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TVB-M 荷里活有個大老千 - I Bet Your Parden (2018) [30/30] [C] (With Torrent)


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Jan 13, 2005

荷里活有個大老千 - I Bet Your Parden
Genre(s): Drama
Release: Jan 14, 2018 - Feb 22, 2019
Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB Jade
Language: Cantonese

Starring :

Angie Cheong, I Bet Your Pardon, Kent Cheng, Kent Tong, Overview, Selena Li

Con artist Kent Cheng is imprisoned after being set up by Chinese detective Kent Tong and his senior Paul Chun. Kent T. even steals his girlfriend, Angie Cheong. Five years later, Kent C. has become a renowned film producer. He has two assistants (Babyjohn Choi and James Ng), as well as his daughter (Ada Wong), whom he recently reunited with. When his junior Parkman Wong is murdered, Kent C. suspects that his disciple (Edward Ma) did it. The two face off on the gambling table... Ada confesses to her dancing teacher Angie that she has a crush on rookie director Dominic Ho. It leads to an unexpected reunion between Angie and Kent C. Angie steals Kent T.'s books with his illegal transactions and prepares to elope. Outraged, Kent T. tries to destroy the pair. As Kent C. is escorted to prison, he is broken free by a mysterious person. They plan a trap and vow to lure the tyrannical Kent T. inside.