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  1. mintygirl

    Pics of your house =D

    Soooooo~ i saw another thread about posting pics of your room, so i just thought we could have a thread of pics of everyones cool houses =D hmm...i'll start off with mine... though i dont know why my dad...put a stick in the garden... o_O
  2. mintygirl

    Some of my song recordings =]

    hi hi fellow peeplings! ^___^ saw a new recording thread so i thought i'd add my two cents =D ive been recording some songs and uploaded them www.soundclick.com/mintygirl please check it =] all constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks in advance =] I just did my own rendition of As One -...
  3. mintygirl

    dumdidum...pics of moi...

    hor hor, feeling soo flat and lazy and totally do not feeling like doing hw sooo, i thought i'd post some pics of meh up heehee sorry if i hurt your eyes... -unsure *hides* ermm...kthxbye -rolleyes *runs off*