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TVB-M 是咁的,法官阁下 OMG, Your Honour (2018) [16/25] [C] (With Torrent)

Discussion in 'TV Drama Series' started by hadouken, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Jan 13, 2005

    是咁的,法官阁下 OMG, Your Honour
    Genre(s): Drama
    Release: October - December , 2018
    Country: Hong Kong
    Broadcast: TVB
    Language: Cantonese

    Starring :

    Ben Wong, Eddie Kwan, Grace Wong, Hugo Wong, Louisa Mak, Oscar Leung, Jonathan Wong, Jackson Lai, Kirby Lam, Lam King Ching, Stephanie Che

    This drama “OMG, Your Honour – 是咁的,法官閣下” is about John / Fan Xiao Yu (Ben Wong) and Rao Li Hong (Eddie Kwan) are both well-known barristers for handling criminal cases in Hong Kong. They have known each other for thirty years, as classmates and pupils under the same mentor, but have been feuding since the first day of law school. Xiao Yu suspects that Li Hong played tricks to win their first case against each other, which caused their grudge to deepen. During a rough time in his romantic life, Xiao Yu met TV anchor Ophelia (Grace Wong).

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