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  1. Red Velvet Returns with "Automatic + Ice Cream Cake" MV + New Member Yeri
  2. Amber debuts with "Shake That Brass" MV!
  3. Who are the members? from left to right? AOA
  4. Apink Releases "Luv" MV
  5. Girls Day Returns with "I Miss You" MV
  6. Girls Generation Releases "Divine" PV
  7. Red Velvet Returns with "Be Natural" MV
  8. "Holler" TTS Teaser MV Released!
  9. TTS Pre-Releases "Whisper" for 'Holler'
  10. TTS Releases Teaser Photos for "Holler"
  11. Super Junior Returns with "Mamacita" MV
  12. SISTAR is back with "I Swear" MV
  13. Taemin (SHINee) Solo Debut with 'Danger' MV
  14. Red Velvet debuts with 'Happiness' MV!
  15. Sistar "Touch My Body" MV Released~
  16. Girls Day Releases Darling MV!
  17. f( x ) turn on the 'Red Light' with anticipated comeback MV
  18. FIESTAR return with a sexier image for, "One More"
  19. A Pink releases music video for 'Mr. Chu' & their 'Pink Blossom' mini album!
  20. Ahreum leaving T-ara for solo debut
  21. KPOP songs
  22. korean pop at nightclub
  23. HaHa and Byul get married!
  24. Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ video beats Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ record on YouTube
  25. Girls’ Generation’s “Flower Power” PV released
  26. SM Entertainment’s dance unit for Hyundai’s ‘PYL’ releases digital single “MAXSTEP”
  27. HyunA releases new mini-album ‘Melting’ + MV
  28. Kara is to hold an exclusive concert at the Tokyo Dome as the first Korean female artist
  29. Ga In - Bloom / Tinkerbell
  30. Girls’ Generation releases Japanese “Oh!” PV
  31. Justin Bieber's Manager Signs Korean YouTube Star PSY
  32. Girls’ Generation releases PV for “All My Love is for You”
  33. KARA releases “Pandora” MV
  34. CCM announces Hwayoung will leave T-ara
  35. B.A.P releases “No Mercy” MV
  36. BoA to release her seventh album, “Only One”, on July 25th
  37. Korean female celebs wearing suspenders/braces
  38. Super Junior releases MV for “Sexy, Free & Single”
  39. T-ara releases MV for “Day by Day”
  40. After School shares dance practice video for “Flashback”
  41. Super Junior releases video teaser for “Sexy, Free & Single”
  42. SISTAR releases music video for “LOVING U”
  43. MV for f(x)’s “Electric Shock” is finally out!
  44. f(x) Unveils “Electric Shock” Highlight Medley
  45. Kim Sun Ah Took It Off for Her Bed Scene in ‘I Do I Do’
  46. JJ Project reveals MV for “Bounce”
  47. G.NA releases “2Hot” MV
  48. TaeTiSeo releases MV for “Twinkle”!
  49. B.A.P releases MV for “POWER”
  50. Taetiseo releases Taeyeon’s video teaser
  51. Girls’ Generation announces their sub-unit, “Taetiseo”
  52. Girl’s Day reveals MV for “Oh! My God”
  53. Pledis announces After School will be adding a new member in May
  54. 4Minute reveals full MV for “Volume Up”
  55. Yoonas new love rain out yet?
  56. T-ARA to Start Promoting as a 9-Member Girl Group this July!
  57. Girls’ Generation releases full PV for “Time Machine”
  58. ‘Dream High 2′ releases OST MV for “Together” by Jiyeon & JB
  59. JYP Entertainment releases Dream High 2 OST MV ‘B Class Life’
  60. Swizz Beatz Plans to Help Bring Korean Pop Music to America
  61. miss A unleashes full MV for “Touch”
