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  1. Ada Choi's zipper burst, reveals Red underwear
  2. Li Bingbing Favored by South Korea
  3. Gallen Law "Extremely Honored" for Army Man Role
  4. Stephen Chow Eyes Hollywood Kung Fu Hero
  5. Jay Chou invites Andy Lau to perform magic on "Secret 2"
  6. Aaron Kwok publicly dates Lynn Xiong for Valentine's Day!
  7. Barbie Hsu picks up singing again after eight years
  8. Tang Wei returns to the silver screen and goes on blind-date with Jacky Cheung
  9. Kelly Chen Celebrate First New Year After Marriage
  10. Zhang Ziyi Back to Work after Spring Festival
  11. New Adidas Ads by Stefanie Sun, Cool!
  12. Crystal Liu Appears as Vogue Cover Girl
  13. Alex To's mother died on New Year's Day
  14. Genie Zhuo defines 'sexiness'
  15. Tony Leung's "Ang Baos" Unaffected by Economic Downturn
  16. Jay Chou's 9-year-old partner deemed as the youngest B-Boy
  17. Jay Chou in no hurry for global fame
  18. Jolin's change in hairstyle brings good fortune, wins $NT40,000 at employee dinner
  19. Wang Lee Hom celebrates the holidays early; His grandma's hope for him to be a father
  20. Wu Zun meets fan who went overboard
  21. Wu Zun and Jolin Tsai to co-star in "Absolute Boyfriend"
  22. Ming Dao almost being expelled by his college; Ethan Ruan might face expulsion too
  23. Louis Yuen Exposed Blue Underwear at Chinese New Year show
  24. Bernice Liu well welcomed by fans in Macau
  25. Bowie Lam, Maggie Siu, Kenny Wong praised by Chow Yun Fat
  26. Nicholas Tse reveals: someone offered 8-figure sum for Lucas to film ad
  27. Search: Andy Lau will not allow himself to die a lonely old man
  28. Looking Forward to upcoming movies.
  29. Jackie Chan launches go green initiative in Sentosa
  30. Louise Lee finds company in a puppy
  31. Jacky Cheung makes full fledged return to showbiz
  32. Gillian Chung definitely returning to showbiz in year of Ox
  33. Jackie Chan takes away all hotel toiletries!
  34. Arron Kwok has a stable relationship with Lynn
  35. Myolie at Chinese New Year Function
  36. Myolie Wu wants more Rumored Boyfriends;Kevin Cheng Scared off by Rumors
  37. Linda Chung lets Male Fan Benefit by allowing arm around waist
  38. Kate Tsui & Matthew Ko both expressed no rush to date
  39. Nancy Sit supports SiChuan earthquake victims, hope they spend a warm New Year
  40. Michael Miu leads the New Year Party
  41. > Fiona Sit, Khalil Fong, Stephanie Cheng, and Pakho Chau Celebrate the New Year Together
  42. Shu Qi hint Andy to give her $7000,000 worth of jewellery
  43. Sexual Harassment in TVB
  44. Selena Li performs with hunger to look pretty
  45. Don Li was blushing when Michelle kissed him on the cheek
  46. Sherman Chung celebrated Chinese New Year with fans
  47. Hacken Lee urges Hong Kong people not to be afraid
  48. Kay Tse may have problems this coming year
