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  1. mintygirl

    Some of my song recordings =]

    hahaha wow awesome! home studio =O i have my trusty lil mic hahahah x]
  2. mintygirl

    Some of my song recordings =]

    LOL thanks for tuning in =] hahaha i wish i could record in a studio lols but it'd probably cost heaps here.
  3. mintygirl

    Some of my song recordings =]

    thankyou for the comments everyone <3 i just uploaded As one's White Love story from coffee prince. please check it out =D
  4. mintygirl

    [DDL]Lee Jung Hyun - Love Me 2008

    oooh thankss =]
  5. mintygirl

    Me Playing Chinese Pop songs on piano =)

    holy schmakaroonies you are soooo good man!!! Xd
  6. mintygirl

    Noob entering =)

    ooooh...you should sing fly away by jasmine leong hehhe =]
  7. mintygirl

    Some of my song recordings =]

    loools...i can assure you that im not 10 hahah. my partner was a girl doing gary's part hehe.
  8. mintygirl

    [ddl]Wonder Girls - The Wonder Years

    lols aznsinoboy, you put up the same links for two different songs on your previous and first post lols. ie. joyo joyo and the sun ye 1000 song challenge
  9. mintygirl

    Some of my song recordings =]

    lols, thanks for listening boii!! =D and...im not as young as i sound hehe =P
  10. mintygirl

    Asian women with curly/wavy hair

    you know you could always go to the hairdressers and get your hair curled or permed or even buy curling tongs/ curler and DIY... Or leave your hair in braids overnight and tada. easy wavy hair =D free too XD
  11. mintygirl

    ~(thE oFFiCal PhY pHy THreAd)~

    wowww you're really pretty =]
  12. mintygirl

    dumdidum...pics of moi...

    XD im not cute....im just...sillyyyy hahaha ...currently procrastinating again... but thanks for commenting fellow peeplings XD
  13. mintygirl

    Noob entering =)

    omgoshhh your voice is sooo cuteeee!! hehe. sing more =D
  14. mintygirl

    Phyyyyyyy's Stuff

    ooooh i like your voice!! its soo cute and the way you sing is really nice =] hope to hear you sing with music too =D
  15. mintygirl

    Some of my song recordings =]

    lols thanks for the critiquess and comments i really appreciate it =D haha yeh i suck at canto cos umm...yeh XD my friends say i do have a lisp. the funny thing is...im actually canto haha i just learnt mando but i think its the fact that i grew up speaking too much english or something...
  16. mintygirl

    JJustin(moumeng)'s threat! Yea am threatening you to come in! NEw update Jacky Cheung

    ooooooh ur from afrsssss hiiiii !! =D very nice singing heheh =]
  17. mintygirl

    [DDL] Vangie Tang - Summer Never Ends [Released November 13, 2007]

    thankssss forr sharinnggg i like vangiee heheh you rock !! =D
  18. mintygirl

    Pics of your house =D

    HOLY MOLY fearless_fx!! =O your house is HUGE-MONGOUS O_O loools....
  19. mintygirl

    K-celebs before and after

    HOLY MOLY!! WTH did they all get their eyes done or something?!?! they all have bigger eyes with double eyelids...almost =X geez....
  20. mintygirl

    Happy Moon~cake

    oooh pretty box =D i dun like the mooncake though...too sweet...i sooo wana try the 餅皮月餅 though..i saw peeps eating it on tvb last yr and OMG *drools* ><"