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  1. TVB Artistes: Raymond Lam, Michelle Yim says good words about TVB's decision
  2. TVB Ratings Report (24/11/2008 - 30/11/2008)
  3. Ratings dropping for TVB currently broadcasting series
  4. Myolie will go through this difficult times with TVB
  5. Sammi Cheng wants to have her own children
  6. Miriam was called Auntie in the 10 km charity run
  7. Gigi Leung has no time for dating
  8. Kenny B invited his daughter as special guest in his concert
  9. Stephan Chan has volunteered to take a pay cut
  10. Esther Kwan expressed TVB laying off employees was not hospitable
  11. Nancy Sit & Linda Chung willing to reduce their pays to help TVB
  12. Myolie Wu buys more than 100 copies of her own CD for family & friends
  13. Roger Kwok & Moses Chan - In search of breakthrough
  14. Steven Ma negotiates contract renewal; will freeze but won’t reduce
  15. Wong Cho Lam: new record for the TVB bosses
  16. Angela Tong forgot to watch the fire and dried up soup
  17. Moses Chan worried about TVB and Colleagues being laid off
  18. Bosco Wong's Music Career Dream fulfilled
  19. Ivana Wong goes for a long vacation to get away from gossips
  20. Myolie Wu's Unforgettable Experience Of Preparation For Her Album
  21. Vivian Chow plans to visit her adopted daughter in Thailand
  22. Niki Chow Will Have Company Over Christmas
  23. Ada Pledges To Give Birth If Ratings For "The Gem of Life" Reach 40 Points
  24. Michelle Ye against the economy, works hard to earn more
  25. 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' to hit the screens; Filming and attending promotion events not an obstacle to Michelle Ye
  26. Media visit Future Cop shooting
  27. Andy and Shu Qi share their views on love
  28. Tavia Yeung forgets the bitter past
  29. Raymond Lam celebrates birthday at Changi airport
  30. Myolie’s new album will do good in the market place
  31. Joey has faith in winning media award
  32. Mandy Lieu to spend Christmas with boyfriend in Taiwan
  33. Leila Tong “Hit daughter” until her motherly instinct is revealed
  34. Myolie Wu's Debut Album Releases
  35. Charmaine Sheh does not dare to go aboard with Kevin Cheng
  36. Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Bobby Au Yeung - More than just colleagues
  37. Michelle Ye loves working with Johnny To most
  38. Myolie Wu's Debut Album Released
  39. Ada Choi Pledges to Give Birth If Ratings for "The Gem of Life" Reach 40 Points
  40. Janice's 'Serving You' Reaches Gold
  41. Charmaine dared not go abroad with Kevin
  42. TVB to lay off employees excluding artists
  43. Raymond Lam defends fan who gets scold at the chao in airport
  44. Wong Cho Lam is Everywhere
  45. Theresa Fu praised Stephy Tang being very flexible
  46. Kary Ng setting clear boundaries with Edison Chen
  47. Lynn and Mikki dancing away making the calender for 2009
  48. Denise Ho sang Japanese songs to her fans
  49. Moses & Sharon were sad about the death of the assistant director
  50. Show Luo's new album's image revealed!
  51. JJ Lin & Ah Sa: Closer than average friends
  52. Huang YiDa & Ella’s Tacit Chemistry in Music! Ella inspired by emotions that she finished composing lyrics in an hour
