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  1. Blue Sky
    Blue Sky hadouken
    the file for episode 15 burning hands is wrong, ends up only playing audio
  2. Blue Sky
    Blue Sky hadouken
    Hi, can you please upload more torrents for Burning Hands? The current torrents are only up to episode 10. Thanks
  3. Steve Low
  4. rlui0514
    rlui0514 edwig
    Hi looking for you to reup a drama. Im willing to pay you Please contact me [email protected]
  5. tdq810
    tdq810 vinhbuddha
    The Sound of Desert..would you please re-upload ep. 11 & 15 & 28 onto openload ? I can not access uptobox...Thank you! Please !!!
  6. SummerSum
    How do I get privileges to post in the movies forum? Thanks
  7. vinhbuddha
    vinhbuddha khmeme
    i dont mean to burst your bubble, but HK 630pm news from Sep 01 2012 to Nov 23 2012 are dated quite fare back. very hard to find. you sound desperate so i will try and find this for you, as it seems you have a personal reason for wanting this.
  8. khmeme
    khmeme happiboi
    Do you still have HK 630pm news from Sep 01 2012 to Nov 23 2012? please email me [email protected] I will pay you in return.
  9. Personadave
    Thy aspect is perfection
  10. Ultradyong
    Aspect is Perfection
  11. semaj
    semaj vinhbuddha
    Could you please upload episodes 26 to 40 for Office girl and could you please fix episode 14 for Bromance.

    thank you
  12. pchuang
  13. tdq810
    tdq810 vinhbuddha
    Please upload ep.16
  14. tdq810
    tdq810 vinhbuddha
    Have been try couple time still can't make it, Would you please help me the other way , please . ( ep 16)
  15. tdq810
    tdq810 vinhbuddha
    Thanks But Ep 11 & 16 two files still can't download, they said files remove ?
  16. tdq810
    tdq810 vinhbuddha
    Hi, please help For Tiger Mom ep.10,11 & 16 can you replace them , because file lose and unsafe.
  17. 5thwavecoffee
  18. beebee2929
    beebee2929 vinhbuddha
    Thank you so so so much! Downloading it now. Thank you! =)
  19. vinhbuddha
  20. vinhbuddha
    vinhbuddha beebee2929