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Episode 10 [SPOILERS]


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Oct 23, 2006
At the end of this latest ep (#10) we see...

on the chopping block about to meet his maker. I was a bit surprised but I actually found myself rooting for the executioner's sword to come down before Fala had a chance to come back to save him, LOL... Kwok's "acting" in this is so annoying that I wish TVB would do away with his character and leave it at that. Let someone else play the emperor; Kwok shouldn't even be allowed to play a lesser prince's eunuch, IMHO. His attempts at portraying a serious side is so seriously flat that it is not only unconvincing, but is making the show a drag to watch.

Ben Wong also is doing what he does best, allowing his true colors to finally come out. But, did anyone actually think he would ever be a good guy in any of these TVB series? Nah... <_<

And Koni Lui 呂慧儀 remains goofy as much as she is seriously hot; 我 buy ah -bigclap