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  1. Patrick Tse's girlfriend almost 50 years younger
  2. Nancy Wu & Sharon Chan: Hope Tavia Yeung will get Best Supporting Actress award
  3. Moses Chan has given Ha Yu a vote to cover up
  4. Jacqueline Chong has invited Deep Ng as her first guest
  5. Nancy Wu and Sharon Chan have become good friends
  6. Ada Choi asked reporters to leave!
  7. Leon gave Galie a sports car for her Birthday
  8. 2009 TVB Sales Presentation Held
  9. Four New Series For Myolie Wu In 2009
  10. When luck is by Tavia's side, she will be successful
  11. TVB FaDan Leila Tong prepares for Stage Production
  12. Ada Choi busy being Mrs. Zhang, No time to worry about Joseph Lau
  13. Raymond Lam on the streets of Causeway Bay shopping
  14. TVB 2009 Calendar Information & Updates
  15. Bernice wants a watch and a diamond ring when her fiance proposes
  16. Leon and Vivian Chow performed again in concert after 15 years
  17. Hackan wants to perform with Fahrenheit
  18. Eason performed in Tianjin despite freezing cold weather
  19. Susanna wouldn't know what to say if she wins the TV Queen title
  20. Denise Ho Is Fine With Eason & Miriam
  21. JJ isn't that good.
  22. Jay Chou wins China's Best Selling Artist in the 2008 World Music Awards
  23. Gillian currently studying, will conquer Taiwan next year
  24. Bosco Wong to work hard over Christmas to earn money, make up losses
  25. Marco Ngai: "Ï'm Not Sorry For Hurting Joyce"
  26. TVB Ratings Report (03/11/2008 - 07/11/2008)
  27. Nadia Chan and Zhang Duo has secretly got married in Spain
  28. Stephanie wants to build a school every year
  29. Wylien had rejected a guy's love in Christmas
  30. Linda Chung will put up X'mas decorations in her house
  31. Chun swears there is nothing going on between him and Charlene
  32. Linda: No need to wear jewelry if you are pretty enough
  33. Miriam Yeung bought 50 concert tickets to support Leon Lai
  34. Andy Hui wants to meet Sammi Cheng's new boyfriend
  35. [电视剧] Issue 193 mag scans: Lau Sam Ho
  36. Andy Hui wants to meet Sammi Cheng's new boyfriend
  37. Barbie Hsu: Blue Lan and Vic Chou Aren't Good Men
  38. Show Luo likes girls with bangs; still thinking about Selina
  39. Mature Rainie Yang Is Afraid of Being Lonely; Will No Longer Be Impulsive In Love
  40. Joe Chen watches fashion show, showing off her attractive figure; Huang Zhi Wei praises her sweet mouth
  41. Black Horses: Moses Chan, Roger Kwok, and Kevin Cheng
  42. Alex Fong: "The Daughter is Mines"
  43. Selena Li thinks Deep-V dresses is grand
  44. Ha Yu Continues Fighting with Full Confidence; Raymond Lam on his hard efforts
  45. Charlene Choi says Joey Yung is a big mouth
  46. Tavia Yeung wants to make a miracle
  47. Vincent Wong & Myolie Wu taking intimacy for granted
  48. Ana R is eating 3 crabs a week to put on weight
  49. Fala: Tavia or Lee Heung Kam would get the Best Supporting Award
  50. Tavia is trying on $3,000,000 worth of jewelry
  51. Sonija will be wearing $200,000,000 worth of jewelry
  52. Interview with Cool Man: Raymond Lam
  53. Da S holding hands with Andy Lau, shouts she'll faint
  54. Kevin Cheng & Yoyo Mung guest for "Miss China Europe Pageant 2008"
  55. Myolie and Vincent held hands as they ice skate
  56. [Miriam Yeung] CRHK Awards Press Conference
  57. Steven Held a 5-Table Hotpot Banquet for Cast and Crew of "Dogs on the Beat"
  58. Steven Ma and Linda Chung Exchange Nuptial Wine
  59. Tavia as "Inernet Queen"
  60. Hins went to hospital casualty with Ivana
  61. Ella is too scare to board a pirate ship
  62. Denise Ho has invested $400,000 dollars DVD for her charity fund
  63. Myolie's surprise birthday party
  64. Niki Chow Eats Crabs Vigorously In Shanghai