  53. Rainie Yang says she feels nausea when kissing Wilber Pan
  54. Jolin Tsai's Warner contract worth over $30 Million
  55. Leehom Wang collaborates with Jackie Chan in new film
  56. Rainie Yang <Cold War> MV; Built Moon Palace
  57. Angela Tong advocates condom machines in Hong Kong
  58. Raymond Lam defends fan who gets scolded at the airport
  59. Angela Tong blushes being called Chin Ka Lok's wife
  60. Wong Cho Lam is Everywhere
  61. Another “Hana Yori Dango”???
  62. Jay Chou: My first love at 15 was not romantic but hurt very painfully
  63. S.H.E Work Summary: A Role in Jay Chou Movie after Being Deejays Not Bad Idea
  64. "Skip Beat" Interview with main star Jerry Yan & Ariel Lin
  65. Wu Zun, Joe Cheng, Rainie Yang & Mike He attend Andy Lau's concert
  66. Nick Cheung denies wife Esther Kwan pregnant again
  67. Kelly to be a mommy soon?
  68. Gillian Chung has her back to the camera
  69. $50,000 For Eason Chan's Orange Juice
  70. Jamie Chik & Ray Lui Return To TVB
  71. Ron Ng Embarks Again
  72. Alan Tam: Youngsters shouldn't mix with the wrong crowd
  73. Alan Tam: Youngsters shouldn't mix with the wrong crowd
  74. Linda Chung wants to cook a western cuisine for her boy friend
  75. Fiona Sit likes to create her self image
  76. Ah Sa is concentrating in her career
  77. Joey Yung in Japan : Working Holiday
  78. Linda Chung makes Raymond Lam her goal, hopes to be successful like him
  79. TVB Ratings Report (17/11/2008 - 23/11/2008)
  80. Bosco Wong: "Lady First", willing to let Myolie Wu get Newcomer Award
  81. Michelle Reis Marries Julian Hui
  82. Charmaine Has Become Distant From Joe Ma
  83. Linda Chung To Tour US For Christmas
  84. Nicholas Tse Promotes 'Beast Stalker'
  85. Andy Hui had refused jobs worth a 6 figure sum
  86. Andy Lau: No plan to get married
  87. Yumiko's self help strategy: paying for the dancers herself
  88. Myolie Wu only sleeps 2-3 hours every night
  89. Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma singing apart
  90. Ada Choi : Practice Judo warm up with husband every night
  91. Tavia Yeung's Popularity Rising
  92. S.H.E sings {The Moon Represents My Heart}; Thinking of marriage after helping Hebe’s brother with his wedding
  93. "Knight's Star Light" Starring Jimmy Lin, Charlene Choi, Julian Cheung, and Alice Lau
  94. Vivien Yeo turns into a 300 pound "fat girl"
  95. Ada Choi is more important to Moses Chan than rumored girlfriend Bernice Liu
  96. Charmaine Sheh satisfied her hunger with fast food after winning lucky drawf
  97. Denise Ho received a text message from Bobo
  98. Charlene celebrated her 26 birthday early
  99. Kelly Chen's fans greeted her in pouring rain
  100. TVB had received 8 complaints from the viewers
  101. Bernice denies splitting up with Moses
  102. Natalie Tong shocks passers-by as she attempts to jump off the second floor of a shopping mall
  103. Liza Wang's On Water Hip Hop Dance had the best response
  104. The Fashion at TVB Anniversary Gala
  105. Exclusive TVB behind the scenes news, special care, whispering at the ears, Bosco and Myolie openly show their affections
