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    Any Fitness Freaks here?

    Even tho i dont always stick to my routines..
    I always make sure i have enough protien, and try to keep all my food nice and clean. It helps me maintain and feel good about myself.

    how about anyone else herE? hitting up the GYM?
    I recoommend it. I mean, it cant do anyharm except make you look good for the summer and be healthy.

    tips to overcome the 'time excuse'
    -a little work out is better then nothing. At least drop and do 20 whenever you can!
    -use the stairs and run up them as fast as you can every other step. This will give your quads and Hammies a good work out and itll train your anerobic energy system which would help promote muscle growth.
    -Im sure you sat around and watched TV or surfed the net for 1or2 hrs a week... You coulda been pumping some iron!
    eventually this will help you work into a lifestyle of good health and fitnesss.

    sorry boys. I was out on Business!

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    it's good to be fit, yeah I agree with u it makes u feel good...and also makes u more attracted to girls haha

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    i'm not a freak!!! haha, but i like to feel good bout myself and and try to workout, but no as much as last quarter...but i'm starting again...hit the gym baby!!! some nice looking chicks there too

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    Re: Any Fitness Freaks here?

    i would say i'm a fitness freak. When i'm there for my 2 n half hour 3 times a week i give it my all.

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    Re: Any Fitness Freaks here?

    I was a fitness freak. I used to run 5 miles everyday when I was in still in the track team, but recently I've cut it down to 2 miles every other day. With food, I try my best to stay away from grease and drink a lot of water, though I'm not very big on vitamins and nutrients.
    the problem with this world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.

    Daniel "HOT PLATE" Henney

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    Re: Any Fitness Freaks here?

    i wouldnt call myself a fitness freak..but i do have a home work out and i do watch wat i eat...not limiting myself..jus the kind of food eg less junk/soft drink, more water/milk/juice healthier foods =]...yes...that means as little maccas as possible, although i cant help myself occasionally ^^;;;

    anyways for my workout plan...as an example i would work out my shoulders, arms and abs on monday by doing 30 fast or 20 slow push ups 3 sets of bicep curls with shoulder excercises and at least 110 situps...more if im feeling up for it

    then on tuesday i would go jogging for a bit 4 laps around a soccor field prolli...and play some bball at a nearby park. this is to work out my cardiovascular system and my legs...and also the fat burning component of my workout

    then on wednesday...rest...a good workout always has room for rest...apparently a minimum of 2 days rest is required if you want your muscles to build...because only when your muscles are at rest is when they repair and build up.

    thursday...back to the park

    friday...back to the weights (i use 6 kg weights btw...i dunno where to find massively heavy weights -.-)

    and keep following this pattern

    ....after prolli almost a year i can start to c the rough outlines of my abs and pecks...and my body has trimmed up greatly and im really happy with this ^^ considering that i was once a really fat kid...>___>

    advice - commit yourself!!! you will see the effort you put in pay off sooner or later...i know i did ^^



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