  49. Chilam Cheung put makeup on Charlene Choi, Jimmy Lin fixed her hair
  50. Roger Kwok & Sonjia Kwok out in Victoria Park sweeping gifts to pass out
  51. Good fortune for Bosco Wong in 2009, Hopes to "Offend Tai Sui" in 2011
  52. Moses Chan does not mind Netizens' deceiving acts
  53. Myolie Wu's Autograph Session, Parents lined up for autograph likes Fans
  54. Raymond Lam gets off-key during filming of MV
  55. 31st RTHK Top ten Chinese Gold Song Awards - Winners List
  56. Charmaine Sheh said will "reconcile" with Kevin Cheng
  57. Tavia Yeung Ė Turned into Lo Lui
  58. Raymond Lam, Joel Chan & Aimee Chan dinner reunion ends with Chopstick fight
  59. Steven Ma treats everyone to a Seafood Feast on the set
  60. Stephy Tang's Appearance is Natural, No Plastic Surgery
  61. Ella Koon: Living Life Single is Wonderful
  62. Jaycee Chan denies breaking up with Fiona Sit
  63. Miriam Yeung and Leon Lai working very peacefully together
  64. Zhang Ziyi Says "Happy Chinese New Year"
  65. Edison Chen Back in Obama T-shirt
  66. Jackie Chan to Help the Next 'Karate Kid'
  67. Ten years of sharpening gives todays result: Ron Ng, Sohu Entertainment Magazine January Issue
  68. Release Of Album Coincided With TVB Anniversary, Myolie Wu Only Had An Hour Of Sleep
  69. Niki Chow: Ordinary Princess
  70. Leo Ku already had plans with Rumored girlfriend Lorraine
  71. Christine Kuo will stay in Hong Kong
  72. Kevin and Charmaine denied breaking up, Both said they are good friends
  73. Gigi Lai spotted shopping for dresses
  74. TVB artists to reduce their fees during credit crunch
  75. Niki Chow: Not taking back Kevin Cheng despite split with Charmaine Sheh
  76. Anita Yuen approves Chilam Cheung & Charmaine Sheh filming as a couple
  77. TVB Artistes Reduce Salaries: Raymond Lam 30% off shows; Linda Chung half price
  78. Sammi Cheng recollects past relationship
  79. Fated to depend on females; Mike He rides on Ah Sa & his price goes up
  80. Jay Chou celebrates his 30th birthday; takes a fancy to $88million sports car
  81. Rainie Yang's wig becomes long making her absolutely horrified
  82. Wu Zun only thinks about food when 'scoring girls'; angers Patty Hou
  83. Genie Zhuo feels like a "soft porn actress"!
  84. Jay Chou puts effort into filming MV
  85. Jiro Wang used $6 glue as hair gel
  86. Lee-hom switches stand on payola saga
  87. SONY BMG Starts This "No-Buying-Charts" Wave Just So Lee Hom Wang's "Sales Record" Would Beat Show Luo's?
  88. Zhou Yu Min professed that he is experienced in bed scene; have not thought of reconciliation with DaS
  89. Appearing at Hong Kong Coliseum in February; Fahrenheit pose while lying down
  90. More Taiwanese singers drawn in dispute on payola
  91. 2008 Beijing Chinese Pop Music Awards Winner List
  92. $250,000 spent in three days on idols' hair and makeup, television companies cry in suffering