  62. Big Bang is back with their MV for “Blue”!
  63. JUST IN! Meet Girls' Generation in NYC Feb 2nd!
  64. B2ST releases digital single, “I Knew It”
  65. B.A.P. unleashes debut music video, “Warrior”
  66. KARA to release photo book in Paris + announce first Japanese tour
  67. SNSD 2nd Tour Hong Kong Concert Press Conference (video)
  68. Teaser video for “Dream High 2″ revealed
  69. Where to find forum devoted to SISTAR? Need help.
  70. How come SNSD mr.taxi korean is not released?
  71. ‘Running Man’ rule the SBS variety world in 2011
  72. Winners from the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards
  73. Latest still cuts of ‘Dream High 2′ show differences from the first season
  74. Article: Performances from SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale
  75. ‘Dream High 2′ releases first set of Kang Sora’s still-cuts
  76. Shindong creates a new MV for Donghae & Eunhyuk’s “Oppa Has Arrived”
  77. U-KISS releases a special MV for their fans, “Lifetime For Kiss Me”
  78. Is ‘Music On Top’ in over its head against ‘M! Countdown’?
  79. Trouble Maker unleashes MV for “Trouble Maker”
  80. 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (Singapore)
  81. YG Entertainment Forbids Plastic Surgery
  82. Jo Kwon dances to “Be My Baby” on Radio Star + performs duet with Sunye
  83. Big Bang and 2NE1 Evolve the International Face of K-Pop
  85. Rain Becomes Assistant Instructor at Military Recruit Training Camp
  86. Big Bang Wins “Best Worldwide Act” At MTV's 2011 Europe Music Awards
  87. Wonder Girls unleash full MV for “Be My Baby”
  88. Brown Eyed Girls release MV for “Cleansing Cream”
  89. Tablo's Album, #5 On US iTunes Hip Hop/Rap Chart
  90. Daesung talks about his faith & G-Dragon in latest interview
  91. Mnet Asian Awards Heads to Singapore
  92. Big Bang Wins Asia Pacific Round, The Worldwide Act Nominees Are…
  93. Girls' Generation Ticketing Details Out
  94. SNSD unleashes full MV for “The Boys”
  95. Full cast list for "Invincible Youth 2," confirmed – say hello to the new ‘G8’!
  96. When is IRIS 2 available?
  97. SNSD reveals 3rd MV teaser (English & Korean) for “The Boys”
  98. SECRET reveals MV teaser for “Love is MOVE”
  99. Rain Enlists in Korean Military
  100. SNSD reveals second video teaser for “The Boys”
  101. miss A makes their Chinese debut!
  102. SNSD releases first video teaser for, “The Boys!”
  103. SNSD 9 concept photos "The Boys" released!
  104. SNSD reveals October 4th comeback & Taeyeon’s concept photo!
  105. Brown Eyed Girls unleash their MV for “Sixth Sense”
  106. SNSD to make their comeback on October 4th?
  107. SNSD fills in temporarily for Song Ji Hyo on ‘Running Man’
  108. Big Bang nominated at 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards
  109. Minzy reveals a jacket she personally made
  110. B2ST’s Junhyung asserts he is still seeing Goo Hara
  111. KARA reveals MV for “STEP”
  112. Girl’s Day reveals “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander“!
  113. U-Kiss releases 2nd album and reveals their MV, Neverland
  114. Eric reveals funny parody pictures with Shinhwa
  115. KARA releases 1st and 2nd teasers for Step
  116. Heechul Reveals His New Haircut Before Military Enlistment
  117. Kim Tae Hee Flaunts Alluring Backless Dress for High Cut Magazine
  118. Jeon Hye Bin's Amazing Unphotoshopped Body
  119. Big Bang’s Daesung receives a verdict of ‘Not Guilty’
  120. Wonder Girls to return to Korea in November with new album!
  121. G.NA releases sexy MV teaser for “Banana”
  122. 2PM releases hilarious CF for ‘Nepa’
  123. 2NE1 TV Live: Worldwide' season 3 (Eng subtitles) 12/?
