian Chau is Chasing Myolie Wu?
  161. Him Law and Mandy Wong Bed Scene in "Divas in Distress"
  162. Raymond Lam and Ella Koon Promote “Highs and Lows”
  163. Edison Chen Dating Own Employee?
  164. Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang Releases Solo Album
  165. Jackie Chan and Leehom Wang Kiss!
  166. Ron Ng and Toby Leung Get Drunk and Intimate?
  167. China and Japan's Heated Dispute May Stop "Resident Evil: Retribution" From Releasing in China
  168. 5th Beijing Billboard Music Newcomers Festival Held Today
  169. Nicky Wu's "The Bride With White Hair" Face Heavy Criticism
  170. 255 Chinese Artists From Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China Support China in Diaoyu Island Dispute
  171. Isabella Leong and Billionaire Richard Li Found New Lovers After Break Up
  172. Natalie Tong Steadily Becoming One of TVB's Top Fadans
  173. Kevin Cheng and Chrissie Chau Kiss Passionately in "Ip Man"
  174. Bosco Wong and Linda Chung Heavily Promoted in 2013 TVB Calendar
  175. Myolie Wu Interested in Nancy Wu's Younger Brother?
  176. Ram Chiang Wears High Heels for Leanne Li
  177. Ma Su Cheating on Boyfriend With Ruco Chan?
  178. Crystal Liu Changing Her Image With Movie "The Assassins"
  179. Leehom Wang Attempts Cantonese Slang
  180. Liza Wang and Gigi Wong Outshined by Supporting Actors in “Divas in Distress”
  181. TVB Actress Sherry Chen Getting Married in January 2013
  182. Lai Ying Yu 457 Nude Photos Leaked
  183. Moses Chan and Aimee Chan Promote "The Last Steep Ascent"
  184. TVB Releases Unedited Jenny Lau “Maltreatment” Video Clip
  185. Sammo Hung Angered by Cheating Rumors
  186. Ruco Chan and Linda Chung Star in TVB Drama “Big Wheel”
  187. Chow Yun Fat, Thoughts of Filming for TVB
  188. Emperor Entertainment Group 70th Anniversary, Hong Kong's Elite and Superstars Attend
  189. Q BoBo Does Last Stand-Up Comedy in Hong Kong
  190. Cheung Tat Ming to Transfering Assets to Wife?
  191. Kenneth Ma: “I Wish to Be an Actor Instead of a Superstar!”
  192. Family Disputes Continue, Gordon Liu Protects His Assets Legally
  193. Shirley Kwan Sings "The Confidant" Theme Song
  194. "The Last Steep Ascent" Airing on September 17
  195. Leehom Wang Performing Tonight in Hong Kong Coliseium
  196. Wayne Lai is One of the Longest Employed Artist at TVB
  197. Li Bingbing Joins "Resident Evil: Retribution" Premiere in LA
  198. Felix Wong Supports Jenny Lau
  199. Zhang Ziyi Won't Admit or Deny Relationship with Sa Beining
  200. Chilam Cheung Endures High Fever While Filming an Ad
  201. Despite Anti-Japanese Fans, Wu Chun Continues to Film "Kindachi Case Files"
  202. Donnie Yen Surprises Wife Cecilia Wang With Phuket Getaway Vacation For 9th Anniversary
  203. Joyce Tang Getting Married! Marco Ngai Refused to Send His Blessings
  204. TVB Searches for the Person Who Leaked the Video
  205. TVB Drama "Highs and Lows" Synopsis
  206. Cecilia Cheung, Out of Shape or Pregnant?
  207. TVB's New Generation of Godesses Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam
  208. Viann Zhang and Li Chen Break Up, Lasting Only 20 Days?
  209. 63 Year Old Sammo Hung Cheating With 21 Year Old Mainland, Wang Qinyi?
  210. TVB Tried to Blame Jenny Lau for Leaked Video Clip
  211. Shirley Kwan Calls Sister After Missing for 36 Hours
  212. Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma Attend “Three Kingdoms RPG” Celebratory Dinner
  213. “Triumph in the Skies 2″ Cast Heading to Hainan
  214. Kenneth Ma: "I am Not Like Raymond Lam!"
  215. “Cold War” Nominated as Opening Film at 17th Busan International Film Festival
  216. Leon Lai Spent $3.65 Million on Lavish Gifts in Hopes of Mending Relationship With Gaile Lok
  217. Tony Leung Starring in Japanese Film, "1905"
  218. Kristal Tin and Chapman To's Love Survived Third Party Problems
  219. Shirley Kwan Missing Since Mid-Afternoon
  220. Kenneth Ma Only Dated Three Times
  221. Shirley Kwan Leaves Suicide Note on Facebook
  222. Myolie Wu Flamed by Netizens for Supporting Brother-in-Law DAB Member
  223. Lawrence Ng Returning to TVB for "The Hippocratic Crush 2"
  224. Carat Cheung Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors
  225. TVB Director Aggressively Knocked Jenny Lau's Head at a Door
  226. Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan Will Reunite in a Tragic Love Drama!
  227. Linda Chung Devoting Her Time in 4th Album
  228. Superstar Tony Leung Afterwork, Leads a Very Ordinary Lifestyle
  229. Eliza Sam's White T-Shirt Boosts Her Up to Goddess Status
  230. Michael Miu and Jamie Chik Visit Jazz Lam's New Cafe
  231. Nicholas Tse Received Expensive Gifts from Cecilia Cheung for 32nd Birthday
  232. Myolie Wu Starting Her New Life, Moving into New Home in November
  233. Wallace Chung and Super Junior's Kim Kibum Starring in New Drama "Demi-Goods and Semi-Devils"
  234. Leon Lai and Gaile Lok on the Verge of Divorce?
  235. "Love is...Pyjamas" Called the Most Entertaining Love Comedy for Women
  236. Andy Lau, the Saviour of TVB?
  237. "Lan Kwai Fong 2" Generated More Than $10 Million HKD
  238. Even Fate Has Set Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu Apart
  239. Mandy Wong Injured Filming Aggressive Rape Scene in "A Good Heart Goes Haywire"
  240. Kenneth Ma Longs for a House and to Meet the Right Woman
  241. Sonija Kwok and Sunny Chan Are Back With New TVB Drama "The Record of Fifth Kai City"
  242. Lee Tim Shing Confirms Rumors of Myolie Wu Taking Part in "Rosy Business 3"
  243. Wu Chun Denies Any Problems Between Aaron Yan and Jiro Wang
  244. Cheung Tat Ming Battles Cancer With Humor and Courage
  245. Ex-Lover Maggie Shiu Congratulates Ekin Cheng
  246. Pregnant Mimi Lo Shows Off her Tummy in Maternity Photo Shoot
  247. Edison Chen vs Justin Lee's Sex Scandal
  248. Raymond Lam Denies Rumours of Harassing Ma Aiwun
  249. Gordon Liu Does Not Want to See His Second Family
  250. Mainland Singer Ma Aiwun Calls Raymond Lam the "Playboy TV King"