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    The Nemesis (The 2nd Coming) (working title)

    Wind is probably a vampire but trying out ways to cure himself. Ch18 is a great intro to the next exciting scene. So many characters are all gathered around the same area now, something is sure going to happen.
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    DDR: Amazing Five year old!

    Holy crap, this kid really is amazing. I gave up on DDR a long time ago.
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    Song - What language do you listen to most?

    I listen to cantonese songs mostly. Occasionally some english songs. For both languages, they're usually old songs.
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    Help me to choose! >.<

    Nice. I teach art directors how to be a director.
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    Ever eaten testicles??

    Chicken testicles would be the best out of all the testicles that I've eaten. They are good for hotpots.
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    Your Daily Dose of Cute

    Another reason to believe in reincarnation. Nature is amazing.
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    Guys... (Yum! xD)

    I am somewhat cocky and seems like it's a turn off and unattractive.
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    Translation help

    How would one call 南乳花生 in english? On the package, it just says roasted peanuts. I want a more descriptive and precise phrase. Thank you.
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    Ron Ng's Greatest WIsh

    He will have a good future in the entertainment industry. It would've been better if he was a bit taller.
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    Do U Say " I LOVE U " just for SEX..?!

    I don't say "i love you" at all.
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    BBC.co.uk: How older siblings stunt growth

    It's good to know that my sister will have a smaller chance of being taller than me.
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    I Bought It!!! 60gb Ps3!!!!

    Why are you so happy and excited? The PS3 is not uncommon.
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    Will you teach your kids Chinese?

    There are many non-chinese people who know chinese.
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    BBC.co.uk: Female smokers 'risk spotty face'

    It would suck for females who don't smoke and still get the 'spotty face.' Such a bad deal.
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    Misconceptions of men cleared

    16-25 years old is still young. This study needs to be done on males in their late 20s to mid 30s.