  106. Gaile and Leon will be spending X'mas in their new home
  107. Moses feels a bit of a heartache towards Bernice
  108. Fiona and Jaycee were not dating, therefore not splitting up
  109. Nicholas Got too involved with the role he played
  110. Guang Liang's First concert in Taipei; excitedly shows off figure
  111. What would Fahrenheit be if they weren't stars?
  112. Addicted to doing magic, Jay Chou sips milk through thin air
  113. MySoCalledLove Premiere; DaS almost regrets asking XiaoS to host
  114. Show Luo's new album to be released in Dec;dancing his feet off
  115. Dylan Kuo rejects curling hair, acts as ugly geek for comedy
  116. World Vision Taiwan Names Hsu Sisters as Spokespersons
  117. Jerry feels his time is up; reveals his admiration for Show Luo
  118. Genie Zhuo Arrives at Autograph Concert On Horseback;Scared Stiff
  119. Ariel Lin to act Skip Beat
  120. Heart Aches for Harlem Yu; XiaoYan Jie Says, "He Is a Good Man"
  121. On Stage, Rainie Yang Dares To "Reveal"; More Conservative In Private
  122. Ethan Ruan - Has decided to marry in Hawaii
  123. Ming Dao abandons Qiao En in Beijing
  124. Part Two of "Red Cliff" to Premiere in Jan
  125. Genie Zhuo films passionate kiss scene for new MV; almost causes car crash
  126. TVB 41st Anniversary Extravaganza
  127. Eric Tsang denied losing half of his family assets
  128. Ah Sa:Performing in a musical is more nerve racking than a concert
  129. Charlie Yeung picks rubbish up to protect the environment
  130. Ivana Wong has chronic sinusitis needing long term antral washout
  131. Sire Ma is sure to avoid exposure of herself
  132. Andy Lau doesn't want to play the role of a father in TV series
  133. Joey Yung: Ah Gill is doing fine
  134. Eric Tsang : 3300 quilts were delivered to Beichuan Middle School
  135. Eric Tsang: Good job Jacky has lost money
  136. Michelle Ye rattles tongue twister; reveals behind stage of pageant days
  137. TV King & Queen: Ha Yu & Michelle Yim, Big Winner "Moonlight Resonances" Sweeps 6 Awards
  138. Tavia Yeung jumped on Ron Ng; Admits to be Ron's rumored girlfriend
  139. Bernice Liu stars in new Hollywood Movie "The King of Fighters" alongside Maggie Q
  140. Maggie Cheung Rues No Cooperation with Pitt
  141. Charmaine Sheh doesn't understand why always Collaborating with Kevin Cheng
  142. Bosco Wong plays a Robot in new MV
  143. Niki Chow currently is very happy
  144. TVB Ratings Report (10/11/2008 - 16/11/2008)
  145. TVB Sales Presentation 2009 (TVB Magazine)
  146. Tavia Yeung & Ron Ng practice dancing for the TVB Gala
  147. Friends Worry That Harlem Yu Will Lose Both "Person and Property"; Says that Annie Yi Is Not a Good Mother
  148. Ivy Li Chu Ning couldn't get through hardships; left last word and suicided
  149. Bosco Wong's car gets broken into $20,000 worth of property stolen
  150. Tavia Yeung: winning the award is not a surprise
  151. Netizens: Tavia Yeung who revealed her back is most elegant
  152. 'Moonlight Resonance' Sweeps TVB Awards
  153. Stephy & Kary Caught Up In Chaos
  154. Kay Tse's lung shrunk by 80%, left hospital 2 days early
  155. Nancy Sit Goes Through Surgery
  156. Charlene Choi has no time to celebrate her birthday
  157. Michelle Yim and Wan Chi Keung : no wedding plan yet
  158. Hacken's son stole the show in his concert
  159. TV King Ha Yu has no time for celebration after winning the award
  160. TVB Most Popular Award Winner-Raymond Lam
  161. Ah Sa have no time to celebrate her birthday
  162. It's Not Frightening For Artistes To Become Singers
  163. More pictures : 41st TVB Anniversary Award Presentation
  164. Paul Chun will not retire after winning his Achievement Award
  165. Liza Wang: No one in TVB knows I exsist anymore
  166. Danuel Wu hopes to get married and be a father before he is 40
  167. Andy protects his vocal with "tasteless lifestyle"
  168. Myolie Wu wins TVB's Most Fashionable Artiste
  169. TVB's Next Generation of Fa Dans - Tavia Yeung
  170. TVB Anniversary Awards 2008 *Pictures*
  171. Ha Yu has waited for 40 years for his dream to come true
  172. Linda Chung and Myolie Wu healthy competition
  173. Mandy Cho and Stephen Wong attended activities wasn't planned
  174. Michelle Reis looking relaxed and happy
  175. Nick Cheung is returning to work for TVB
  176. TVB Anniversary Awards 2008 *Winners list*
  177. Joe Cheng borrows wife from Ethan Ruan
  178. Rainie Seals Up Her Feet On New Album; Happy for Charity