  65. Louis Koo's Charitable Foundation Has Been Formally Launched
  66. Charlene Partners With Mike He In Taiwan Idol Series
  67. Joey talked about her previous love affairs
  68. Selena Li Admits To Dating Patrick Tang
  69. Yuan directing "Beggar So"; Jay Chou to play God of martial arts
  70. Mike He, too much present, luggage too heavy
  71. Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En crowned King and Queen at the 2008 Taipei TV & Film Festival
  72. Genie Zhuo is cheated on; becomes third party
  73. Charlene Partners With Mike He In Taiwan Idol Series
  74. Sharon Chan and Nancy Wu Nominated for TVB Anniversary Awards
  75. Andy Lau :To swtich on Christmas lights for the 3rd time
  76. Joey and Kay : not too excited about this years music award
  77. Michelle Ye as guest at 'Stars' Big Test'; Scores highest points with impressive intelligence
  78. Michelle Ye did not lose anything in economy collapse
  79. Ethan Ruan and Gillian Chung pair up for new drama "Bai Quan Nv Wang"
  80. Raymond Lam Competes For TV King; Isn't Afraid of Ha Yu
  81. Dicky Cheung gets injured by an eagle claw attack
  82. Joey Yung and Kay Tse are Hot Favourites to win the Ultimate Song Chart Best Female Gold Award
  83. Index ratings for 3 current TVB series have all gone down
  84. Erica has dropped done 2 "cup" sizes
  85. Jolin not responding to Jay Chou's comment
  86. Andy refused to admit he went to France with Zhu Liqian
  87. Another "Monkey King" Series Coming soon
  88. 2008 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards - Results
  89. "When Easterly Showers fall on the Sunny West" Starts with 26 Points
  90. Gillian Chung's Scenes Cut from 'Mei Lanfang'
  91. Charmaine Sheh mimics a mannequin
  92. [CosmoGirl Mag] Raymond Lam: Best Family Man Ever
  93. Janice Man Beats Angelababy & Theresa Fu to be Highest Earning Pretty Model
  94. Leila Tong seeks new challenges, hopes to win awards
  95. Bowie Lam: Tai Lau's version of "War and Beauty" is out
  96. Dr Liza Wang leaves handprints in Los Angeles
  97. Sammi bursted in tears in Mongolia
  98. TVB Ratings Report (27/10/2008 - 02/11/2008)
  99. Best Actor Nominees give Myolie Wu Birthday Kisses
  100. Kary Ng slapped Stephy Tang 10 times for revenge
  101. Linda Chung as Marilyn Mornroe
  102. Hacken dressed as Alan Tam and Eason was Boby Marley lookalike
  103. Fun At TVB Singers Fancy Dress Show
  104. TVB Awards Nominees Rally For Votes
  105. Alan.Hacken Live Concert as "starter" in HK Coliseum
  106. Jessica was rumoured to be together with a wealthy businessman
  107. Michelle Reis and Julian Hui had tied the knot
  108. Charlene in Denmark "Happiness is really so simple"
  109. Nicholas and Nick were shooting in the street market
  110. Vanness Wu sued for fraud
  111. Joe Cheng reveals pursuing Ariel Lin; Hit a dead end
  112. Exclusive Interview Joe Chen
  113. 43rd Golden Bell Award Winners
  114. 8th Annual Mandarin Music Awards 2008; Jolin Tsai bags 5 awards, holds hands with Show Luo
  115. Ariel Lin celebrates birthday; husband Joe Cheng gives very generous present
  116. Mayday & Jay Chou, fighting for No. 1 in sales
  117. Ethan Ruan Comes Out With New Book; Meets Mongolians in Hawaii
  118. Gary Chaw Marries the Mother of His Child; Married at Top Speed
  119. Rainie Yang Never Wears Safety Pants; Bids Farewell To the "Priestess of Cute"
  120. SETTV: Attending Golden Bell Awards; Chen Qiao En banned from bringing boyfriend
  121. Ariel feels uneasy revealing her chest
  122. S.H.E teaches Jay Chou The Secret of "Chasing Women"
  123. Kenneth Ma & Selena Li mutually believe they're Compatible
  124. TVB Anniversary Dinner Party, Ha Yu & Raymond Lam seems to be getting along fine
