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    Romance Moment of The Seventh Day

    The romance moment that i feel for " The Seventh Day " got quite alot, i just picked up few and wrote here, that i felt MOST romance...

    1) 2 pairs of them, started their relationship on the 7th of August, under the " Yuen Mong Xue " Kevin & Niki's pair is the most romance, Bosco & Natalie is the cute pair for that moment

    2) Then the next day, Kelvin & Niki started their 1st date, just 2 of them, i feel is so romance to see Niki listen kelvin say abt his family story to her..

    3) Then, the part of Kelvin brought the 4 ring for Niki, and he only gave her the 1st, another 3 wil give later and they have a sweet kiss for the 1st time at the sea side, is so romance ..

    4) Then, another part is the day Natalie though of giving bad impression to Bosco family, so that Bosco wil break wif her, but its come out, is totally different from wat she think and end up, after the family dinner , while Bosco sended Natalie back, they happen to hold each other hand and got some feels to each other..

    5) Haha..tis is the most i love is , Natalie & Bosco kissed at the moutain top.. so romance

    6) Then, is the part of Niki go japan to find Kelvn and they happen to meet nearby the bridge..so romance ar..

    7) The part of DDMK & Natalie friends, held a farewell party for Natalie, b4 she go japan..and it happen Bosco & natalie need to go out to buy beers.. the part, is so romance of its raining and they both walk under the rain, and they ended up, almost kiss again...

    8) The part of Bosco send Natalie to air part and he hugged her and ask her dun go.. is so sad and oso so romance..

    9) Then, come to is, Niki know Kelvin be come no enegry on work and life , due to Niki wanna break wif him and Niki go to Kelvin house to convince him and end up, they got together back..so touching and romance lo..

    10) Haha....and so romance to see Niki had married wif Kelvin la..

    11) Tis part is the most i love, Bosco go to japan to meet natalie and they have a sweet and romance dinner

    12) Then, so sweet to see, Bosco draw the ending part of Fei Lai Kai Mou & June story .. to wish that natalie wil back wif him again..

    13 ) And the last is, seeing Niki before go for operation and telling Kelvin to take good care of their daughter, so romance ...

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    Oh, i loved the romantic part. They were all full of romance, it was so sweet.

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    I loved the part where Kevin bought Niki the ring and gave it to her. And their first kiss was both hilarious and sweet at the same time. Ahhh...that was the part I enjoyed most.



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