  124. miss A’s Jia is worried about her hair
  125. Bang Yong Guk’s concept photos for “I Remember” feat. B2ST’s Yoseob revealed!
  126. SISTAR unleashes full MV for “So Cool”
  127. Fan-created SNSD Online Museum Opens
  128. Super Junior takes the YouTube “Triple Crown”
  129. SISTAR unveils concept photos for “So Cool”
  130. Netizens Impressed with 2NE1’s MR Removed Performance
  131. 2NE1 Continues to Dominate Youtube
  132. f(x)’s Krystal collapses after her performance on “Kiss and Cry”
  133. IU Holds Surprise Guerilla Concert on a Bus
  134. YG Entertainment to debut an “SNSD-like” group next year
  135. 2NE1 releases MV for "Ugly"
  136. Resident Registration Numbers of 4,600 Celebrities gets Leaked
  137. Teaser Clip of 2NE1’s “Ugly” Revealed Through ‘2NE1tv’
  138. Sandara Park reveals her sweet ride on ‘2NE1tv’
  139. SNSD on global K-Pop flash mobs, their popularity, and their devoted fans
  140. 2NE1 releases animated MV for “Hate You”
  141. 2NE1 releases "I Am The Best" Japanese PV
  142. KARA to make a comeback in September
  143. miss A reveals mv teasers for "Good Bye Baby"
  144. SNSD transforms a pamphlet into a mature photospread
  145. SM Entertainment artists thank European fans
  146. After School’s Bekah releases her graduation song, “Take Me to the Place”
  147. miss A reveals audio teaser for comeback track, “Good Bye Baby”
  148. MBLAQ unveils MV teaser for “Mona Lisa”!
  149. SHINee trio + f(x) perform “Hello” on Inkigayo
  150. SNSD + TVXQ’s ‘Seven & I’ CF’s revealed
  151. T-ARA to debut in Japan with “Bo Peep Bo Peep” in September
  152. Girl’s Day releases “Hug Me Once” interactive music video!
  153. HyunA releases “Bubble Pop!” music video!
  154. SNSD’s “ECHO” MV revealed
  155. miss A celebrates their first anniversary
  156. Girl’s Day releases concept photos for their first mini album!
  157. HyunA releases comeback teaser MV, “Bubble Pop!”
  158. 2NE1 releases “I Am The Best” music video!
  159. Nichkhun has no plans of dropping out of ‘We Got Married’
  160. Japanese GQ analyzes the reasons behind the SNSD craze
  161. 2NE1’s music video for “I Am The Best” delayed
  162. JYJ’s Yoochun and TVXQ’s Changmin film at the same place, same time
  163. Dal Shabet’s label talks about their recent website issue displaying “Girls’ Generation”
  164. Se Gyung Shin and Jong Hyun Broke up
  165. 2PM drops their music video for “Hands Up”!
  166. f(x) releases music video for “Hot Summer”!
  167. Bekah to graduate from After School
  168. Khuntoria release their couple CF for ‘Caribbean Bay’
  169. SECRET releases Japanese music video for “Madonna”!
  170. Bae Yong Joon to debut his own male idol group next year
  171. KARA releases MV teaser for “Go Go Summer!”
  172. KARA’s Gyuri cast for “200 Pounds Beauty” musical
  173. Upcoming solo singer ‘AB’ aims to be the Korean Lady Gaga
  174. f(x) releases “Hot Summer” MV teaser
  175. 2PM reveals teaser photos for their “Hands Up” comeback!
  176. SNSD’s Tiffany represents SME at the “2011 SM TOWN in Paris Writers & Publishers Conference”
  177. f(x) to return with follow-up track, “Hot Summer”
