ISIS fashion retailer in China forced to rebrand after endless harassment

  • Clothing shop in Shenzhen, China, attracted attention for its ISIS branding
  • Owner received numerous harassing phone calls and decided to rebrand
  • Police have confirmed business had nothing to do with the terror group

A shop owner in Shenzhen, south China, was forced to rebrand after receiving endless phone calls about her business ‘ISIS’. The entrepreneur, named as Chen Hong, claims that she hadn’t heard of ISIS when she established her brand. However, when photographs of her shop surfaced online, she received a lot of negative publicity and harassment.

Police investigation into the shop owner revealed that she had no connection to terror group ISIS.

Rebrand: Shop in Shenzhen, China, was rebranded after its owner was harassed about the signage 'ISIS'

Local police issued an official statement on November 18 confirming a clothing shop that was branded ISIS had indeed been in their jurisdiction.

It read: ‘A clothing shop in our jurisdiction, at 105 Long Chang Street, has signage and branding that said ISIS.

‘Our branch director Sun Weiping took the matter very seriously when he was alerted to the situation. He immediately took a team to the shop to investigate.

‘The shop owner has already removed the signage herself at 14.00 hours today.’

Investigators also brought the shop owner back to the police for further questioning.

Police have identified the woman as Chen Hong, 35, from Guangdong, south China.

The ISIS branding is intended to mean ‘Yisi Yisi’, or a gesture of goodwill.

Change: Owner took down the signage. Police have confirmed she has no connection to the terror group

She was not found to have any connections with the terror group of the same name. However, the police have promised to actively follow up on the situation and has asked for anyone with additional information to come forward.

Chen Hong has revealed to reporters that she did not know of ISIS when she branded the business three years ago.

The brand is supposed to stock high-end clothing for women and has no connection with the terror group.

At present, Chen Hong is not sure what her new brand will be.

China declared war on ISIS last week after four Chinese citizens were killed by the terror group.

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