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    I'm Only Me When I'm With You (One-Shot)

    I've realized Taylor Swift's songs are really meant to think about. So, here's to One-Shot Fanfic #1, I'm Only Me When I'm With You. I’m Only Me When I’m With You Since he was a professional actor, Bosco always had to act cool when he was in public. But, he wasn’t always like that, at least...
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    Come Home Love - 愛.回家(Sitcom) (2012) Your impression of the show so far.

    It's 180 episodes, so no doubt they will have to stretch it out a bit. But, I like how the different storylines are progressing so far. It's quite funny at times. I'm looking forward to the bickering pair, Lai Lok Yi and Queenie Chu. But, they don't really have that much interactions yet...
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    Best Friends

    Bosco smiled at her. She smiled back. They were best friends, so close that everyone around them thought they were a couple. Sometimes they chose to say no, other times they declined to answer, sparking much interest in many of their mutual friends. Bosco and Myolie were celebrities. Both met...
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    3 Scenarios For Boscolie's Reconcilation (One-Shot)

    3 Scenarios For Reconcilation (One-Shot) Scenario 01: Myolie texts Bosco. Myolie's Text #1: Bosco? Bosco's Text #1: ? Myolie's Text #2: Bosco? Bosco's Text #2: What's wrong, Myolie? Is everything okay? Myolie's Text #3: Bosco, I… Bosco's Text #3: Myolie, are you alright? Myolie's Text #4: I'm...
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    Bosco Wong, The Protect Myolie Wu Team

    In "Witness Insecurity", Bosco's character, 'Hui Sir' contains good skills and a special attitude in character, making him Inspector of the Police Protection team. He received order to protect Linda Chung's character, 'Miss Kiu'. But, in reality, we all know that Bosco protects the females, and...
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    Kenneth Ma to Kiss Myolie in New Series, Challenging Bosco May 30, 2012

    胡杏兒、馬國明、胡定欣及徐子珊等昨日出席劇集《戀愛季節》造型,與杏兒飾演一對的馬國明笑言叫監製加咀戲。杏兒自稱專業,毋須向男友黃宗澤(Bosco)備案,馬國明在旁開玩笑地挑釁:「叫黃宗澤喺鏡頭前Feel吓我哋嘅親熱戲。(拍咀戲唔驚畀杏兒發掘你『短處』?)我條脷好長,冇乜短處!」至於為何不跟前女友定欣演一對?他笑言可能在編審眼中二人不夠合襯,定欣則指杏兒唇厚好咀。而子珊被問到與眼科醫生的緋聞時相當避忌,指不想影響對方家人。 Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui and others attended the "Seasons of...
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    Alvin and June?

    I actually meant Mother's Day, May 13th, but that's this weekend. So excited to see their wedding. I'm so happy for them.
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    Alvin and June?

    The series finale is on May 13th (Valentine's Day). It's ending at 139.
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    Alvin and June?

    No, sitcoms usually tell us to the point. Open endings are rare for sitcoms.
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    Alvin and June?

    Haha. Alvin rushes in and shouts "NO, I CANNOT LET JUNE MARRY YOU!"
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    What is your impression of this series so far?

    Can't wait and hope that Alvin and June end up together!
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    Alvin and June?

    God, I just hate how the producers of the show are just dragging the storyline from the beginning. Seriously and honestly, I only watch the sitcom because of Alvin and June from the very beginning. I basically skip through the other episodes. And, someone posted on the Chinese Wikipedia page...
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    Bosco Rejects Delivering Take-Outs to Myolie, Tells Her to Finish Quickly and Return to Hong Kong, S

    Myolie Wu is currently filming in Suzhou. Her boyfriend, Bosco Wong attended a "White Valentine's Day" event and expressed that the two were unable to celebrate it together. He was only able to 'imagine' the female model as Myolie as they exchanged champagne glasses with one another. He laughed...
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    Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong Will Not Act In “Triumph In The Skies 2″

    Awh shucks. I was looking forward for a possible Boscolie collaboration!
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    Stephy Tang Used Alex Fong's Credit Card in Europe, Friday, March 9th, 2012

    Earlier, Stephy Tang and boyfriend, Alex Fong visited Europe. During her first time in Paris, Stephy's wallet was stolen, resulting in her change in mood. But, thankfully, Alex let her use his credit card to shop all she wanted. The two went back to Hong Kong yesterday and stood together in...