  179. Harlem Takes Son To Beijing; Begs Annie To Turn and Come back
  180. Annie Is Attacked By Netizens; Called "Fake" and "Disgusting"
  181. Annie: "Meeting You Has Allowed Me To See Myself Crazy in Love"
  182. Jessie, "If I am dating Jay Chou, let me die from obesity!"
  183. FanFan Fan WeiQi's Concert Praised By Public; BF's present to her
  184. Pal: Annie and Harlem Have Been Divorced for 3 Yrs
  185. Takes a Tumble At Beijing Concert; Wilber Pan Injures His Left Foot
  186. New 'Butterfly Lovers' version lacks fine execution, direction
  187. Aaron plans to get married before he is 50
  188. Kate Tsui will be wearing a $2,000,000 diamond set tomorrow night
  189. Ekin returns to the music industry after 4 years
  190. Vivian Chow is not worried about saliva from children with aids
  191. Fiona Sit coughed out a streak of blood
  192. Charmaine Sheh & Dayo Won happily chatting before filming
  193. Kate Tsui prepares for defeat against Tavia Yeung
  194. Fala Chen Hopes for The Most Improved Award
  195. Andy wants to win TVB Best Actor award
  196. Joey Disapproves of Selling Bear on Auctions
  197. 'God of Songs' Feels Pain of Investment Losses,
  198. Louise Lee does not accept diamond gift from man
  199. Gigi:Choose the right shoe is like choosing the right partner
  200. Maggie Siu : New film is about abuse
  201. Niki may have worms as she doesn't get fat despite eating a lot
  202. Steven Ma absent from TVB Sales Presentation, Frozen by TVB?
  203. Linda Chung accidentally said too fast that will go look at houses with Raymond Lam
  204. 100 TVB Artistes Selected to vote For Their Best Actor/Best Actress 2008
  205. Selena Li is forced to live apart with Patrick Tang
  206. Patrick Tse's girlfriend almost 50 years younger
  207. Nancy Wu & Sharon Chan: Hope Tavia Yeung will get Best Supporting Actress award
  208. Moses Chan has given Ha Yu a vote to cover up
  209. Jacqueline Chong has invited Deep Ng as her first guest
  210. Nancy Wu and Sharon Chan have become good friends
  211. Ada Choi asked reporters to leave!
  212. Leon gave Galie a sports car for her Birthday
  213. 2009 TVB Sales Presentation Held
  214. Four New Series For Myolie Wu In 2009
  215. When luck is by Tavia's side, she will be successful
  216. TVB FaDan Leila Tong prepares for Stage Production
  217. Ada Choi busy being Mrs. Zhang, No time to worry about Joseph Lau
  218. Raymond Lam on the streets of Causeway Bay shopping
  219. TVB 2009 Calendar Information & Updates
  220. Bernice wants a watch and a diamond ring when her fiance proposes
  221. Leon and Vivian Chow performed again in concert after 15 years
  222. Hackan wants to perform with Fahrenheit
  223. Eason performed in Tianjin despite freezing cold weather
  224. Susanna wouldn't know what to say if she wins the TV Queen title
  225. Denise Ho Is Fine With Eason & Miriam
  226. JJ isn't that good.
  227. Jay Chou wins China's Best Selling Artist in the 2008 World Music Awards
  228. Gillian currently studying, will conquer Taiwan next year
  229. Bosco Wong to work hard over Christmas to earn money, make up losses
  230. Marco Ngai: "Ï'm Not Sorry For Hurting Joyce"
  231. TVB Ratings Report (03/11/2008 - 07/11/2008)
  232. Nadia Chan and Zhang Duo has secretly got married in Spain
  233. Stephanie wants to build a school every year
  234. Wylien had rejected a guy's love in Christmas
  235. Linda Chung will put up X'mas decorations in her house
  236. Chun swears there is nothing going on between him and Charlene
  237. Linda: No need to wear jewelry if you are pretty enough
  238. Miriam Yeung bought 50 concert tickets to support Leon Lai
  239. Andy Hui wants to meet Sammi Cheng's new boyfriend
  240. [电视剧] Issue 193 mag scans: Lau Sam Ho
  241. Andy Hui wants to meet Sammi Cheng's new boyfriend
  242. Barbie Hsu: Blue Lan and Vic Chou Aren't Good Men
  243. Show Luo likes girls with bangs; still thinking about Selina
  244. Mature Rainie Yang Is Afraid of Being Lonely; Will No Longer Be Impulsive In Love
  245. Joe Chen watches fashion show, showing off her attractive figure; Huang Zhi Wei praises her sweet mouth
  246. Black Horses: Moses Chan, Roger Kwok, and Kevin Cheng
  247. Alex Fong: "The Daughter is Mines"
  248. Selena Li thinks Deep-V dresses is grand
  249. Ha Yu Continues Fighting with Full Confidence; Raymond Lam on his hard efforts
  250. Charlene Choi says Joey Yung is a big mouth