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    Rain's near show appearance on 'The Colbert [17.06.07]

    Rain's near show appearance on 'The Colbert Show'

    The news that world star Rain, who had received great attention on the parody of himself on the American comedian Stephen Colbert's show, had promised to appear on this show has been lately discovered.

    According to Rain's part, Stephen Colbert's side who heard of the news of the planned New York concert for Rain's world tour, requested a show appearance. About this, Rain's part responded joyously and agreed that Rain will appear on Stephen Colbert's talk show 'Colbert Report', sing two songs and also have a sufficient amount of time to chat.

    Colbert received a great amount of attention for his parody of the music video 'Escaping from the Sun' last month on the 'Colbert Report', about coming in 2nd behind Rain in the 'Time 200' online vote. However, as the Korean media pointed out and claimed that he was mocking and ridiculing Rain, Colbert said 'I have been hurt greatly by the Korean press and netizen's misunderstanding.' (I want to check exactly) what Colbert said, not translation)

    However, Rain had said 'I enjoyed it very much. It's something to be thankful of' about Cobert's parody of his music video and expressed his thanks on the introduction of his himself on a program featured all over America.

    Unfortunately, this predicted very big eventful meeting of Rain and Stephen Colbert has vanished with the postponing of his American tour.

    As Bi's english name 'Rain' became an obstacle and has led to his American tour, including New York, to be cancelled, both sides came to the conclusion that the show appearance would be meaningless and cancelled the meeting for the moment and decided that he will appear later as Rain's New York concert is confirmed.

    Rain's side stated 'Rain was also strongly looking forward to appearing on this show and it has turned out unfortunately.'

    Meanwhile Rain is expected to continue to hold his LA concert as planned on the 30th, and he is expected to complete the remaining American concerts and schedules after he has finished the shooting of his Hollywood movie 'Speed Racer' this coming October.

    source: Star News
    translation: S2cookie@cloudaustralia


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    Lol, would have loved to watch him on the Colbert show.

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    Awe that sucks it was cancelled. I would have totally watched it. Colbert is hilarious. I love the parodies with Rain.



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