[IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v323/*******/1125enew15b1.jpg[/IMG]Sharon Chan believes she is suitable for many jobs

Sharon Chan and other people attended the opening ceremony of a cosmetic shop as guests. Sharon’s performance in ‘Beneath the Charm’ has earned her a lot of advertisement job offers, but Sharon says she wants to be a mobile phone company’s spokesperson, she says, “I have been in quite a lot of advertisements since entering the entertainment circle and all my sponsors have given me many free products. But I have never been in a mobile phone ad! With my newly slimmed body, I believe that I would smart in a mobile phone ad.”

Sharon’s new series she is currently working on, Keung Gim Gong Woo, requires Sharon to do many fighting scenes. Sharon is extremely happy about her new role, “TVb rarely has fighter girl characters and because I have a tall body build, I am suitable for the role. I hope to have more roles like this one. (Did you ask Timmy Hung to teach you?) There are many martial arts teachers that work for TVB. I don’t need to ask him!”