Miriam Yeung : Not intending to sell her house yet / Ate 8 cakes for "Hooked on You"

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    Miriam Yeung : Not intending to sell her house yet / Ate 8 cakes for "Hooked on You"


    Miriam bought her house at Stanley during SARS period for 30-40 million dollars. Property rates are increasing recently and Miriam asked the reporters, "So high? I didn't check the price because my house is bought for staying. Sometimes property agents called to ask if I want to sell my house and I told them I'm staying in it." Miriam felt comfort as a consumer to hear the house price is good.

    When Miriam decided to buy this house during the SARS period, many people said that she's stupid. Now a lot of people said she has made a fortune. Even though the price of properties is high, Miriam finds many of her neighbours did not move and kept on staying.

    Miriam will not sell the house just because the value is high as her parents are happy staying there. Previously Miriam felt the venue was too far and inacessible but her parents were ok with it. Miriam had tried moving out but she was unhappy and did not feel at ease. Therefore she moved back to stay with her family. Some suggested her to buy another house. She said she not greedy and it's ok when she has a place to stay. Moving house is troublesome for her.

    Buying another house as investment? She felt investing is very pressurising and she rather invest on herself. She's not a risk taker. When asked if she owns more than one property, Miriam admitted she plays a bit but not as many as what the magazines say. Miriam is often being photographed visiting showflats. She replied that she always like to look at cars and houses, and is very curious at people's renovations. But she just like to see, and did not buy. When asked if she has any plans to change a house, Miriam said it will be more practical to depend if she will get married. For now she's living happily and has no intentions of changing.

    Recently when Miriam was asked why she didn't go on the variety show "Beautiful Cooking" and she replied she didn't know how to play with fire and act as if she can't cook. It was said that she was making fun of Kary Ng. Kary was on a radio interview yesterday and responded. She didn't have experience in kitchens since young and really didn't know how to cook. She believe Miriam didn't mean to tease her. When asked if she has asked Miriam to teach her a few dishes, Kary replied it's a good idea too.

    When Eason Chan and Miriam were filming a cake eating scene for "Hooked on You" in the morning, the 2 were eating seriously but until re-take for the 5th time, they began to surrender.

    Miriam said, "should really thank the director, because ever since I entered showbiz, I've never eat so many cakes at one go in order to keep fit. I've ate 8 cakes in 5 takes. I really couldn't go on!" Eason asked the director how many more boxes of cakes there were and the director replied 30. Eason choked with a piece of cake still in his throat and his assistant quickly brought him hot tea. Miriam laughed out, "30 boxes, spare me!"
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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by Maverick, Jun 12, 2007.

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