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  1. Dragon*D

    Good show worth watching

    Best episode so far is #2 with Big four, they pulled off good jokes, other guests are just not up to having full fun of it.:sp_ike_d:
  2. Dragon*D

    Online jobs?

    Recently I've been hit with many ads about making money from home just by posting links etc. I must say I am tempted but would anybody have tried it before be able to give any experience before I fall for a scam.:jb: Having to support a family would welcome extra income ...
  3. Dragon*D

    Watching RMVB on TV without PC

    I would like to share a wonderful piece of gadget essential for everybody who has been frustrated about how to watch Their RMVB file straight on their TV, No DVD or AVI conversions needed:nono:, just copy onto a USB drive and watch.-sorc It's called: WD TV mini RMVB Supported google and see...
  4. Dragon*D

    .dlc packages rocks

    Hi to all I just wanted to pay a tribute to all the contributors time accumulating the dlc packages and they do save hell load of time rather than going through one link at a time on long running series. Thank youhttp://www.popularasians.com/forum/images/smilies/clap.gif
  5. Dragon*D

    PS3 protocols are old

    Recently tried out three new models of modem routers but find that two are ISP fragment incompatible:band:. This is solved by MTU maxed to 1500 synched manually on PS3 and router to connect online gameplay, but problem arises when you try to connect to your buddies for party play, you can't join...
  6. Dragon*D

    Next Gen Consoles are PCs

    Its me or these so calles next gen consoles are unstable and unreliable:slap:...sony simply rushed everything to catch up with Xbox ... These machine is crap.. console mean turn on and play not install and install on a small HD that comes built in... OMG try play Metal Gear Solid 4, install and...
  7. Dragon*D

    RMVB Vs. Divx/Xvid

    RMVB becomes more and more popular, but only playable on PC for most poeple who don't have an XBox with media centre to be able to enjoy on TV.-noclue Yeah Yeah, some would also argue that you can convert between the files, but this is also time costly.-sleep Let's face the fact that watching...
  8. Dragon*D

    Not too bad of a twist but predictable

    Hmm...-tongue2 Not bad of a film if action is not your taste. Storyline was good but they gave too much away to the audience for aneasy prediction.-tongue2 I knew who 'Yeh Cha Wong' was in the first place and the two guys could be brothers for the marks on their neck.-detect Not too bad...
  9. Dragon*D

    Driving in UK?

    Hi, anyone know of any source of a highway code translated in chinese, trying to help someone who failed too many times. -tongue2
  10. Dragon*D

    Monster Hunter freedom best weapon

    Come and share your best set of weapon/armour creation. Best weapon I have managed with great sharpness and power Legendary Great Sword (truly awesome if you have the patience to upgrade it)and still upgrading. Monster Hunter 2: I haven't even finished 1 yet!
  11. Dragon*D

    PS3, way overpriced?

    >.< I thought that the PS3 launch is far too classy and overpriced. Sony is going down the wrong road-boat if they think that people would make a hole in their pocket for it-nono . Somehow the support doesn't seem to be as big as when the PS2 was launched-unsure . I suppose it was priced...
  12. Dragon*D

    [B]The ending of the film, opinions anyone?[/B]

    Hey, if you ask me the final battle of the film script was rushed and uninventive-nono . It was so comedic and the hell with the actual ending-censored , can anyone with sense like this kind of low. This kind of film is just a rush to make money and make time for better films, anyway down...