  125. Kevin Cheng thought "He" was the "Handsome" guy
  126. Three Female Leads of "Moonlight Resonance": Hot Contestants For TV Queen
  127. TVB's 'D.I.E' Begins Filming Sequel
  128. 'CJ7' Child Star Signed on for New Film
  129. Raymond: Hopes to win TV King & travel to space
  130. Eason and Hins Scored a Double each
  131. Miriam Would Like to Play the Role of a Bond Girl
  132. Jackie Chan Movie to Film in Albuquerque
  133. Sammul Chan still afraid about the stalking incident
  134. Myolie has bruises, Bosco knows without being told
  135. Steven Ma Wishes Is For A Better Economy
  136. Joey Yung Designs A T-Shirt For Charity
  137. Sharon doesn't want to be a peacemaker
  138. Ekin is considering growing organic health food
  139. Sonija : Roger really wants his son to become an actor
  140. Elanne Kwong had her legs up in the air for 2 hours
  141. Sonjia Kwok exposes Roger Kwok's giving birth secrets
  142. Viewers complains that Joyce Cheng's acting is not natural
  143. Mandy Cho wants to give birth to a football team
  144. Kevin Cheng has lost a $10,000 cellphone before
  145. Shirley Yeung prepared her outfit early incase of criticism
  146. Niki Chow is happy being pulled by wires
  147. Joey Yung had an unexpected hug and a kiss
  148. Eric Tsang Receives HKSAR Medal
  149. Eason Chan Promotes Orange Juice
  150. Charmaine Sheh Left Red-Faced
  151. Jackie's Wife Sets Her Sights On Wang LeeHom
  152. Rainie Yang Invents a Way To Cry At Will; Films MV
  153. Jay Chou's new album "Capricorn" sold more than 1 million copies in Asia
  154. Joe Chen pulls in commercials due to "Fated", earns millions in 2 months
  155. Raymond Lam: Your Love showcase in Malaysia
  156. Ella Koon visits the same location again where a crazy fan tried to kiss her
  157. Bosco Wong has not tried Myolie Wu's cooking
  158. Louis Koo's 'Connected' hits the screens; Michelle Ye's "Lady Cop, Papa Crook" anticipated
  159. Charmaine was punched by someones
  160. Stephy Tang deliberately refused to reconcile with Theresa Fu
  161. Raymond and Vincy's record promotion was nearly canceled
  162. Bernice supports Moses and Raymond for TV King
  163. Dodo Cheng and Lui Fong split up after 16 years
  164. Miss Asia HK Finalists Meet Press
  165. Singers Seek Costumes For TVB Show
  166. Carol Cheng & David Lui Broke Up
  167. Elanne Kong will give her new album to her Bosses ex wife
  168. Steven Ma Never Thought About Pursuing Linda Chung
  169. Ariel Lin & Chen Qiao En most popular to win “Best Actress” in Golden Bell Awards
  170. Karen Mok's dream comes true,launches her own brand of perfume
  171. Ella Koon gives free sexy photos in her new album
  172. Plans announced for a Full House Season 2
  173. Ah Sa is placed to stand on the 4th row
  174. Charmaine, "I am smart, I am not the 3rd person"
  175. Bosco prefers his dog to Myolie when filming his MV
  176. Bernice, "Moses is past tense"
  177. Bosco Wong joins East Asia Music; EP debuts December [*Listen to a Preview]
  178. Charmaine Sheh says Leung Ji San is helping her own people
  179. Gigi Lai Denies because of Marriage that she Retires
  180. TVB Weekly vol. 591 on "The Four"
  181. Rainie Yang offered $50,000,000 to renew contract with SonyBMG
  182. S.H.E film new MV; hot kiss between Selina & Ethan Ruan
  183. Jolin sells new album; Too lazy to fight with Jay
  184. Rainie Yang acts cute to sing songs for baby
  185. Jimmy Lin fell during final rehearsal & performed injured
  186. Jay Chou Sees Only Hebe; S (Selina) and E (Ella) Mock Themselves
  187. Beauty-loving S.H.E have, in the past, lost their heads & bought beauty products crazily
  188. Joe Chen QiaoEn's actually a "mom" already; Marry at 35, Withdraw from Entertainment Industry to be fulltime housewife
