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    Ron Ng Begs "Miss X" to Clear Up Sex Scandal?

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    Since the exposure of Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) explicit sex messages and steamy audio recording with an anonymous wealthy woman known as “Miss X,” the public has been waiting for Ron to come forth and account for the promiscuous rumors. Earlier, it was reported that Ron had fallen into a “sex trap” and did not in fact have sex with the anonymous woman. He denied dating “Miss X,” stating that he had contacted “Miss X” after the scandal surfaced. Ron also promised that “Miss X” would be issuing a press statement to clarify the sex scandals. One week has passed, yet there was still no public statement from “Miss X”!

    Ron and Viann Back Together?

    A close friend of Ron’s ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang (张馨予), revealed that Ron had panicked over the phone sex scandal. Allegedly, Ron had rushed to Beijing to explain to Viann. The insider disclosed, “When Viann publicly announced the separation, she only wanted Ron to pay more attention to her. They had already patched up, and Ron even proposed to her!”

    The insider further said, “The night before the news was exposed, Ron rushed to Beijing on the same night to explain the matter to Viann. He said that he had no relationship with the woman, and that they never met before. They only played with each other on the phone!”

    Ron also allegedly told Viann that he loved her the most and would seek the woman to clarify the matter. However, Viann was allegedly devastated upon hearing the news and did not believe in Ron.

    “Miss X” Refused to Help Ron

    The unnamed wealthy woman, “Miss X,” reportedly leaked the sex messages, audio recording, and topless photos of a man resembling Ron Ng to the media. It was reported that she wanted to expose the “true colours” of Ron dating two women at the same time.

    The insider also leaked that Ron allegedly begged “Miss X” to help him ride out the crisis. “Ron begged the woman for help, and asked her to clarify the matter. He asked her to say that they were only sending the messages as friends.”

    However, “Miss X” was allegedly bitter about being Ron’s “kept woman in the dark,” and decided to leave Hong Kong permanently. Before her departure, she allegedly wanted to punish Ron and expose his promiscuous behavior.

    The insider said, “Actually, the woman only pretended to help Ron. The next day, Ron even calmly told the reporter that the woman would issue a public statement. In the end, there is no such thing! When a person seeks revenge, why would she help him?”

    Creds: Next Magazine

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    too bad for Ron. if all these news is somewhat true, something is really wrong with TVB's three siu sang. perhaps they need some therapy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermidude View Post
    too bad for Ron. if all these news is somewhat true, something is really wrong with TVB's three siu sang. perhaps they need some therapy.
    whats sui sang?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoboiscool View Post
    whats sui sang?
    sui sang (小生) = actor in a chinese opera


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