Ever wonder whatever happened to Edison Chen?

Ever wonder whatever happened to Edison Chen? Not since his sex scandal in 2008 have we heard much from him. Vice Media documents his lifestyle and the business side of him and surprisingly, he seems very popular in China still with 23 million Weibo followers willing to show up at his every command. It’s amazing how a sex scandal in China can ruin ones career while in America it will make a career. The cultural differences are huge and Edison Chen was a lost soul in China. Always cocky, there are not many bad boy stars in China and Edison Chen fits that bill perfectly. He infuses Western ideas into his music and acts liberally anywhere he goes, not afraid to express himself you may see him in the media flipping people off. He’s as real as a person, as real as it gets and not a manufactured pop star who is told what to say and how to act. We’ve got to give it up to him because he’s earned the respect for not throwing his life out the window and turning things around.

Check out Vice’s documentary for more on his life.

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