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    Hong Kong Gigi Leung Top 10 on Weibo, leader in HK with most fans

    Source: The Sun
    Translated by: aZnangel

    Gigi Leung Top 10 on Weibo, leader in HK with most fans

    Sina opened Weibo in Mainland starting a popular trend that spread throughout Hong Kong. Many HK stars opened a Weibo too and attracted many fans to become their "followers"! However, HK stars still do not compare with Mainland stars in the number of fans. Mainland's top 3 stars with the most fans are Chen Yao, Vicki Zhao and Li Bing Bing with millions of fans. In Hong Kong, the leader with most fans is Gigi Leung with over 700,000 fans, she is also named top 10 on the Weibo site. Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung and Jackie Chan follow behind with hundred of thousands of fans following them; they rank 30th place on Weibo.

    Mainland Top 3
    1. Chen Yeo (1,667, 212 fans)
    2. Vicki Zhao (1,422,023 fans)
    3. Li Bing Bing (1,004,905 fans)

    Hong Kong
    1. Gigi Leung (736,641 fans) (Most updated: 742,685)
    2. Miriam Yeung (705,280 fans)
    3. Joey Yung (695,428 fans)
    4. Jackie Chan (382,010 fans)
    5. Huang Xiao Ming (382,010 fans)
    6. Gillian Chung (348,892 fans)
    7. Shu Qi (325,851 fans)
    8. Angelababy (282,970 fans)
    9. Leo Ku (250,130 fans)
    10. Louis Koo (250,130 fans)
    11. Shawn Yue (242,767 fans)
    12. Michelle Reis (238,369 fans)
    13. Aaron Kwok (228,678 fans)

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    Miriam Yeung -_-


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    Weibo is like twitter right?

    It's still kinda new in HK right?
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