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  • none of the 2 that uve mentionedddd.... lol...
    i cant judge on things i havent seen...so dont ask me if i likeeee
    Nah, comp is working fine. Found some interesting games so thats y im not on PA that often now. ;)
    Nah, I am definitely in a lame mood lately, so not that much of fight-picking.

    Quite the opposite of you, I have never been less Asian (except for the food part, of course): I haven't see Chinese TV in the longest time since I don't even have cable at home. And downloading series is too much work for me, I mean, those typical Hong Kong series got 40 episodes, released in two months! Too much trouble for something I don't even enjoy (usually hate the stories and people, too melodramatic)

    I don't know Korean, but if Japanese was anything to go by, it's not that difficult to learn at your leisure. And then there's the Kanji/Chinese character which screws everyone over. But yeah, since I presume you know French, phonetics shouldn't be THAT much of a challenge to you (though of course, if you are fluent in French AND Chinese, all the better)

    I bet it's cold in MTL since O-town AND TO were cold this past week. It's annoying that I still have to wear a coat when it's almost June.

    As for plans for the summer? Some French learning in a town of <5k population (ye Gods) and a 2-weeks trip to the Maritimes... The former is depressing but the latter is super exciting, I can't wait for summer to really kick in! And you? Besides work, you got any plans for the summer?

    Must have been bored to start on Korean series... I am just doing a bunch of sci-fi marathon (Twin Peaks, Farscape, BtVS, DW)... So how's "summer" for you so far? No work/school?
    I wish I have the extravagance and luxury for that... If only T_T

    And you? What's up?
    hahaha...ur such a loner....oki la...im da first to drop u a msg here.....

    n dont think i didnt see ur comment on that pic i upped now!!

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