  189. Wilber Pan Uses Food To Relieve Stress; Wrote Song For Ex-Girlfriend
  190. Angela Chang has become a Spicy Hot Priestess! Denies Being a Party Girl
  191. Ayumi Hamasaki, Wang Leehom, Aaron Kwok sing at the same time; Each have their own stunning attractions
  192. Gary Chaw Enjoys the Intimate, Disgusting Interaction Between Sweethearts; Is No Match For Girlfriend
  193. Genie Chuo Complains About Labelmate; Calls Gary Chaw "Mean and Stingy!"
  194. Ah Sa likes guys with small eyes and good voice
  195. Wylien had changed her identity in the internet
  196. Real admitted Miriam has met his parents
  197. Charmaine Sheh has the Biggest Advantage after Gigi Lai leaves
  198. Joyce received criticisms&complaints of her acting in Off Pedder
  199. Charmaine Sheh supports Gigi Lai's decision
  200. Sonija Kwok has confidence in the fight for TV Queen
  201. Boss of Niki Chow's record company Leung Ji San writes on Blog implying Niki's been Betrayed
  202. Kathy Chow would not leave the entertainment
  203. TVB won't terminate Gigi's contract
  204. Hacken refused to have his fees reduced
  205. Edmond wants to go to England for his honeymoon
  206. Angela Tong would rather portray a Prostitute role than a mother
  207. Gigi: Announced her retirement from the showbiz
  208. Ah Sa: Dream comes true for a girl with cancer
  209. Fiona Yuen is not in a harry to get married yet
  210. "Last One Standing" or Sequel
  211. Bernice Liu & Stephan Chan visits Greenland
  212. Myolie Wu's singer dream comes true
  213. TVB Will Not Terminate Gigi Lai’s Contract
  214. Website for HK Star Wallpapers?
  215. Nude Photo Scandal Star Brews Comeback
  216. Gigi Lai Announced Retirement from Entertainment Industry
  217. Bosco Wong makes Kevin Cheng unable to respond
  218. Ada Choi & Maggie Siu steals the limelight from Gigi Lai
  219. Justin and Stephy got "Married" in Genting Highland
  220. Fala's boyfriend was impressed with her cooking
  221. Lynn is looking really unhappy
  222. TVB Ratings Report (13/10/2008 - 19/10/2008)
  223. Nicholas Tse against Lucas being child star
  224. Sammul Chan: Environmental Protection
  225. Sharon didn't mind Katy Kung stole the show
  226. Andew Lau's new film <<Hero's Slam>> starring Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Han Kyung, Lee Jun Ki,
  227. Raymond Lam will not deliberately avoid having dinner with TVB executives
  228. Selena Li supports herself (Part Two)
  229. Shire to compete for Miss International Beauty Pageant
  230. Maggie has no plan to get married yet
  231. Athena prefers looking after the animals
  232. Tavia Yeung: If HK Entertainment Circle is a clear stream, I believe many viewers will agree
  233. "Love Affair" Real? Charlene Choi Goes To Brunei; Wu Zun's Family Extremely Pleased With "Daughter-in-Law"
  234. Chen Qiao En & Ethan Ruan, Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng attends the Golden Bell Awards
  235. Michelle Chen wears second-hand neck brace to film Miss No Good; Says bluntly that she's being tortured by scriptwriters
  236. Show Luo heads straight to Tai Dung; Visits female fan whose brain is atrophying
  237. Ella Chen brings Ah Gui for surfing , bright sunlight injured canine eyes; Dark glasses to save half blind dog
  238. Rainie's 2008 New Venus style sexily shows!
  239. Nicholas Teo force kiss Amber Guo; causes her to burst into tears
  240. Both of Kenji Wu's Concerts Canceled; Eyes Red From Crying, He Could Only Cry Out That He Had Let His Fans Down
  241. Cutie Rainie Yang Will Release New Album; Reveals That She Does Not Like Thongs
  242. For New MV, Jay Chou Films "Human Version" of Doraemon; Laughs and Says He Acted Like a Chihuahua
  243. Rainie superstitiously believes in forehead hair, removes bangs to bring money
  244. Chen Qiao En crying criteria lowered; Caused by stray animals
  245. Show Luo Gets Jealous with Fans; No One Bothers With The Store-Manager-for-the-Day
  246. Chun celebrates his birthday; Fahrenheit and S.H.E play a joke on him
  247. Jay Chou guests on "Kang Xi Lai Le"; reveals Patty Hou is hard to forget
  248. JJ Lin Interested in Someone New? Reveals That She Is In the Entertainment Circle
  249. Bosco Wong helps Eva Chan wipe her tears
  250. Aaron Kwok rejects revealing his relationship