  93. Charlene Choi plays a taxi driver but doesn't know how to drive; has a very good appetite
  94. Danson drives convertible to autograph session, bearing pain to perform powerful song & hot dance
  95. Jolinís dog showed his animal behavior when snatching the cake, obedience training fee $25k wasted
  96. Leehom Wang jumps into lake three times to film MV and freezes
  97. Show Luo invites VIPs to 'Back Up'
  98. Da S Loves shoes; collected 400 pairs which worth ten million altogether
  99. Jay Chou enters idol drama field; will self-produce, direct, act in 'Panda Hero'
  100. Myolie Wu picks Kay Tse for "Mother In-Law"
  101. Wild photos of Adam Cheng's daughter exposed
  102. Mandy Cho: Not worried that people may urge her to get married
  103. Myolie @ RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards
  104. Joey Yung 5 years Music Queen status is secured
  105. Lin Chi-ling receives Asian Star Award
  106. Ron Ng: My Own Style, Home Magazine January 2009
  107. Miffty Zhang returns to school
  108. Eason spent more time to eat then to record his songs
  109. Joey Yung denied meeting Denise Ho in secret
  110. Raymond Lam and William Chan to perform sexy dance
  111. Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung support each other
  112. Ken Hung and Kathy Yuen both have cold together
  113. Jacky Wu announces that he will retire from the entertainment industry in June
  114. Astro Wah Lai Toi Awards 2008 Nomination List
  115. Fala Chen intends to open a restaurant
  116. Niki Chow plans to have grandchildren at the age of 50
  117. Derek Kwok & Nancy Wu competes for best cry
  118. Kenix Kwok & Jamie Chik films slapping scene for new series
  119. Joey Yung tipped to win 5 Awards
  120. Ella Koon Scared of Dating
  121. Leon Lai takes Gaile to meet grandparents
  122. Miss Chinese International 2009 Winners: Canada Big Winner
  123. Gillian Chung appears on screen, not yet accepted by netizens
  124. Fala Chen would like to invest in property first
  125. Niki Chow:Forgotten to pay school fees for her sponsored children
  126. Kate Tsui vomited until blood vessels burst
  127. Raymond Lam not afraid of being compared with William Chan
  128. 2009 Miss Chinese International Winner
  129. EEG prepares for Gillian Chung's comeback
  130. The one and only "Three Firsts" for Joe Nieh
  131. Vivian Chow believes Joe Nieh is the right choice for her
  132. Raymond Lam: Family is open, accepts pregnancy before marriage
  133. Linda Chung speaks in well-behaved manner, hope to replace Gigi Lai for MOISELLE's Spokesperson
  134. Gigi Lai to marry the wealthy on February 22nd
  135. Flash Marriage for Lai Chi after Fresh Retirement?
  136. Tavia Yeung clarified that Yeung Ji Kiu is her sister's boyfriend
  137. Myolie Wu Loses nearly 7 figures sum in taxes
  138. Ada Choi spends only $170 on her 1 Year Wedding Anniversary
  139. Niki Chow Embarrassingly Calls for Help
  140. Director and cast members promote "Red Cliff 2" in Taipei
  141. Hacken Lee Sings Good Songs to Thank Friends' Support
  142. Gillian Chung in preparation for comeback, Friends celebrates her birthday early
  143. Ron Ng doesn't have the heart to let Ella Koon be windblown
  144. Raymond Lam & Bosco Wong laughed at their couple outfits
  145. Charmaine Sheh refuses to quit smoking
  146. Lin Chiling: I can be silly in love
  147. "Mystery Man" to rescue the damsel (Zhang Ziyi) in distress
  148. Shu Qi wanted director to add intimate scene with Andy
  149. Andy: One must be responsible when pregnant
  150. Vivian Chow resuming work, Miffty Zhang back to school
  151. Myolie sacrificed herself to act as someone who is flirty
  152. Filming of "Superwoman": News Update
  153. Joey Yung and Kay Tse talking and laughing in front of the camera
  154. Hacken Lee does not want his son to steal his limelight
  155. Susanna Kwan: Holding hands with Willy to keep warm
  156. Linda Chung has a pursuer, Mom rushes her into marriage
  157. Joey Yung envies elderly couple, wishes for partner of her own
  158. Susanna Kwan & Kate Tsui's Villain Addiction
  159. Bosco Wong rejects to buy Myolie Wu diamond earring, Buy for Mom First
  160. 2008 Beijing Chinese Pop Music Awards - Winners List
  161. Dickie Cheung and Zhang Qian Tie the Knot in Manila
  162. Vivian Chow resuming work, Miffty Zhang back to school
  163. Joyce Cheng puts Lydia's pillow inside a transparent cover
  164. Tavia Yeung: Take as much as you can
  165. HK$30m in debt, Steven Maís former Manager is officially bankrupt
  166. Louis Koo's charity to help raise baby pandas
  167. Bobby Au Yeung: can bite someone's butt, but cannot laugh
  168. Myolie Wu voices out: Friend Knows What to Do!
  169. Charlene Choi: Mike He is tall & has his own style; more electricity with Wu Zun
  170. Jennifer Tse first show in Shanghai
  171. Fala Chen's cartoon drawing fascinates "Master Q"
  172. Dicky Cheung gives up smoking to have another baby
  173. Red Cliff 2
  174. Admits coincidental meet leads to rumors, Michelle Ye carefully schemes for rich bachelor
  175. Michelle Ye: This 'Ah Sou' is very deceiving
  176. Michelle Ye in Beijing, eats by street restaurant wearing fur coat; suspected to have lost in value of properties
  177. > 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' hitting screens during Christmas
  178. Michelle Ye in 'Stars' Big Challenge'
  179. News Queen Michelle Ye going 'low profile'; working silently and waiting to reap her results
  180. Parts of 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' censored; Michelle Ye's excellent performance recognized
