Actor Michael Wong releases the yr’s most cringeworthy music video thus far

Michael Wong, who for many years has been the Hong Kong film industry’s go-to actor for mixed-race police officer roles, is seemingly hoping his singing career will take off. (You might know him because the Hong Kong police chief in Transformers 4.)

If you have not seen his new music video on the minibus, count your self lucky.

The 50-yr-previous actor’s new tune is known as “Airways of Love”, which is mostly a forgettable love tune, aside from the truth that it generously makes use of metaphors relating to a different passion of his: flying helicopters.


It results in impressively bad lyrics, similar to: “Your love makes me hold my true heading / I’m lining up on your centre line / Setting the groove and arrive on time / We’re flying high / Cruisin’ the airwaves of love”.

The tune additionally features a wholesome dose of creepiness, because of lines like “’Cos you got that warm place that I’ve never been in… Pull me deep inside”.

Naturally, the video features Wong piloting a helicopter over the outlying islands whereas fawning over a model, in addition to him singing and dancing (if you can name “spinning round with airplane arms” a dance move) in a darkish room. There’s more, however you are simply going to have to see if for yourself.

It is so awkward, it makes us uncomfortable.

The man most likely simply wished all of Hong Kong to see him land a helicopter on a yacht (which is admittedly cool), but when he actually needed his music video to appeal to minibus viewers, he might have chosen a extra relatable topic than personal boats and planes.

In accordance with this 1998 SCMP article, Michael Wong additionally launched an album in Thai… which he does not speak. No less than he does converse the language of helicopters.

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