  178. INFINITE’s Dongwoo gets pulled off stage by an audience member
  179. SNSD's Sunny Went To The Hospital
  180. KARA becomes the Japanese CF models for ‘LG Optimus Bright’
  181. N-Train’s Jung Kyun loses 24 kg for debut, looks like FT Island's Lee Hongki?
  182. 2PM’s Nichkhun bares his abs for ‘Coca Cola Zero’
  183. Cha Ji Yeon releases her remake of Im Jae Bum’s hit, “Where Are You”
  184. Rain to become a free agent after contract expires in October
  185. Kim Hyun Joong releases album jacket photos for “Break Down”
  186. SNSD tops Oricon album chart + kicks off Japanese Arena tour
  187. Girl’s Day Sojin & CNBLUE’s Jonghyun cover Jason Mraz / Colbie Calliat’s ‘Lucky’
  188. SECRET unveils MV for “Starlight Moonlight”
  189. Bae Da Hae releases ‘Love Me’ MV teaser
  190. No Min Woo to star in “Gisaeng Ryung”
  191. MBC’s “Miss Ripley” ranks #1 with its pilot episode
  192. Alex releases comeback teaser starring Jung Ryeo Won
  193. Jang Woo Hyuk releases dance version of “Time Is [L]Over” MV
  194. Rain wants to get married
  195. Big Bang’s Daesung involved in Car Accident, Motorcyclist dead
  196. ZE:A’s Kwanghee breaks a Guinness world record
  197. f(x) to return with a repackaged album next month
  198. SNSD adds 4 tour dates + will perform at MTV VMAJ 2011
  199. SNSD plans for a second solo concert in July
  200. miss A greets fans at a Lesmore fan signing in Busan
  201. JYP Nation to hold “JYP Nation in Japan 2011″ in August!
  202. 40,000 fans attend 2PM’s first Japanese high five event!
  203. F.CUZ’s LeeU officially withdraws from the group
  204. SNSD reveals teaser for their Japanese album
  205. Hyori heats up COSMO
  206. Anyone up to be the next Wonder Girls? the next 2PM??
  207. Big Bang’s Taeyang gives a shoutout for his 23rd birthday!
  208. YG-Life uploads post regarding TV broadcast for 2NE1
  209. SHINee members celebrate coming-of-age day
  210. SISTAR19 talks about their chair choreography
  211. Big Bang tops the Oricon Weekly charts
  212. New four-member girl group Blady debuts with “Spark Spark”
  213. The staggering cost of 2NE1’s “Lonely” MV outfits revealed!
  214. SNSD’s Jessica participates in “Romance Town” OST
  215. The 2NE1 Lonely Cover Contest!
  216. “2011 Dream Concert” releases its final line-up of performing artists
  217. T-ara’s Jiyeon sends a shoutout and pictures for IU’s birthday
  218. Jay Park holds fan meet for the publication of his photo spread, “Just me, Jay”
  219. 2NE1’s Sandara successfully completes her special lecture at Yonsei University
  220. “Running Man” spotlights Seoul’s ‘Seohyun’ station
  221. SNSD’s Seohyun celebrates coming of age day
  222. SHINee releases Japanese MV teaser for “Replay -君は僕のeverything-”!
  223. SNSD to release their first Japanese album in June!
  224. SNSD, CNBLUE, & more perform at the “2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Concert”
  225. SISTAR promotes safe driving with the “Traffic Safety Song” on Inkigayo
  226. 5dolls returns with ‘Like This or That’ on Inkigayo
  227. INFINITE performs ‘Can U Smile’ on Inkigayo
  228. KARA shows tears on preview of next week’s SBS’s “Strong Heart”
  229. f(x) wins Inkigayo Mutizen again and other performances
  230. Big Bang versus the Infinity Challenge cast in “Gangs of Seoul”
  231. SNSD to announce “BIG NEWS” on May 16th
  232. HyunA shows off her beautiful jawline
  233. f(x)’s Victoria’s solo shots for Caribbean Bay print ads
  234. SNSD Jessica’s photo ID snags fans’ attention
  235. miss A releases “Love Alone” MV!
  236. 2NE1 releases MV for their latest track, “Lonely”!
  237. Lim Jeong Hee releases “Golden Lady” MV
  238. 2PM and f(x)’s Victoria confirmed as this year’s Caribbean Bay models
  239. KARA conflict resolved, soon to resume activities
  240. 19 K-pop stars confirmed for “2011 Dream Concert”
  241. Girl’s Day voted as #1 girl group in post-SNSD era
  242. SISTAR19 releases music video for “Ma Boy”!
  243. SNSD’s “Genie” dance chosen as soldiers’ all-time favorite choreography
  244. J.Y. Park updates fans about upcoming Wonder Girls album!
  245. YG ON AIR BOM DON'T CRY (Live session)
  246. f(x) shows their school styles for Elite!
  247. DSP Media reaches a compromise with KARA’s Nicole, Seungyeon, & Jiyoung
  248. SISTAR announces first unit group, ‘SISTAR19′
  249. Jang Keun Suk and Shoujo Jidai top Oricon daily singles chart
  250. SNSD's Japan tour gets extended to 10 performances