  181. Ekin Cheng looks back at his love life without regrets
  182. Selena Li enjoys the Bali Beaches
  183. Kenny Wong hopes to film an Comedy series
  184. Cindy Lee is able to use her voice to itís full potential
  185. Steven Ma exposed that a girl pursued him
  186. Andy Lau to challenge "Bruce Lee" lookalike in America
  187. Liza Wang Responds to Vivian Chow's marriage & Zhang ZiYi's Invasion of Privacy
  188. Bosco Wong not born a hunk
  189. Bernice Liu's beloved dogs become food critics
  190. Kate Tsui: Proposal No Diamond Ring, Instant Reject
  191. Netizens warn Zhang Ziyi: Be more vigilant in future!
  192. Ziyi Zhang was angry because of the invasion of privacy
  193. Alan Tam and Hacken Lee to show their muscle in concert
  194. Bowie Lam questions "The Gem Of Life" rating report
  195. Jockey wanted to kiss Raymond Lam's cheek, became embarrassed
  196. Niki Chow's does not mind revisiting her rumors with Kevin Cheng
  197. Raymond refused a kiss from trainee jockey
  198. Lisa S. Loves everthing about Danuel Wu
  199. Li Bingbing Recounts Growing Days in Memoir
  200. Ziyi Back to Work after Paparazzied Beach Vocation
  201. Dr. Liza Wang responds to Vivian & Joe's Wedding
  202. "CJ7" takes top spot in 2008
  203. China clamps down on Internet sex search
  204. "Shinjuku Incident" to open HKIFF
  205. Jackie Chan Wins Best Charity Song Award
  206. G.E.M Tang denies criticising Miriam Yeung's singing being poor
  207. Miriam @ JSG Awards Celebration
  208. Many stars cameo in Look For A Star
  209. Linda Chung and group Square wins Newcomer Awards
  210. Hearing Impaired Fans Praises Kate Tsui to be Pretty
  211. Angela Tong may take Chin Ka Lok to meet her parents
  212. Leo Ku gives Lorraine (rumored girlfriend ) a pay rise
  213. Gallen Lo imitates Jackie Chan's Hurdle because of Sharon Chan
  214. Joe Nieh in tears as he swears to love Vivian Chow forever
  215. Bosco Wong dueting with Eason Chan, felt like torture
  216. TVB Ratings Report (29/12/2008 - 04/01/2009)
  217. Denise Ho supports Joey Yung and Miriam Yeung
  218. Chow, Nieh Tie the Knot in Low-Key Wedding
  219. Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) nude beach photos exposed!
  220. S.H.E thrilled seeing members participate in charities
  221. Lin Chiling & Rainie Yang's relations with Mainland China gradually thawing
  222. 5566 to disband? Sun De Rong: It's up to them!
  223. Producer Peter Ho reluctantly replaces actor; Huang Xiaoming joins cast of Summer Bubbles
  224. Danson Tang crazily practices his dance moves, haven't slept for 40 hours
  225. Fahrenheit promotes new album, Arron agrees to parade around Hong Kong
  226. Hebe's dress accidentally slips down while performing at New Years event
  227. Filming 101 fireworks scene; Ethan Ruan & Cheryl Yang scared of NG
  228. Chen Qiao En G-Cup kicks away Kelly Lin, work and endorsements comes rolling in
  229. Interview with LeeHom: Getting Geeky with Wang
  230. Fiona Sit interrogates Shawn Yue
  231. 2009: Ah Sa will have many opportunities
  232. Charlene Choi predicts that Twins will be back
  233. Kate Tsui clumsy at cooking; Tavia Yeung new love?
  234. Ada Choi's loaded hips lured Moses Chan
  235. Leo Ku and Miriam Breaks Down in Tears, Thank Loved Ones @ JSG
  236. Joey Yung at JSG, Erica Yuen felt the results were unfair
  237. 2008 Jade Solid Gold Music Awards - Winners List
  238. Bosco and Myolie. Holds hands for a minute and HK$300,000 goes into their pocket.
  239. Myolie won Recommended Newcomer/most improved/most Outstanding Award
  240. Charmaine Sheh gets off key when singing, does not dare to go into Music
  241. Shirley Yeung car accident, Tourist fans still wanted pictures
  242. Myolie Wu no time to accept jobs, lost a 6 digit sum
  243. Tavia Yeung wants to marry a wealthy man
  244. Ada Choi adds padding on jeans to become a fat girl
  245. Joey Yung modestly praised that no one can replace Anita Mui's spot
  246. Kevin Cheng & Linda Chung hopes rumors will end in the New Year
  247. Linda Chung denies having a new partner
  248. Jessica Hsuan chose the wrong question, lost chance to be winner
  249. Moses Chan sends New Years blessings to Bernice Liu
  250. Gigi Leung's 2009 Calender